Home, Sweet Home

Continued from Cali Coast Day 7 Part 2.

We are heading back home to Austin today. Our flight isn’t until mid afternoon, so we figured that we’ll grab some lunch around our hotel before we board the dreaded BART to the airport.

We were so impressed by the food here yesterday that we decided to come back again.

This place is every bit like a supermodel. We got sat, but were promptly ignored. We sat there for about 5 minutes, and no one even came by. We said fuck it, got up, went to the counter, got some snacks to go, and decided to grab lunch at the airport.

Down under into the dreaded BART.

Of course, the down escalator isn’t working, so I had to carry both luggage down stairs. How difficult is it to design an escalator that isn’t constantly breaking down? Seriously?? While I am at it, how difficult is it to design a snack machine that doesn’t get stuck.

Waiting at the BART station. Our train doesn’t come for another 10 minutes, so it’s time to eat our snacks that we got from Cafe Bellini. SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! But, their sit down service sucks shit. In fact, the table who we sat next to was trying to close out, and they complained about how service sucks. Just like a supermodel. Looks good, tastes good, but expensive with indifferent attitude.

Now, it’s time to ride the BART to the airport. There are no photos from this part of the trip because the BART spent the entire ride running over innocent puppies. I couldn’t bare to take photos of these poor cute puppies getting run over by the terrible BART. The BART kills puppies.

Got to the airport, and we were welcomed by the short lines, then we were bent over for the $25 bag fee.

We went to wait in security line. The lines were slow moving, then the supervisor came over to tell the lady working security to let some passengers through overflow. Overflow meant that the security lady selected a few passengers over to go through the regular metal detector instead of the xray machine. I made a little joke that the people picked for overflow had lucked out. Then the overflow closed and we were again all going through the xray. When it was my turn to go through security, the security lady looked at me, smirked and made a quick waved at me to go through the overflow metal detector. Score!!! Charmed her!! I looked back at RH and saw that she was prompted stopped right behind me and directed to go through the regular xray machine. Hahaha…

Lunch spot, at the Anchor Brewing restaurant in the terminal.

RH happy about her airport alcohol. I am happy about my clam chowder.

Since we are already past security, there are no knives allowed. Only plastic knives for RH’s steak. Our superstar waitress(she was super awesome. Seriously probably the best waitress I had in months. Just super nice and helpful. She even suggested against something we ordered because she said that other patrons have been disappointed by the portion size.) gave her two just in case one breaks.

My dull club sandwich.

4 hours later, RH managed to cut off a piece of her steak using the plastic knife.

Done with lunch, time to go wait at our gate. Lunch was just OK. About what one would expect for airport food.

Here she comes. It’s a nonstop flight to Austin, this will be easy.

They showed The Internship movie on our flight. Halfway through the movie, RH gets the inspiration to rewatch Tropic Thunder. Yes! We shall watch Tropic Thunder tonight after we get back in Austin!!

Back in Austin, managed to get our luggage and wait at the airport flier bus before the hour was up. Yeah!! Once I had to wait 30 minutes for this damn bus because I had just missed it.

Bus a couple of minutes late, but that’s ok. For $1 a person and gets me a couple blocks from my front door, I can’t really complain.

Home, Sweet Home.

Before going on this trip, I was unsure of how fun and exciting it would be. I am not leaving the country, and often when I travel in continental US, it’s not all that exciting. It is not so with this trip. I took far more photos than I thought I would. I ended up doing so many things, because they were exciting to me, that I was 3 days behind on keeping up with this blog. I was so behind that I gave up catching up, and just decided to finish this off after getting back to Austin. I know some small details will be missed, since my memory would have faded a little by the time I put the words down, but there simply just wasn’t enough time for me to do everything I’d like to do and blog. California, you are a pretty cool state.

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