Munich Day 3 Part 1

Continued from Munich Day 2 Part 2.

Ugh….so hungover and tired….ugh. But, still able to function, so we’ll be sticking to our plan from yesterday and meet at Hofbrauhau for lunch.

Ugh….so tired…

Must. Eat. Food.

Apple store.

Nice aircooled Targa.

It’s a bit before our meeting time, and we figured everyone else will be late, so might as well grab a quick snack.

Awesome, a chicken box, nuggets and wings!

After our snack, we got a text from JT and KH that they are running pretty late. Plan B, we are going to skip the Hofbrauhaus and go visit a museum instead and try to meet up later.

Martini colors.

Vertu phone, over 10k Euros. Meh.

Fiat 500, so cute and in such good condition.

Another mobile market.

So cool.

Some more food to try to cure our hangover. I should just be glad I am out walking around and not at the room throwing up nonstop.

Bavarian National Museum. JB decided to take a stroll at the English Gardens while we visit the museum.

They called this wrestling…but we weren’t so sure that was what was going on.

That’s really creepy.

Must protect the family jewels.

Why no hair on her knees, hands and boobs?

They’ve got some odd things in the museum.

This was my favorite item. Those open windows are actually a flat surface. It’s all inlaid wood made to look 3d. Amazing craft.

Miss my dog.

Miss him.

More inlaid wood.

Sperms swimming up to the handle..heh.


Model of old Munich.

That is one strange looking instrument.

Miniature string instruments.

Even tinier instruments!..I don’t think people actually played these…

Then down in the basement of the museum, they had the biggest collection of nativity scenes in the world.

Closeup of the previous photo, bottom Lt.

None of these are paintings by the way.  These are all huge, glassed off boxes with tiny, amazingly detailed figures and buildings.  Really impressive actually.

Pretty incredible detail.

My personal favorite…a modern art’s take on nativity.

Well, that was interesting. But really, I just want to sit down some where and drink water.

Walked into English Garden right next to the museum to meet up with JB. What have we here?

Cool, surfing. There are two lines, one on each bank. As the surfer wipes out, the next person on the opposite bank starts surfing.

I wonder why they don’t try to have more of these things in more cities. It seems like they installed some sort of device under the water in order to disrupt the flow to create the wave.

Met up with JB and got in contact with JT and KH. We’ll all be meeting up in the city center.

Too tired to walk all the way back, the tram will help with that. Love that our single day group tickets lets us use all transportation inside Munich. Plus the German public transport is all based on honor system so there are no gates to enter or exit. On the longer distance trains, there are ticket checkers though.

Got back to city center, and we come across a pretty big outdoor market.

This is pretty sweet.

Of course, there’s also a beer garden here.

Pretty good street band.

There’s a beer garden up on this brick building that we thought was a potential good place for some drinks.

Made it back to Marienplatz, let’s see if we can convince JT and KH to come to visit the outdoor market with us.

No convincing was needed, we all met up and walked back to the market and that beer garden that overlooked that market and church. First item is to sit down and hydrate with water and get some more food in us.

The gang meets back up again.

To be continued at Munich Day 3 Part 2.

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