Tokyo Day 5

Continued from Tokyo Day 4.

Despite the all you can drink fueled fun night last night, we woke up with only moderate side effects….Oh shit, just realized yet again that we’ve got all these stuffed animals….

We debated, for about 30 seconds, about maybe taking a day trip to either Nikko or Kamakura to see some sights. Nope, too lazy to make that happen and we are pretty shrined and templed out anyway. Today shall be devoted to more practical needs, buying a big duffel bag to carry our newly acquired stuffed animals and maybe play more claw crane later on in the day…

Our crack den…

RL did some research online and found a chain of pretty well rated curry restaurant. So, here we are at the branch by Shinjuku station for lunch.

Hand dipped tonkatsu. I just got the cheaper premade patty instead.

Looks beautiful, tastes amazing. The best curry I’ve had in Japan. It really hit the spot for me! Now that we’ve got some food, we’ll go and search for a bag.

I think that’s a karaoke bar.

Errr….Is he scratching his package?

Someone vomited so violently last night that they vaporized except for their shoes.

Yard remedies eh? Got a cut? Just rub some dirt in it!

Our search for a duffel bag brought us to department stores, where we came upon really expensive umbrellas.

And a fruitless search for a duffel. We were looking for an Asics store, but it was not to be found anywhere inside the two malls that we visited. Nor were there any other sporting goods store that sold duffel bags.

Search continues.

Ah, the Japanese and their themed cafes.


There was a whole two floors in this mall devoted to the Lolita fashion style.

This stuff was not cheap.

A robot with a pinsized head. RL thinks it’s a robot sitting inside an even bigger robot outer suit.

They had a Maisen kiosk at the basement of this mall, but no duffel bags. Seriously, where the hell are all the duffel bags??!!!

Another Kani Doraku here. They have crabs, but no duffel bags.

We gave up on our search for a bag, we decided to head back to our hotel to ask our concierge. On the way home, we passed by a shrine tucked between all the new buildings nearly.

Literally backing up to the shrine is Golden Gai, which backs up right to our hotel.

We asked our concierge, and he was actually very helpful and immediately gave us 3 different choices very close by. I was surprised because I had gotten so used to the more than useless hotel staff in China for so long.

The first choice is Don Quijote, a Japanese chain of discount stores.

They are known to have super crowded and packed displays.

A DUFFEL BAG!!!! It took us more than an hour and a half of walking around to find this….sigh.

Wish we had more energy to look around in here. I am sure we’ll find crazy things.

On the way out after purchasing our duffel bag, we saw this cross dresser shopping here. We’ve seen several other Japanese men wear skirts. Some are like this guy, but other guys are very normal, other than the black skirts that they are wearing.

Addiction is a terrible thing. With a duffel bag in our posession, RL feels the need to get another stuffed animal….Fortunately, it was unsuccessful.

The afternoon was spent in glee chilling in our hotel room. We are heading home tomorrow, and we are both very excited. It’s been a really long trip.

Passing through Kabukicho on our way to dinner. RL pointed out that there are a lot of flower shops here. Buy your wife some flowers after visiting a hostess bar to keep her from suspecting…absolutely. I told RL that’s why I don’t buy her flowers. That and I’ve wasted all of my money at the claw crane machines…

Dinner spot. The original restaurant started out in Tsukiji fish market, now they have restaurants all over town.

It’s about twice the price of other sushi places that we’ve eaten at here in Japan.

And, without a doubt, the best sushi we’ve had in Japan, and therefore, best sushi we’ve had on this entire trip. Love how you can get amazing sushi in Japan at a chain restaurant that’s only above average in cost. Can’t imagine what it’s like eating at one of the super high end sushi restaurants.

We both left dinner very happy and fulfilled. We are going to miss all the quality sushi when we get back to Austin. For being so long lived, the Japanese don’t seem to eat a lot of fruits or vegetables. I guess they do eat tons of seafood.

Seriously, now that we’ve noticed flower shops in Kabukicho, we can’t stop noticing them.

A lot of cheating men around here.

And then we saw a group of monks in Kabukicho, and they were acting like tourists. The potentially respectable image of a monk has hit an all time low.

More crepe with ice cream and cheese cake. Hit the spot, again.

Our last night in Tokyo, might as well visit Kabukicho and see if we can find a claw crane arcade. Maybe they’ll have even more crazy stuff since it’s in Kabukicho.


This being the red light district, we were hoping to see some lewd items for grabs in these machines, but to our disappointment, they are still geared towards PG items.

RL tried and tried and tried, then I persuaded her give up empty handed, so we left…About half a block away, she stopped and said that she wants to go back and try again…

Gotta hand it to her, round two was short and sweet.

To be continued at Home, Sweet Home.

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