Seoul Day 4 Part 2

Continued from Seoul Day 4 Part 1.

Fortunately for us, in Seoul wifi is everywhere. A cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts solved the exit number issue.

As we arrived at the correct exit, the Ts also arrived at the same time. Cool. Life is difficult without cell phones.

Within a short walk, we’ve reached the chimek restaurant. It’s called Happy Chicken.

Happy indeed. We are sooo excited!!!

Beer nuts. Addictive.

The wonderful call buttons.

Wonderful beer. Happy!!

Geonbae! Somaek, here we go!

Like any good father.

What a tease.


You don’t use your hands to eat the chicken in Korea. You use two forks.

Another flavor, this one is boneless.


The rule in Korea is that you never pour your own drink, and you never let the cups go dry. I like those rules.

While getting drunk and enjoying the delicious fried chicken, CT pulls up the Psy/Snoop Hangover music video on his phone. We are drinking the same soju. Partying like rock stars.

CT and I ran out of beer to make somaek, so another pitcher.

Drunk means more hunger, and that means more chicken. This is crunchy chicken.

How is baby CT sleeping in this loud restaurant? Our table is loud, and the table next to us is even louder. I guess this is what sleeping like a baby means. Despite the drinking, this is actually a very family friendly restaurant. The large table next to us has like 4 little kids with the adults all getting drunk.

I am going to show this photo to baby CT once he gets older. MT is wiping off beer that she had spilled on baby CT’s foot.

CT and I did most of the heavy lifting on the drinks here. And this photo demonstrates the level of intoxication that we have reached. CT is trying to demonstrate the circumcision procedure for baby CT by using a beer nut and two forks. Now, I too am an expert on circumcision.

After about two hours of eating and drinking, we’ve run into a dilemma. We can either stop the fun and make the subway home, or we can move the fun to the Ts’ apartment but potentially pay for a pricey taxi ride home…

A very short walk, we’ve arrived at the front door of Ts’ apartment building, and there’s a convenience store right under it for our beer and soju supply.

Cant I heat something up in your oven….oh wait…I walked into Ts’ apartment and the first thing I notice is that instead of an oven under their stove top, they’ve got a washer/dryer combo. Errrr….What?!?!

They do have this cool view, even if they have a washer for an oven.

Do you see what I see?

Rudy’s cups! A blast from Austin!!

Cass plus soju, rinse and repeat. This shit will get you fucked up.

Watching the Psy/Snoop Hangover music video for like the 10th time.

Then some K-pop.

Baby CT is still wide awake.

He’s still awake…can’t he just go to sleep so the adults can party….oh wait, we are partying anyway.

Also picked up a pint of this sucker at the convenience store. I could never justify buying the big container of green tea ice cream since there’s only two of us. But not tonight, tonight, we live big.

In his crib, but still wide awake.

We watched the Hangover music video countless times on repeat. Then somehow, the conversation went onto how we should eat live octopus here in Korea.

This girl is eating sannakji, and she’s eating the entire octopus…I am not sure if I want to chew up a whole live octopus. I think I’ll go for the chopped up version. Anyhow, that’s the plan tomorrow…if I can remember…and if I can’t spend the day not throwing up everywhere.

I am not the only really drunk one.

I think baby CT enjoys the lively company tonight. I think we are the first friends that the Ts have hosted in their apartment. Cool.

Those who know me personally, you know how much I’ve had to drink when I start doing this.

Notice the same music video is still in the background…

CT dancing by himself.

Oh, look! We have another person. O, friends with the Ts, came in on a flight late in the night. She flew in from China and will be spending a few days with the Ts. She’s got a lot of catching up to do. What sucked was that O’s taxi driver had probably overcharged her fare and also asked for a tip. Sigh, even in Seoul there are bad apples.

KL points.

Baby is finally asleep. MT joins in the fun.

The Green Tea Ice Cream incident…

CT showing O the video of sannakji.

Then of course, Gangnam Style.


And…the baby wakes up again…It’s really late….I am really drunk and really tired, I think it’s time to head home. It’s been too much fun.

MT walks us to the taxi stand.

From midnight until now, it’s been time traveling.

We get into our taxi…and he proceeds to drive the fastest of any car on the road. He went 150kmh for much of the trip…yeah, that’s like 90mph!!

Cool, there’s a little mirror on the passenger side so you can look back before you open the door.

With our driver flying through the empty roads at night, we got back in a jiffy, about 25 minutes. The best part? The cab fare ended up being less than $35!! Not a bad deal for being all the way out in the suburbs of Seoul.

Seriously fun night. Easily the funnest night out since we’ve been traveling. You can change the venues around the world, but the most important ingredients are still your friends.

I hope I’ll be operational tomorrow…

To be continued at Seoul Day 5.

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