Portland Day 2

Continued from Portland Day 1.

The plan for today is pretty simple. Meet up with OC, chill, assemble a Halloween costume for myself, then go to a Halloween party.

The Ms live in a very walkable neighborhood. There’s a place a few blocks away that serves good breakfast.

Nice houses around here.

Feed me!

Drunk menu? Perhaps too early.

I’ve observed that in Portland, water gets served in a tiny glass and often without ice. I kept on running out of water.

Chicken friend steak. They’ve got hearty food over here in Portland. Those biscuits were giant and delicious with marionberry jam.

Halfway through breakfast, OC arrives in the restaurant to meet us. She had flown into the Portland area a couple of days ago, but was in the country side doing wine tasting. OC and I had met traveling in India earlier in the year, kept in touch, and became friends. I guess that’s the great thing about being friends with travelers – they love traveling too. Reference Circumnavigate 2012/Jodhpur/Jodhpur Day 2 Part 1 on how I met the Asian American Indian Pink Flamingo.

After our kick ass breakfast, I went with JM while OC went with BM. JM and I will be going to the driving range where he had made a date to hit some balls with his friend. OC and BM went to the airport for OC to return her rental car. The skies are grey for all of us.

Beautiful city, even with the constant rain. No one really uses umbrellas here. Waterproof jacket with a hoodie is the way to go here. It’s rarely pouring rain, but just a constant drizzle.

This tunnel is on the western edge of town.

The scene changes dramatically after crossing over the tunnel. It’s much less developed and more natural over here.

Wait, did I say less developed? Nike is over here. JM told me about how Intel employees get a Nike employee discount one day out of the year for 3 hours. It’s a madhouse with everyone just grabbing shit to get their 50% discount.

In the car, JM and I discussed the milieu that is Portland. Vegan this, vegan that. Free range this, free range that. Cross fit this, cross fit that. Paleo diet this, paleo diet that. Mark my words, the great majority of these people will have moved on to another lifestyle fad three years from now. Apparently, the elitist alternative/health lifestyle holier than thou sentiments is even stronger here than in Austin.

Beer at driving range. That works. I suck at golf.

Back on the road to get some pieces that I would need for my costume.

Found the place.

Who the hell shops western wear in Portland? Well, apparently a lot of people because so much of Oregon is still very much rural.

Got what I needed, and heading back to the city. Some blogging awaits.

It’s stopped raining. Still grey.

Passed by Chinatown.

Back at the house. JM trying to learn from a video on how to tie a bow tie.

OC stressed out about work. The project that she’s working on, some of the other vendors dropped the ball, and she’s got to wipe their asses for them. Not cool.

So proud.

Oh yeah, today is JM’s birthday. We did some pregaming, and went out to dinner.

Pearl District. Nice fancy area.

It takes 3 people to pay for parking.

Saw this in a display window. $1500. Kiss my ass.

Food and beer at Deschutes Brewery!

This is OC trying to get a photo of herself jumping in the air. She has no ups.

These two random strangers were walking by when they saw OC’s abysmal attempt at take off. I overheard them joking about it. I asked them to do the jump in her place. It was a success. A round of high fives were traded, now I’ve got a random story and photo.

Right above where the bartender is standing, there is a basket that you can try to throw quarters into and it’ll drop down a pipe into the jar at the bottom. I don’t know what the purpose is, but it was fun to watch people throw money.

Short squat Heinz bottle.

Shit, I was so hungry that I ate my food and forgot to take a photo. It was salmon.

Drunk Bromance.

Happy Birthday!

Now, on the way home. We have plans to go to a costume part thrown by Burnside Brewery, but OC decided to stay in to catch up on work instead. A shame, but she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

With OC at the house, the rest of us arrive at the costume party tent. Live music!


Which one is not like the others? Must get skanked out for Halloween!

So tired. Double fisting coffee and alcohol.

This band cracked me up. David Bowie, Go Go Dancers, and the best part, an alligator painting on stage.


We tried talking to them, but we were all too drunk to communicate on a proper level.

This was insane.

Well, that was fun. Let’s head home.

The well known Portland Oregon sign.

Went back to the house, and did some drunken dancing.

To be continued at Portland Day 3.

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