Derry Part 2

Continued from Derry Part 1.

They used to fish out here.

Ohhh, check out the ground here.

The ground is full of peat, it’s so springy!!

Windy out here.

Well, that was fun. Time to head back.

The walk back is uphill, of course.


Sweet E type in the parking lot.

That is one really really really really long hood.

Then on the way to Giant’s Causeway, we drove by this castle ruin.

It is super windy out here, even windier than earlier.

There’s this dog next to the castle ruin that would run up to the fence wanting to be petted by strangers. How cute, I miss my dog.

Arrive at Giant’s Causeway visitor center.

Ugh, tour buses. Hopefully it’s not too crowded.

No line at the ticket counter.

Gift shop, with tons of irrelevant items for sale.

Even longer walk than the rope bridge to get to the site.

Love all the colors.

It’s windy out here.

The basalt formations of Giant’s Causeway.

It’s even up in the middle of the cliffs.

Giant waves today.

Big crashing waves.

Time to head back, and it’s all uphill.

Back at the visitor’s center, where I am now the giant. Think they picked this paving pattern on purpose?

After Giant’s Causeway, we arrived at Old Bushmill’s Distillery.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. We had missed the last tour of the day by 30 minutes.

I guess we’ll just keep driving until we make it to Derry then.

Starting to get hungry again. Good thing I bought two chocolate croissants this morning, one for breakfast and one for afternoon snack.

Hah, mini Mini.

Made it to Derry. This is the area with all the murals. This is where the Bloody Sunday incident happened. You may know it from the U2 song, Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Made it to our B&B, a block away from the site of Bloody Sunday. JB’s B&B is conveniently just 2 houses down from ours. We rang the intercom and the proprietor was about five minutes away.

Breakfast area.

This is what you get for $99 a night including breakfast in Derry. Not too bad.

The shower is electric. Not just the heater, but the water volume control is also electric. First you pull the cord outside the shower to turn the unit on, then you rotate the outer dial to control the flow of water, then the inner dial to control the temperature. Seriously, why make it so complicated?

Hungry, time for dinner. It’s Sunday, so most places are closed.

Didn’t know they were big on Halloween here.

Recommended by our B&B.

Free water!!

Can’t say the recommendation was great. The food was average and the service was below average. I guess at least now we are fed.

On the way back to our B&B, we walked by this bar and heard music streaming out. A guy on his accordion kicking ass playing traditional Irish music. There’s also a guitar play accompanying him. His fingers were flying on his small accordion, it was so awesome.

Smiticks is how you call it.

OK, one beer is enough. Been a long day, time to leave the bar with the live music.

Sleep will be so great tonight!!! Drove all day through narrow roads on the wrong side of the road, mentally and physically exhausted. But wow, Ireland is beautiful. So so so green!!!

To be continued at Donegal Part 1.

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