Yangshuo Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Yangshuo Day 1.

Woke up this morning, and what do you know, no rain! Weather report does say that rain will be coming later in the day though.

We want to take advantage of the nice weather and check out the sights around Yangshuo. There are two main ways to see the karsts, moped or bike. I originally wanted bikes, but the distances are far enough that biking would literally take us almost all day. 1. Not interested in biking that much. 2. The longer we stay out, the more likely we’ll be soaked by rain.

RL is pushing me pretty hard for the moped…but frankly, I am a little scared of it. I’ve never ridden one(yes, I know it’s like riding a bike), and I’ve for sure never ridden one in China and in their traffic system…

After some cajoling from my more fearless wife, moped it is. She’s not the one who has to drive it though!

The moped is actually electric!! They are giving me the quick run through on operations.

Sorry Mom and Dad. But look, I’ve got an helmet on!

Eeek…kinda narrow street with pedestrians for my first ride on a moped(well, not entirely true. I’ve ridden one in Taiwan for about 20 seconds maybe 10 years ago). One of us is nervous, the other one is excited.

It was a little shaky at first, but I got the hang of it pretty fast. Once we made it out out of the pedestrian area, and out into open traffic, I felt at ease with it. This is fun!!

Now heading into the country. This is where the real fun begins, and the traffic is light out here! Awesome!! By the way, we are just about the only two people in this entire country wearing helmets…

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Passing by small villages. Their houses look really shabby out here.

Reminds me of my dog. Miss him.

Reached a river, where a lot of tourists are taking a ride on bamboo rafts.

They keep bees out here in the country.

The not so pretty parts of the country side.

Still farming the old school way.

This whole time, we’ve been riding around way finding by the GPS on our phone. We think we can ride through this little village.

This ended up being a really long village.

That eventually led to a dead end for us. Mountain bikes could continue onwards, but not us. Ugh, we’ll have to turn around.

Not amused at having to turn around. But good thing we are on a moped, where getting from one spot to another is fast and easy. Thank goodness we are not on a bike where we are getting sweaty and tired. Not to mention, we would have covered much less ground.

Let’s see, where to go now…


Someone just got married!

Used up fire crackers for the wedding.

Then we reached this hill…and the scooter started struggling…I am complaining, and there’s another traveler on his bike struggling…but it’s his legs.

We are fat. The motor didn’t have enough punch to carry both of us up the hill, so RL had to get off and walk. Though, afterwards I figured out that there are three power settings on this moped, and maybe the higher power one would have gotten us up the hill…maybe. I am fat.

Made it up the hill!!

Into a nearby town.

I think we found the attraction we are looking for, all the tour buses are here.

Lock up our moped.

The bridge is ahead.

Lots of bamboo rafts here…Too many I would say. Kind of ruins the mood. But hey, I too am here as a tourist and ruining the serene scene for others.

The bridge that everyone is ooing and aahhhing over. It’s just ok…

To be continued at Yangshuo Day 2 Part 2.

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