Vancouver Day 3 Part 2

Continued from Vancouver Day 3 Part 1.

A low tank with an open top, yet with a very small obscure sign that says no touching.

You know this kid is just dying to stick his hand into the tank.

They had a whole section on frogs.


Derrrr….wiggle wiggle wiggle…derrrr

Redefining beer belly.

What the? Did they throw some car flattened asphalt toad into the tank?

Apparently it’s a real living toad.

Frogs don’t adapt very well to change.

I wonder what they would taste like? Boney?

And these toads suck at sex and procreation, so they are now extinct.

Ah, Coelacanth, a living fossil. Well, this one is dead, and not a fossil. This specimen was so old that it was falling apart. Living fossil or not, it’s really gnarly and ugly.

Petting tank, where you get to molest a starfish; but, only with one finger, says the lady.

Only a few clown fish, not like the Monaco’s tankful of hundreds.

They had a tank with a few sharks. Meh.

Super pitch black glass display case housing fruit bats.

Stick bug doing a crappy job disguising itself as it was climbing on the glass.

Huge bugs. These were the size of Milano cookies. You think about that next time you eat a Milano.

Piranhas love to stare at the wall. Bet you didn’t know that. A fun little fact I just made up.

There is an semi outdoor really humid and hot Amazon section to the aquarium.

Alright, this is pretty awesome. A two toed sloth. I don’t remember the last time I saw a sloth. Next time my internet is really slow, there are now two slowness levels. There is the level of a three toed sloth with a broken toe and if it’s even slower than that, there is now the speed of a two toed sloth with a broken toe.

I was more intrigued by the bright pink thing(flower?) than the snakes.

A worker working a very common, but rarely colored blue anaconda. It was wriggling this way and that while puking everywhere.

Red birds. Yes, that’s my very scientific and accurate description of them.

True to its name, the sloth did not move one bit after 15 minutes, when I left this area. Lazy mofo.

Also about the size of Milanos. You think about that one some more.

The Vancouver aquarium is decent, but not spectacular. Worth the visit for sure, but ain’t Monaco. I think I may even like the Atlanta aquarium better, since it had large whale sharks that’s not commonly seen in aquariums.

Stanley Park, why are you so beautiful? Vancouver, why are you raining so much so that I can’t walk around this beautiful park without getting wet?

Those are massive leafs. The bench for size reference.

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! People, stop taking photos with your ipad!!!

I walked by this lady, and she was trying to take photos of her daughter. Sigh. I offered to take a photo of both of them together, on their stupid ipad.

Oh the irony. I am now a person who takes photos with a stupid ipad. I do now understand a bit better on why people take photos with their ipads. The high resolution screen deceives you into thinking that you are taking a high quality photo.

They offered to return the favor and take a photo of me with my camera. This actually turned out to be a good photo because I was still smiling from the ironic event that just took place.

A bus was already waiting for me at the bus stop. Sweet, no standing in the rain. I didn’t bring my umbrella.

I got on the bus, went to sit in the back. Right when I was about to move to the window seat, this little girl with the pink rain boots gets up and takes it instead. Then the lady on the right starts talking to the little girl. “How old are you?”, “Four.”, “Oh, so you are in kindergarden now?”, “Yes, and I like it better than going to Disney World.” Kids say the darnest things. It was adorable. I forgive her for taking my seat.

Back downtown, it’s raining.

The large Pacific Centre mall right across from our hotel that we have yet to visit.

This was really funny and creepy at the same time. I walked by this salon, and there was this lady practicing cutting hair on this bodyless mockup head. Creepy!

Back at the hotel, I found OC in a very relaxed mood. Time apart is a good thing. She had spent her time catching up on work. We should have had spent more time apart doing our own things during this trip. Though, many of the things that we wanted to do/see overlaps.

It’s Sunday, all those lights in those offices stay on with no one in them.

The infinity elevator. I took this photo when I had to go back to the hotel room to get my umbrella. It was pouring when I stepped out of the lobby.

After my infinity elevator ride, the pouring stopped, and it’s just drizzling. Uuuggghhhhh. Now I have a dead weight umbrella.

Here’s the bus stop. Except, they decided that it’s not. We walked two blocks away only to back track to another street we had already walked by.

Hopefully this is the correct stop.

Yup, this is the correct stop. We are heading to eat some Indian food tonight, as tradition for our parting dinner. The restaurant got some raving reviews and is located a little bit out of the downtown core.

We got here after a short maybe 15 minutes bus ride.

Found the restaurant. As advised by the reviews, expect a wait. It’s about an hour, so we put our name down and walked around the area, which is a big shopping street.

OC was talking about something, but I didn’t hear a single thing she was saying.

Apple green or navy blue, that is the question to solve all of life’s problems. I took this photo(love the color of the leafs) while OC was in the boutique store deciding between two identical handbags, except for the color. I excused myself so I could stand outside and not influence her choice in choosing the color. Also, I was tired of her asking me 30 times repeatedly which color she should pick.

Fortunately, there was a time element involved. It was time for us to return to the restaurant for our table, so she had to make a choice quickly. At last, she came out with her purchase and we were on our way back to the restaurant.

Super dark inside, so super hard to photograph anything.

Copper water pitchers for our table.

Big bottle of fancy beer for us to share. This meant that I drank 85% of it.

Bite sized pork belly appetizer. Reminds me of our appetizer during dinner in India, also served on a bite sized spoon.

This part was interesting. There is reverse discrimination in this restaurant. All the cooks are female, all of them. All the waitresses and hostesses were female, except for one guy host. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was there just to meet some sort of quota.

Rajasthani style goat. Homage to us meeting in Rajasthan.

Curry with prawns. Also homage to our dinner in India with the prawn curry dish.(For $30, we only got 4 prawns. Not happy with that.)

Two pots of black stuff. Saag paneer and lentils.

We have street cred, because we’ve been to India. It was decided that in this fancy restaurant we would eat with our hands, like they do in India. We kept on asking for naan bread, they were surprised at how much naan we consumed.

Oh, the flavors; they were very Vancouver, mild. We even talked to the waitress about it, not as a complaint, but just asking if others have mentioned the same. She hadn’t heard of it from other patrons, but she did stick around to listen to our rant. Food was pretty good though, I loved the goat. It was, however, very pricy for what you get.

Kheer, with a side of gulab jamun syrup that we asked for because we knew it wouldn’t be sweet enough. It wasn’t. There’s a silver leaf in the Kheer. Silver add no flavor…

Chai tea time! Again, bland with not enough sugar.

AB, this photo is for you. This one has been defanged and ain’t gonna give me a snake bite.

OC has been wanting to drink champagne since yesterday, so here we are visiting a liquor store.

“Please don’t post this, I don’t want to seem like we have no class drinking this.”, says OC. I think she was just joking…I think. She did also mention that she likes the really cheap champagne as much as the high priced stuff. I just like Martini because they used to sponsor all the coolest vintage race cars.

Back at the bus stop to get back downtown.

Even on a Sunday night, the bus frequency is very good.

OC is a super light weight, and she’s had 3 drops of alcohol too many. She wanted to do knee ups in the bus. It didn’t work. She thought it was her puffy jacket getting in the way.

No more messing around. The jacket comes off, and the second showing is a….well, I told her I saw her do 10 solid reps…I didn’t want to risk getting kicked off the bus.

For those of you wondering which color solves all of life’s problems; Navy Blue.

To be continued at Home, Sweet Home.

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