Amsterdam Day 1 Part 1

Continued from Cologne Day 3.

Slept in this morning again, how nice. We like the pace of Cologne, but we are leaving today to head to Amsterdam. Our train isn’t until 12:45 but fortunately the checkout for our hotel isn’t until noon.

We took our leftovers from last night down to the lobby to use their microwave. But then the kitchen was being cleaned at that moment….Oh. But wait, they suggested that they can just bring the microwave up to our room!!

This made me giddy with excitement, having a microwave brought up to our room. I don’t know why I was so excited…

Even got us silverware, napkins and plates. Sweet!!

Set up on our dining table, and tasted damn good for being leftovers. Who knew Chinese food would be a hit with us all the way in Germany!

It’s noon, time to check out and head to the station that’s only 3 minutes away.

Passing by our superstar Chinese restaurant on the way to the train station.

Getting some coffee at the train station. It seems like our train is running on time, so we won’t have to chill here for long.

Gasp!! The holy grail in Germany!! There’s a whole pitcher of water(sparkling, of course) sitting here offering itself for free!!! And yet, no one has bothered touching it while we sat here…

Our train arrives right on time.

Our seat assignments that I hand selected.

The Man in Seat Sixty-One!!! One of the greatest train travel resources ever!!! The site has helped me every time I’ve had to use a train while traveling abroad…which is every time!! Naturally, when I had the chance to pick my own seats on a train, I had to pick seat 61 to pay homage.

The scenery on this leg of the train journey isn’t exactly picture perfect.

Windmill. Almost to Amsterdam.

That’s a lot of apartments.

The fringe of Amsterdam.

Made it right on time in under 3 hours. The last effort of our German train was on time.

We need to take a tram to get to our hotel. We walked around this one, and as soon was we were about to reach the doors, they closed right in front of us.

And the tram drove away…damnit!

No worries, another tram came very soon right after. You can buy one hour and 24 hour tickets on the tram. It was a little confusing on where I get the ticket on the tram(little ticket booth) but then after that, you just contact when you get on, and contact when you get off.

Immediately, the first thing about Amsterdam, bikes. Bikes EVERYWHERE!!! I’ve never seen so many bikes in my life. And strangely, a city with so many bikes, I don’t recall ever seeing a bike shop!! Also, no one wears a helmet here.

Bikes and canals.

The single one hour use contact card sold on the tram.

Reached our stop, time to take a short stroll to our hotel.


Our hotel, and it has a rainbow flag. There are many buildings all around town with rainbow flags. Very gay friendly city. I did a quick search, and I think the rainbow flags were all put up when Putin came into town, and they wanted to give him the finger.

Go up the super steep stairs of our hotel.

We just went from our biggest room on the trip in Cologne, to our smallest room. I can’t imagine a room smaller than this. In fact, I think this may be the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in, ever. There is not even enough room for a small desk in here. This is what $157 a night gets you in Amsterdam in a pretty transport convenient location, a shoebox.

Looks out into the courtyard.

And the bathroom is small, about the same size as a German shower. We are going to be cramped in this room, not having a desk will get to me, not being able to type on the laptop on a desk. Ugh.

We got settled in our room, and it’s time to take a stroll around the city and grab a bite to eat.

Don’t get run over by the trams!

Yum, Nutella.

Such a beautiful city, but it feels hectic. There are people, cars, trams, motorcycles, and bikes on top of bikes to dodge everywhere.

Found our dinner spot, the yellow sign.

Gay friendly church.

Got a nice table inside by the window.

Let’s go!!! Ribs, cheese plate and French onion soup. Everything was so good.

Cheese is very big here.

I actually saw someone drive one of these tiny cars. I guess you can park it in moped areas?

Flower market, already closed for the day.

A “Coffee Shop” in Amsterdam. Heh. One of the few coffee shops that doesn’t sell weed here in Amsterdam, I’d imagine.

That’s a lot of flower shops.

I guess it means no riding, but not no parking?

So many bikes!!! And, they are all really simple cruiser commuter bikes. They don’t have any of that hipster fancy stuff like we have in the US.

Doesn’t that mushroom look superimposed? They’ve got head shops all over town selling soon to be illegal synthetic highs. Amsterdam is a town made for debauchery.

You can get your weed, then you can get on your pink Vespa.


This one was done in amazing detail. Pretty awesome.

To be continued at Amsterdam Day 1 Part 2.

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