Shanghai Day 2

Continued from Shanghai Day 1 Part 2.

Wake up today only with only a very minor hangover. But, we are definitely feeling fatigued from the hard drinking last night. Today shall be an easy day.

As we were getting dressed this morning, we found that one of our toiletry bags had leaked some orange mark on the bed. We realized that the orange printing on the Tide Pen we had with us was the culprit. Ironic that we used that same Tide Pen to clean up the mess.

This is on top of a staircase. Is this so they can open the window by walking across the wood board?

The uninspiring walk that we took to the subway stop.

A few stops later, we are ready to pop out above ground again.

Yup, we are back in Xintandi. We only ate lunch here yesterday, so we felt like we didn’t do it justice yet.

Ohhh, a Taiwanese milk tea shop here. They even had my favorite egg pudding from Taiwan to put into my milk tea!

If you needed prove that this is a very posh area, look no further. Here’s an ad for the McLaren 12C. Can’t say I’ve ever seen an ad for a McLaren before.

Up ahead are all the malls.

Drank all the milk tea, and all that’s left is my delicious egg pudding!!!! Soooo Good!!

And here are the malls.

Apple store. The malls are fancy indeed, but we are pretty tired of malls by now. We don’t like to shop that much, and unless they’ve got amazing food, malls aren’t that useful to us.

We ducked into a small side street and found this small food street.

We decided on a restaurant that’s literally right next to one of the fanciest malls in the area.

And, it’s really cheap eat, about $4 a person!!! Incredible that the malls are so expensive, and literally one block away, you can eat at a whole row of restaurants for so cheap.

Yes please!

I hope they didn’t mean that sink…

Everyone says that Xintandi is supposed to such a cool area…but we are failing to get it. We walked around and we see lots of really high end eateries and shops, and that’s about it. Then we walked into another area of it where there’s supposed to be more boutique stores.

Find the boutique stores…but we don’t get what the fuss is about…

Underwear drying on a clothing line literally on the sidewalk.

This is what Xintandi away from the really posh malls look like…So, what’s the fuss about this area again? Why is this on everyone’s list to visit?

Then by the time we walked to another subway station, it’s just another area with several giant shopping malls. The Chinese love to shop and shop and shop.

RL and I both agree that’s an ugly dress. To think that some bride may wear that for her wedding…

Apparently, a mall can’t be without an Uniqlo.

Disappointed in Xintandi, so might as well drown out our sorrows in some green tea ice cream.

Never disappoints.

There’s nothing else but shops and shops in this area of Shanghai.

OK, we are both bored and tired of this, time to head back to the hotel and take a nap. We are exhausted. Going out hard last night is taking a toll on our energy levels today.

Then the long walk back to our hotel from our nearest subway stop.

This looks kind of funny. They are all reading free newspaper.

Pudong seen from our walk back to our hotel.

Came back to our hotel and immediately, both of us fall deep asleep.

Hours later, it’s night time and we decided that we are too lazy to go far from our hotel to get dinner. We’ll see what the restaurants nearby us offer.

They are having a nice wedding tonight in our hotel. The wedding looks nice, but we see that many of the guests are dressed super casual.

The street right by our hotel. Let’s see, what shall we eat…

This place serving traditional Shanghai small eats will do just fine.

Some wonton soups.

Then soup dumplings to finish it off. Yum! Not quite Din Tai Fung, but still pretty good.

A pretty easy day of recovering from last night.

To be continued at Shanghai Day 3.

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