Vancouver Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Vancouver Day 2 Part 1.

Got back to the hotel, got dried up a little and chilled out for a bit. It’s tiring walking around in the rain. We had a long and hard discussion about the rest of our time here in Vancouver. Our time here is limited, and we want to make the most of it. By our calculation, we’ve got 3 main meals left to eat, and we must choose our meals carefully to maximize satisfaction to our taste buds. It will be Japanese tonight, Chinese tomorrow lunch, and Indian tomorrow night. Japanese tonight because we already had Chinese earlier today. Chinese tomorrow for lunch because we love Chinese food. Indian tomorrow night because of tradition, since our travel adventures started in India.

Wet weather makes for some nice photos.

Making the long walk to the other side of downtown.

Guu with Garlic for some Izakaya, basically small plate Japanese food.

We got here early, before the crowd got here. It would fill up during our dinner. Very popular spot.

A beer brewed by a local brewery just for Guu.

No, damnit! I want yesterday’s cheese cake.


Pork belly. This was the best.

Mojito made with Japanese soda! I was a big fan.

Pork cheek.

Salmon belly.

Like everything we’ve been eating in Vancouver thus far, all the flavors were a little bland. The food was very good, but not exceptional. Everyone was just missing a slight kick.

After dinner, we decided to look for dessert. We heard that there may be a gelato place with 138 flavors on Denman St, which is right down from our dinner spot. Denman will also later lead us to Davie street, which is the gay district.

Does not have 138 flavors, and I can’t believe they have a DQ here.

Fancy nuts shop, but does not have 138 flavors.

Just fat.

Kebabs! Better than 138 flavors. Too bad I just ate.

We walked down Denman street because we’ve been told that’s where the gelato place is at. Well, we didn’t see anything, so finally pulled out the iphone. It turns out the shop is actually on the other side of town and not on Denman. We were given wrong directions. I guess no gelatos tonight. We’ll just pop into whatever other dessert shops we run into.

From Denman, we turned onto Davie, which is the gay district street in Vancouver.

How cute.

Seeing the rainbow flags now.

The trashcans here are painted pink. But not all lesbians are lipstick! Why are they not painted black for the butch lesbians or the bear gays? Are there a lot of bear Canadians because of the lumberjack stereotype?

Canada is gay…Just sayin’.

The bus stops here are pink too.

There’s this Greek place here that’s always got a line out the door.

Poster inside the Starbucks in the area.

Workout at Steve Nash Fitness World, then go downstairs to eat doughnuts from Tim Hortons.

Lots of adult stores in this area.

Back on Granville St. This is supposed to be the happening night spot…supposed to be…

Internet cafe is the place to be at! Actually, it’s the place next to it that serves food for $4.95, which is really really cheap for Vancouver.

Cat Power!!! I wish I had known, I would have tried to make her show.

Commodore ballroom. They have a dance floor that has horsehair under it so it would literally bounce. Sweet.

I thought Granville street would have a high concentration of bars. That’s not the case. It was kind of tame and kind of lame. Where do people party here in Vancouver?

The Pacific Centre mall right across from our hotel.

The first night we were here in Vancouver, while walking on Robson, this tool comes driving up in his Lamborghini, revving his engine. By some coincidence, or he just drives around all the time, we saw him again tonight with the same antics. What a douche bag.

We walked all the way down Davie(the gay district street), and apparently the gays are too concerned with their figures to have dessert shops. We walked all the way back to our hotel only to turn around in search of dessert. Found a crepe place, and this will work.

Nutella for the win.

Not just any crepe place, but a crepe place with a full bar.

I really wanted to go out and party tonight. I asked our waitress where people go when they go out here in Vancouver. She seemed like the type who would know these things. She suggested that we hit up Gastown, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver. Sounds like a plan.

We came back to our hotel. I started blogging while OC watched Napoleon Dynamite on TV. Love that movie! She was getting increasingly tired. I knew this would happen. At 11, the movie ends, and it was like pulling teeth in trying to get her to go out. I gave up, so I am on my own. It’s no fun drinking by myself, but I still wanted to explore and see what the scene is like. I decided to just to walk over to Gastown and check it out.

I elected not to take my umbrella since it’s just barely drizzlng. I hope that won’t turn out to be a bad idea. Gastown is only about 5 blocks away from the hotel.

The buildings here are much older than the rest of Vancouver that I’ve been seeing.

Hahaha. Someone had put a sticker over her mouth.

Lines and more lines. There were not many bars/clubs in Gastown. Of the ones that I saw, they all had lines out the door. And almost everyone in line is white. This is a very much segregated city. There are essentially no Asians here despite there being many Asians on the other parts of town. Now that I think about it, where there are a lot of Asians, there are essentially no whites there as well.

Car2Go seems like a good idea in this city. Except, I have yet to see one single Car2Go on the street here.

More lines. I saw probably less than 10 clubs all in total and every one of them had long lines out the door. Austin has spoiled me. The nightlife scene in downtown Vancouver blows. For a city of this size, this is kind of pathetic.

Yeah, that’s that. I didn’t even bother going in anywhere. 1. I was not going to wait in line. 2. I was not about to start drinking by myself in a super crowded place.

It was in Gastown that I saw my first visible tattoo in Vancouver. This girl who was sitting on the curb because she was way too trashed to stand had tattoos on her back. In Austin, I’d see tattoos within the first 10 minutes of me being out on the street.

Interesting building decoration.

There’s the gate to Chinatown at the end of the block. Save that for tomorrow.

That’s it, I am heading back home. There’s nothing here to see. I guess OC made a good decision not to come out to check out the mediocre scene with me. What do people in Vancouver do on a Saturday night?

I spoke too soon. I walked by a doner kebab place. I couldn’t resist. They only had lamb left, sounds good.

Yes, I’ll take it with everything.

Vancouver Lookout. I thought about going up there for my usual vantage view photos, but the weather has been so crappy I thought that it would just be a waste.

After walking around for an hour, I am finally back to the area of my hotel. My feet are tired, as I’ve been walking around for about 3 hours today. I still enjoyed my walk around town tonight. I got to check out Gastown, which seems to be a decent neighborhood with restaurants, shops, and a small handful of bars/clubs with long ass lines.

To be continued at Vancouver Day 3 Part 1.

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