Munich Day 3 Part 2

Continued from Munich Day 3 Part 1.

RL finally found her mulled wine. She’s been looking for it the whole time in Germany, but apparently it’s usually only available during Christmas. It’s pretty chilly out here today, and some of us are a little bit under dressed.

Of course, they can’t just give us free tap water, but instead will charge us $5 a blittle for Evian. Must hydrate!!

That tiramisu was to die for. The soup was also quite good.

Now we’ll take a stroll through the market.

Ohh, seafood restaurant. Must, eat, more, food.

Cabana bowl, Euro style.

Shrimp basket!! My body is craving fatty fried food.

Then a visit to one of the many cheese shops here.

Who needs cheese when you’ve got fried shrimps!

KH excited about her cheese.

Super expensive fruits here. Mangosteens are 2.95 Euros EACH!!! Holy shit that’s expensive.

Finally found the ice cream shop.

Looks so delicious.


OK, time to sit down and enjoy our purchases.

KH disappointed by her choice in bread. It was hard as a rock, and totally not edible.

JT attempts eat chew through KT’s bread and fails.

Using the public water fountain to chill beers, nice.  It is really cold out here so I’m sure that method is working great.

After the outdoor market, we decided to just take a stroll through the city.

Jewish museum.

Being kids.

How very German of them. Their seesaw had levels on it!!

This doesn’t seem like a safe playground contraption. It’s a tilted spinning wheel.

Oh god, I am going to puke. The hangover….ugh.

Let me off!

Payback is a bitch.


An outdoor chair, for you to relax in naked and poop.

Cool outdoor space with tons of flowers.

That bike has been abandoned here for a long long time, the lock on the back looked almost rusted through.

Crossed here yesterday when we came back from Oktoberfest.

OK, it’s cold, time to find an indoor place to chill and warm up.

How I feel right now. Tired, hungover, sleepy.


I got more and more tired as I sat here. Finally, I decided that I was going to head back to the hotel to rest. The rest of the people have plans to go walk around the Oktoberfest festival grounds.

The state of our well being. None of us could finish our half liter beers…

At this point, I went home while RL, JT and JB took the camera and went to visit the fairgrounds.

I bet people throw up on that ride.

Yup, they had this in front of everyone. There are also tons of children here.

Drunk and could not get back up even after many tries.

One of those is topless.

Not sure what’s going on in there but there are a lot guys out front and inside.

Fun house where at one point, puff of air blows the girls’ skirts up. Haha.

The subtle racism of the Germans. The guy on the left lifting up the skirt (accidentally cut he out of the picture) is also a black guy.

Dancing drunkenly.

They peeked into the Hofbrau tent and people were standing on their benches singing and swaying.

Rough shape, about to vomit.


Drunk people everywhere.

Then it took RL and JB over an hour and a half to catch the train back to the hotel. Apparently, the trains had more malfunctions and all the signs were down saying what trains were coming when, and they had to walk to another station to catch another train. Seriously Germans, disappointed in your trains.

The girls got back, and we all decided to walk across the street from our hotel to grab some kebabs. Yes!!

So tired, tomorrow is a travel day. Munich is always rough and always fun.

To be continued at Fussen Part 1.

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