Siem Reap Day 3

Continued from Siem Reap Day 2 Part 2.

Today will be an easy day of just checking out what’s happening around Siem Reap. I feel bad for saying this, but we are both really glad that we got Angkor Wat out of the way yesterday so we can just relax some today.

Breakfast is different this morning, still good though.

Still hungry after breakfast, so ate this sponge cake that I’ve had since Bangkok. Orange flavored, yum.

Speaking of food, we’ve both been not feeling the greatest GI wise since about halfway through Bangkok. After a couple days here in Siem Reap, both of our GIs have started to calm down some…We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Our same tuk tuk driver from yesterday to take us into town(a short 3 min ride) for lunch. Got into town for $1, which is about the typical rate one should pay to go anywhere within Siem Reap.

Found lunch spot. This is where all the travelers gather.

Founded here in Cambodia, there are now several of these cafes all over Cambodia. The food is probably pretty safe to eat here.

Yes. Pretty good stuff.

Coffee and something else…

Amok. I believe this is what I saw at the floating market back in Bangkok, and it’s popular here in Cambodia. It’s fish curry cooked in banana leaf. I liked this quite a bit.

Mango and passion fruit ice cream afterwards. I am pigging out here.

Walked around the popular spots of Siem Reap after lunch. Nice lazy day for us compared to yesterday.

RL bought these pants, the long version, yesterday at the street side vendor in Angkor Wat.

There seems to be a lot of altruistic experiences catering to Westerners here in SE Asia…or seemingly altruistic experiences…

The Old Market, this is where the locals shop.

Meat in heat with flies.

Next to the meat stand, you can get your hair cut, shampooed and permed.

Sorry for the blurry photos, I had to get out of people’s way as it’s a working market fully of busy people.

Salon row.

This was really scary. It smelled like decay.

They had a pillow case very similar to this at our hotel!

Jeweler section.

Ugh, what’s that smell?

This reeked. Dried seafood and meats. We had to move quickly through this area as we were both about to vomit from the smell.

Would not eat. Seriously, would not eat! Those calms have been baking in the hot sun all day just rotting away. Yet the locals eat it like it’s nobody’s business, amazing.

Would probably not go there either.


Street entertainer, not sure what his form of entertainment was though. Fire and swords?

OK, that’s that. Back to our hotel to rest. Still tired from yesterday.

Blog blog blog. While I blogged, RL read for hours. Then we napped as well.

Back out for dinner. RL has been craving food from back home, MEXICAN FOOD!!! We found a restaurant in town.


Tastes like mediocre Mexican food. RL really enjoyed her nachos though, it hit the spot for her. It merely filled to stomach, and maybe some nostalgia for home.

I am glad the Cambodians are alive and fresh.

Took a stroll through pub street.

Looked like a cool lounge up there.

Stock up for our long bus ride tomorrow.

Back to our hotel to pack and sleep.

Ugh! I flicked on the bathroom light and this gecko came flying out. I screamed…screamed like a man dying in a heroic battle. There were two of them inside our room, I asked the hotel attendant to help me remove them. They laughed, then came and helped. Sigh.

There are too many mosquitoes and critters in our hotel here in Siem Reap. Not a fan. Looking forward to going somewhere more urban with less bugs.

Birdy, Robusta!! Running joke for the past few days between RL and I. We saw an ad for this coffee back in Bangkok so RL bought a bottle. We’ve kept it unopened since then.

To be continued at Phnom Penh Day 1.

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