Fussen Part 2

Continued from Fussen Part 1.

Tickets can only be bought down here, and not after walking up for 30 minutes to the castle.

Of course, they make you exit a gift shop after buying tickets.

Oh, paragliders!

All the Asian tourists taking the horse carriages. Though, to be fair, many Asian tourists also elected to take the walk.

The other castle in the area, something something name. Ludwig II lived here while Neuschwanstein was getting built.

OK, let’s go. The whole walk smelled like horseshit due to the horse carriages.


We also noticed that horses seemed to take more shit on the uphill portion and not so much on the downhill portion. All that straining?

Not happy.

Almost there.


Pretty awesome view from up here.

Paraglider landing.

Also some hang gliders here as well.

The tour inside the castle is by reservation only and the tours are pretty popular. By the time we got to the ticket booth, we could only get tours that were an hour and a half away. So now, we wander around and wait until our tour starts.

Entering the castle.

Everyone here is waiting for their tour number to be called.

They must have spent 10 minutes here taking the same photo over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

GGGrrrrr, iPad photo takers!!!

Finally, after quite a bit of waiting, our tour gets called. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed inside 🙁

Did manage to take this photo outside the castle window though.

Making our exit.

Since the castle is unfinished, we didn’t have much expectations for the interior, but we were wrong. The interior is actually quite spectacular and I would recommend all to see the inside. King Ludwig II has this obsession with the composer Richard Wagner and many parts of the Castle are dedicated to him. King Ludwig II also never married and never had any known mistresses and…..yeah, King Ludwig II was a closet gay. There, I said what the tour guide alluded to but never openly said. He was super obsessed with Wagner though, it’s creepy.

After the tour, we took a walk around the back side of the castle to a viewpoint.

Up and up and up.

Found the bridge for the view.

RL was scared of this because it was so high up.

Yeah, that’s the money shot.

RL ran off the bridge right after this shot because of being scared of heights.

OK, it’s about to get dark in a bit, time to take the trek down to catch the buses.

A shortcut.

Surprised to see this parked in the visitor’s parking lot.

And according to this sign, our bus should be arriving very shortly.

And the bus arrives right then. Perfect.

Back to Fussen, hungry and tired. We feel like we deserve a hearty dinner. It may not seem like it, but we’ve been walking around for over 5 hours after leaving our hotel.

This place will do for dinner.

Outside stand for wine and beer.

Got a little nook by ourselves for dinner.

We deserve this beer!

And this fatty food!!

We also deserve this ice cream!

OK, time to go back to our hotel and sleep. Super tired.

To be continued at Fussen-Cologne Day 1 Part 1.

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