Hoi An Day 2

Continued from Hoi An Day 1.

BEACH DAY!!! We are not even big beach people, but we are excited about today. We’ve been going going and going for the past three weeks. It’s time to go on a mini vacation in the middle of our honeymoon.

Breakfast at the hotel, included with room. Just ok.

Rented bikes here at our hotel for $1 each. Not bad.

Beach beach beach! The beach is roughly 6km from our hotel, not too bad by bike. Oh yeah, it’s also nice and sunny. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Some nice bucolic scenery along the way.

We are here! That was a very enjoyable easy ride. Everything is pretty flat around here.

We paid 50k dong to park both of our bikes. The bike lock on RL’s bike had to be fiddled with in order to lock…let’s hope it unlocks later.

Yes please! An Bang beach.

One of the two places that we considered for drinks.

We decided to walk all the way to the end of the strip of bars to the last place here.

Yes, this will do nicely.

Get some food and drinks and you can chill at their cabanas for free. Not very crowded at all here, awesome.

Here, I slipped on some sand on the stairs and fell on my ass. Good thing no injuries…except my pride.

Super happy to be here to relax. We are so happy it’s not crowded here. There are, however, some vendors who will come to bother you and try to sell you stuff and a little sob story. They bothered us a few times, and then stopped coming by.

So happy and relaxed…except the prices of the food and drinks here are a bit more than I anticipated, so I didn’t quite bring enough money to go all out on eating and drinking here. Just gonna have to budget. More drinks, less food.

But of course. Gotta get caught up in some of the back issues. It feels amazing out here. There is a nice cooling breeze that blows from the ocean, it feels perfect under the shade of the cabanas.

Ugh, I am out of shape. Great walking shape, but not so great beach shape. Like my farmer’s tan?

We brought along a waterproof camera on this trip that also doubles as our backup camera. We had really not used it at all, until now.

You see the giant ant bite red mark that I am talking about on my stomach?

They also had a 250k dong(Roughly $12) all you can drink beer option. I did not go for that…Probably a good thing.

Our food is here.

Fish and chips for the beach. Yum.

One of those traditional round boats.

More drinks, yes. They allow glass on this beach…terrible policy.

Islands out in the distance.

Can anyone stop Narendra Modi? We all know the answer to that is, no.

LOL!! The waves here are super strong, and they keep on knocking RL over and pushing her around.

OK, that’s an amazing time. We both have a pretty good buzz going, and we are starting to run short on cash. Spent close to 3 hours out here, time to head home while the going is still good.

This part of our travel actually feels like a honeymoon.

Probably the best beach I’ve been to as far as how nice it is relative to the amount of people here. Loved it. As a side note, I was the only Asian person on this entire beach aside from the people who worked here. Just sayin’.

Yeah, HEB bag representing here in Vietnam! Thankfully, we were also able to get RL’s bike lock to unlock with some fiddling.

What a great time.

Came back to our hotel, rinsed off the salt and sand. Came back out to head to lunch, and we saw that the rain clouds have moved in. Hopefully it won’t rain on our bike ride to the restaurant.

White rose, apparently a Hoi An specialty.

While we ate, there was a whole precession of what I believe are Japanese tourists on pedicabs. They rode through the town slowly and had all their noses turned up at everyone else. It was strange.

RL really enjoyed her prawn coconut milk curry cooked inside a coconut. She can’t stop talking about how good it is.

I think a nap is in order.

I woke up from my nap to rolling thunder. Hard to see, but it has started to rain, and quite hard. Got to enjoy the sunny beach this morning, and now sitting dry inside enjoying the sound of the rain. Sweet.

Hours later…we are both sunburned, me just a little and RL quite a bit. We didn’t think we would, but we got burned while sitting in the shade of the cabana. This is not going to be pretty in the next few days.

Too tired from the beach to go anywhere else for dinner but the hotel restaurant.

The food is actually pretty good tonight.

Gotta pack up tonight and move to Hue tomorrow. Hoi An, you are just ok, but we did really enjoy the excellent nearby beach though.

To be continued at Hue Day 1.

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