Munich Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Munich Day 1.

This is the day, the day for Oktoberfest!! Neither RL nor I slept well last night. Too much nervous energy and anticipation for today.

We wanted to be at the tents right when they open at 10, so we got to the train platforms right after 9am.

RL and JB in their dirndls. RL had sewn her own, pretty cool.

OK, let’s go!!

From here, about 10 minutes walk to the festival grounds.

Last minute outfit shopping also available. Originally I was going to wear a costume lederhosen, but everyone here has such authentic stuff that I decided against it. Instead I got one of the gingham shirts to take part in the spirit of the event.

They had this going on last time I was here in Munich as well.

Just up ahead!

Nope, don’t think I’ll be having a raw fish sandwich.

Heh, calf warmers.

This is our meeting spot, the Hofbrau tent.

We are one of the first ones to arrive. Gotta grab one of the unreserved tables in the middle.

Here we go. Last time I came here, I had 6 liters of beer. Let’s see how many I end up having this time…

Let me text others to see where they are at. We are all supposed to meet at 10, but of course, everyone else is running late. Oh well, not gonna stop me from drinking.

This was my waitress from 3 years ago when I first came to Oktoberfest. I bet some of these waitresses just work here year after year after year. That’s gotta be a tough job, but the pay must be pretty awesome.

Yup, starting early.

Did a short walk around the tent and saw these little white power snuff. I think this is what the Australian guys offered me 3 years ago.

So much chicken.

Found a broken handle on the ground.

My princess of a wife.

Yes, food!!! Half chicken and potato salad.

Finally!!! RF and his friend J arrives!! The crew is starting to assemble.

Shortly after, KH and her brother JT also arrive!

We are all here now, it’s time to party!!

RL, you are not supposed to eat it!!! It’s for decoration!

Ah, chugging a whole liter of beer.

Better hurry or else security will kick you out for standing on a table.

That’s kind of impressive.

Oh oh, JB is getting really drunk. We know because she wandered off and started chatting to strangers.

Yup, got her barf bag here at the ready for her.

No damn it RF, it’s not for you!

Already pretty shitfaced by this point. We are drinking way too fast and not pacing ourselves well…This isn’t going to end well.

To be continued at Munich Day 2 Part 2.

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