Rothenburg Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Rothenburg Day 1 Part 2.

Woke up this morning tired. Slept, but not well, though we did manage to wake up before our alarm. Our room does not have AC, so we slept with the window open last night. With the cooler temperatures here at night, it was quite nice. And it’s really quiet out here at night with no droning of the AC. I had forgotten what it’s like to sleep in near silence, refreshing.

View from our window. Overcast with chances of rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Free breakfast with our room at the top floor of our pension.

View from the top floor.

Quite the nice spread. Since the owner of our pension also owns the grocery downstairs, we get a nice variety of items for breakfast!!

I’ve been craving fruits actually since we started on the trip. Those large grape looking fruits are actually small plums.

Cool attic dining area. We sat next table to an older couple from America who were on a 2 month long trip all over Europe. That was supposed to be us, but am glad that we are only doing this for one month this time.

Done with breakfast then made our way out…then had to come back to make a pitstop. Something I ate isn’t settling well with me. Sigh, I hate traveling stomach issues. At least this is Europe where the facilities are nice.

Just as stunning as it looked yesterday. There are a lot more people today, all bused in for their day trip.

Tesla in Europe. Funny to think that it’s an American car.

Criminal Museum.

No museum showing torture devices would be complete without an underground dungeon.

For all the romantic notions about medieval times, somehow people always forget the horrendous tortures that went on regularly. I cringe thinking about the terrors of it all.

For your hands.

To think some engineer took his(I’d imagine there were no female engineers back then) time to draw this nice technical drawing of a torturing clamp.

“Honey, dinner is ready, come down and eat.”
“Hold on, I am almost done with my drawing. I need to take it to the blacksmith by tomorrow so they can get it made in time to clamp a confession out of the 13 year old witch this weekend.”

Nice mechanical lever to operate that window.

They loved torturing people back then.

Iron Maiden. Actually originally had no spikes, they were added in the 19th century.

Such great detailed drawings of tortures and executions.

We liked the little mole with the shovel. Cute.

Chastity belt. The is the front, pretty self explanatory.

This is the back side of the belt. Not only does it smell like roses, it also comes out in the shape of a heart!! LOL!!

But wait, there’s more!! The original tramp stamp came included with chastity belts!!! Hahahaha.

This one is awesome! A torturing devices for shitty musicians!!! LF, this one reminds me of you. It’s even in the shape of a clarinet!!

Guess what this is for. Answer to follows several pictures below.

That’s a lot of wax seals.

“Women who beat their husbands” RL thought this one was funny.

Answer to the previous question above. Two quarrelsome women are bound together until they get along.

Hearts, perfect for decorating a chair for the accused, perfect for the cross section of poop, and perfect for showing romantic love.

Executioner’s cloak. So executioners were outcasts of society…but do you think some girl bragged that they hooked up with the executioner because it was so taboo?

Executioner’s swords.

Double handed swords.

Mean while, it’s still romantic Rothenburg outside of these medieval torture walls.

Well, that was fun. I am glad tortures are no longer a common thing today. Today, tortures are mostly restricted to the exclusive field of wives making their husbands apologize and admit that he’s wrong.

I don’t know about you, but my dog does not poop on command into a small sand pit.

Taking a stroll along the old city walls.

Those look like grapes.

All the shingles are held on by gravity. There’s a little ledge on each shingle that hangs it on the wooden cross beams.


To be continued at Rothenberg Day 2 Part 2.

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