Killarney Day 2

Continued from Killarney Day 1.

Last night after I finished blogging, I was looking forward to a good night’s rest after a long day of driving. As I was getting ready for bed, RL uttered these dreaded words, “There’s a giant spider on our ceiling!”

Again!!! Fuck!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!! UGH!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!! This one is about half the size of the other giant spider that I killed in Galway, but it’s still a giant spider!!! Fuck me!! UGH!!!!! I fucking hate spiders!!! I haven’t had to kill spiders this big since I moved into my condo almost 10 years ago, and now in less than a week I had encounters with two of them….sigh

It ain’t gonna kill itself, and RL wanted nothing to do with it…I guess it’s me and Mr. Right Shoe for the job. Not happy about this.

Oh god, please die!!! Don’t jump on me!!!! AWWHHHH!!!! I hate spiders!!

Got him!! Not so tough now, are you, dead spider!!! Needless to say, all night long I dreamed of spiders falling down on me. In fact, I had a dream within a dream of a spider falling down on me. Fuck. We think the spiders are getting in through the open windows, so we started a no-open-windows policy. Damn Europeans and their windows without screens!! Sure there aren’t many mosquitoes here, but how about those giant man eating spiders?!?!

Finally, it’s daylight and neither of us were eaten by giant spiders last night. Ugh, hate them!! We are going to see a castle, and do some light hiking this morning before heading into town to walk around Killarney.

You can rent a row boat over here, but no one seemed to be renting them.

Ross castle, right next to the Lough Leane.

The lake.

Grass growing inside the lake, interesting. The lake level must have just risen very recently.


A duck actually flying. We also saw a swan land from flying and never knew the swan would use its legs to walk on the water to slow itself down for final touchdown (it made this giant slapping sound each time one of its webbed feet hit the water).

Now a walk in a woods. It’s so nice and quiet out here, just the occasional walker or runner every 10 minutes or so.

Weird that these trees grow branches horizontal then vertical.

A fork in the road, and we didn’t choose the one less traveled…we went with the shorter distance route, sucka!!

Don’t fall!!

RL made it too.

Greenish water from the copper?

Love moss!

I am doing the scissors!!!

Maybe this was part of a fence and this is a crossing for people but not animals?

Reached the end of our stroll.

Rebel RL hopped the fence.

Time to head back to Ross Castle then into town.

I’ve decided that I am going to grow moss in a terrarium when I get back to Austin!

Reminds me of Halloween.

They actually wear full body high visibility riding suits here.

Found a parking lot in town and got a pay and display ticket. No where is there a sign saying that you need to pay to park here. I only know because I looked online first.

The little tiny hidden pay station with no signs around stating that it’s a pay lot.

On foot today, and I am going to turn right here since I couldn’t turn right in my car here yesterday!!!

I turned right!!

RL and I both got the boiled bacon. It was recommended by this older couple also waiting for their flight a month ago in Newark when we were just starting our trip. It’s really more like salted ham, but it’s pretty comforting and delicious.

Murphy’s from Dingle also has a place here.

Yeah, this is nice. I knew I could count on a place that makes good ice cream to make good coffee.

The Economist at the bookstore. I’ve got a stack waiting for me at home.

Music store to look for some sheet music for RL’s newly acquired penny whistle (she used to play one a bit when she was younger and this trip has re-inspired her to pick it back up).

So, everything they sell in here has to do with music and instruments…except they also decided that e-cigarettes is also a good thing to sell in a music store. How strange.

Old school dvd rental shop here in town. I guess Netflix hasn’t caught on enough yet over here.

The town city isn’t too big so we came back to our hotel soon after. Then, we saw two more spiders in our hotel room, much smaller ones, but still spiders. I hate spiders!!  I made RL kill them this time.

Dinner down at the hotel bar again. We had a good experience last night, so are hoping for the same again today.

Fish and chips for me. Or rather chips and fish since the photo is focused on the chips.

Bangers and mash for RL. We are really into the whole royalists food tonight.

Oh, they are showing Germany vs. Ireland soccer on TV. I guess we’ll watch some. Left at half time, Germany was all over Ireland, but the score was 0-0 when we left. Go Ireland!…oh wait, apparently Germany scored in the 74min…

Tomorrow, we are heading to Kilkenny, and one city closer to bringing us home. We are both pretty home sick right now, and this week cannot go fast enough. I wanna go home to a place where there are no spiders in my home!!

To be continued at Kilkenny Day 1.

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