Berlin Day 5

Continued from Berlin Day 4 Part 2.

It’s wet, cold, and grey outside. It was expected, I read the weather forecast. I feel lethargic from the heavy drinking last night. Berlin is Berlin today, but I feel oddly at ease. I feel calm, and, maybe even happy to be alive. Berlin is starting to grow on me.

Our old school elevator with the folding inner doors.

First stop is Starbucks. It’s cold and rainy, I am super behind on blogging. I think maybe 3 days behind at this point. My plan is to sit at Starbucks for a long time and blog as much as possible. Since its raining today have no hard plans to do any sightseeing. While drunk last night, SO and I had discussed maybe eating tonight at Kim Chi Princess, a really popular hip Korean restaurant in Kreuzberg. I just wanted to eat there because I thought the name was funny. Well, I’ll play it by ear. It’s very Berlin outside.

Oh wait, there is one item on the agenda today. I need to go visit a post office to mail off some clothes back home to Austin. I had bought enough souvenirs along the way that I am starting to run out of luggage space. The post office closes at 3 today. It’s Easter weekend and most of the shops are either closed or have limited hours.

While I blogged away, SO went to go visit a friend. I blogged, and waited for her to return so we could go to the post office. SO had called earlier and was told that the post office closes at 3 and some others stay open until 3:30.

SO finally returned, and it was already 2:45. She could have been back earlier, but she forgot her umbrella at her friend’s place and had to go back for it. Then she ran after a bus and missed it. Could we make the post office in time?

It’s really fucking cold today. This is the coldest day since I’ve been in Berlin. SO doesn’t know this area well and she asked many pedestrians on the way to the post office. Some didn’t know, some gave ambiguous directions, but finally a couple older ladies knew the way. Well, one of the ladies knew it, and she had to remind her friend that it was actually next to her house. It was cute, in a senile kind of way.

Some one had a party. Man, it’s so cold out here. SO mentioned that this is the first time that she’s heard me actively complain about the freezing cold.

911!!! I miss mine. I’ve seen several air cooled 911s here in Germany. They’ve got some nice old school 911s in great shape over here.

That is one large chunk of meat. That thing must weigh at least 70 pounds!

We walked and walked and came upon this pedestrian area. It’s pretty dead everywhere else since it’s Easter weekend, but this place is still very lively.

Ohhh! Where are they headed? I want to listen to some accordion music! It’s cold as shit today, but I am feeling level and calm.(I must have mentioned cold and calm at least 5 times by now.)

We ended up in a mall in this area. The post office is somewhere inside the mall.

Found! I can now finally ship away this heavy bag I’ve been carrying with me.

It’s closed…they closed extra early due to holiday hours, but the hours were not posted. The ours that we were told were incorrect. Two days ago, I think I would have found a brick somewhere and thrown it at a glass window. Today, I feel calm and I’ve accepted Berlin. Berlin still dishes out shitty Berlin weather, long boring walks, and unexpected inconveniences, but I am going to roll with the punches. I literally saw this scene above, and shrugged my shoulders. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to wake up ass early Monday morning before my flight out of Berlin to ship off the extra luggage.

The post office didn’t work out. Oh well, let’s ask the information desk where I can find some kebab to eat. I love kebabs. There’s a kebab place outside of the mall. We go out and turn left.

Cold outside, but these men were singing and busking. They were really good! They also stood by height. The shortest guy was the tenor.

The gate to heaven.

Yes and yes! I love kebabs as much as I love the Blue Mosque. Wait, it sounds like I should live in Istanbul…well, no. I think the kebabs in Germany tastes better than the kebabs in Turkey. I feel like a terrible person. That’s like saying Americanized Chinese food tastes better than real Chinese food.

Sooooo good!

Saw a book store, went in to see if they’ve got a guide book for Budapest in English. Heading to Budapest after Berlin. It’s almost 4 by now. I thought maybe I could see one museum today after the post office. Well, the post office didn’t workout, and now it’s too late and too cold to go to the museum. Oh well. I knew today would be slow and nothing much would get done, but that’s OK. Berlin keeps on dishing out Berlin at me, but I am just going to take it in strides now.

This is Berlin. No guidebooks in English.

This is Berlin. Berlin weather in the morning, and by mid afternoon, we catch a glimpse of blue skies. These are some of the most beautiful blue skies I’ve ever seen.

We walked out of the book store, and I heard music. I followed my ears.

Hallelujah. Accordion duet! Actually, I think these are actually Bayan and not accordions. They were playing JS Bach, and they were fucking amazing. I grabbed a handful of coins from my pocket and just let it drop into their case. Well worth it.

Another two door G class convertible, now in matte. Stop this matte madness!

Sunny, beautiful. Too bad it soooooo cold today. Is this the 10th time I’ve mentioned how cold it is?

Ducked into a coffee shop to have some coffee and warm up. There’s live pianist here! I also accidentally elbowed the waitress really hard in her shoulder while waiting around. Oops. I felt bad even after apologizing. It was purely an accident when I lifted my arm and she came up behind me.

Unfortunately, no where to sit inside. We had to get to go cups and head back out into the cold. The cafe was awesome, but their to go cups are totally worthless. The lids would not seal, and SO ended up getting coffee all over her coat.

I came back to the hotel. Went to the lobby and did some blogging. Still recovering from drinking last night. Came back to the room, and watched some TV. Lion King in German! Then SO looked out the window, and said that it was snowing.

Yes, indeed it’s snowing. We must leave the hotel and walk in the snow immediately!

It’s starting to come down harder.

Oh, it’s really snowing now.

Ohhh yeah, it’s full on snowing. This is so Berlin. Wet and cold this morning. Sunny and cold in the afternoon. Then wet and snowing hard at night.

Dinner spot. We had thought about ordering in dinner tonight because it’s been so cold. Well, the snow brought us out into the streets, so we walked until we found a restaurant open for business. Korean food it is. SO is craving Korean food. It sounds good to me too. I need something fresh and light to cure my hangover.

Alcohol also cures hangovers, right?

Still snowing out, but smaller now. It’s not accumulating on the ground though.

Ah, yes. So fresh and so light, so good. Perfect meal for tonight. I didn’t really do anything touristy in Berlin today. Hell, I couldn’t even mail my package home, the one thing I attempted to do today. But yet, I feel strangely content.

On the long walk back, it stopped snowing, but stayed just as cold. Time for coffee.

Gasp! RS3!!!

I want, bad! Looks like Misano Red.

Let’s review what I did today. Woke up hung over. Blogged, but still way behind. Got really cold. Failed at mailing my package. Got really cold. Failed at finding a guidebook. Saw some snow. Got really cold. Ate some food. Drank some coffee. Watched Lion King in German. For reasons that escape me, it was a good day.

To be continued at Berlin Day 6 Part 1.

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