Train to Bangkok

Continued from Chiang Mai Day 3.

Today is our last day in Chiang Mai. We are taking an overnight train to Bangkok late afternoon. We thought about what we could do for the day, we threw around the idea of a river cruise(meh), or just walking around town some more. In the stifling heat, we elected not to do either. We settled on getting a Thai massage, and we booked through our guesthouse instead of just walking into one of the many Thai massage parlors that we see daily. Those scare me, plus the quality of the massage is suspect.

Our last day to enjoy this peaceful view.

The predator and the prey. Which is which, I couldn’t decide.

I’ve had the same exact breakfast all three days here. Why mess with a good thing? I’ll leave experimentation to lunch and dinner.

I take that back. I was extra hungry today, so I ordered french toast on top of everything. The food at the guesthouse restaurant is really good!

The predator/prey has a friend who also has a predator/prey. RL says that I talk about the subject of sex tourists way too much, but I can’t help myself. Prostitution has always been more behind closed doors, but here, it’s out in the open, staying at the first floor of my guesthouse. Not sure how I feel about that.

Not taxis.

The Thai massage place car that picks us up. The girl on the left works the front desk at our guesthouse and she’s hilarious. She literally smiles and laughs at EVERYTHING. RL said that when you talk to her, it’s like talking to someone who’s holding a funny secret. More people should be like her.

Haha. The Thai massage place thought that we were going to get massages in our room instead of at their place, so they brought all these people. We’ll just squeeze back in and go for a short ride. The lady on RL’s left was her masseuse, and the lady behind RL was my masseuse.


Stretching the buttock.



I hope I don’t puke…

First, we get our feet washed. RL’s masseuse was at first warily of me, since I kept on taking photos of everything. She didn’t know what to think of me. Not to mention I also took photos of RL. Then finally when we showed that we were married(pointed at ring), she stopped looking at me like I am some creepster.

RL’s first massage ever of any kind. I am excited for her and also excited for myself because I’ve never had a Thai massage before. And to get a Thai massage in Thailand is icing on the cake.

The picture of the poster above basically showed much of what we got. We changed into loose fitting clothes, and the massage consists of putting pressure on one spot, then moving to the next spot. There was no gliding motion, and no massage oil used. Those little ladies are strong!! There was this one move where I thought that she was gonna twist my back apart!! So what’s the verdict? RL said that it was divine, and I agree. Perfect morning in preparation for our long train ride.

For 2 hours of massage, it was 500 baht each, and we tipped 100baht each, so ended up to be about $20 a person. Less than 1/10 the price of a 2 hour massage in the US.

The massage place dropped us back off at our guesthouse and we went out walking and looking for lunch.

This is the mosque a couple of blocks from us that we hear the prayers.

Fluorescent colored buns, sign me up.

Red bean, good.


We walked around, it’s so fucking hot. Seriously, it’s so humid and hot over here. Finally, we got too hot to walk around, and picked this place mostly because they had AC.

I bet the food is just ok here, but the AC feels great.

Food was just ok. Oh well, at least now we are less hangry.

I wanted to see what Starbucks was like here. The entire menu inside is in English, no Thai at all. Prices were a little cheaper than US prices, but not by much.

Hah, that guy looks like me, with half of the sex appeal.

Portrait series.

Well, that was fun for a Starbucks. We headed back to our guesthouse. We had to pay for an extra half of day just to stay a few more hours this afternoon until we leave to catch our train. $14 in extra cost, well worth having AC and staying out of the heat.

Saw this at a mini mart by our guesthouse. Philadelphia City Paper eh.

Our tickets for the train, leaves at 5pm and arrives the next morning in Bangkok at 6:50am.

Goodbye guesthouse!

Almost all the mopeds here in Thailand have large diameter wheels vs. the smaller diameter wheels in Taiwan. The overall road condition must be worse here in Thailand than Taiwan.

Quickly got a taxi to the train station, which is pretty close to us.

Ugh, we accumulated so much snacks and drinks for the train ride. On top of our backpack and daypack, we also each had to carry two bags of stuff. This is so annoying.

Chiang Mai train station.

Walked straight onto the platform and found our train immediately.

Crap, our car is way at the far end. That’s a long walk with our packs.


First class AC cabin. It’s a two bunk cabin, so just the two of us, cool!

There is even a sink inside the cabin!!

Time to snack.

I brought this all the way from Taiwan, my last bag.:-(

Quickly we realized that there are mosquitoes everywhere on the train. We quickly closed the cabin doors to prevent more from getting in from the hallway.

I married an assassin. There were 4 mosquitoes inside our cabin, and RL murdered one after anotherĀ  in quick succession. Don’t fuck with my wife, she will slap you dead.

I don’t think that’ll stop a runaway train.

An attendant came by and gave us this menu for dinner. She was not ungently.

I am excited. I like eating cafeteria food, airplane food and train food.

This was funny. There was a guy riding his motorcycle on the highway along the tracks. When he saw RL in the window, he made kissy faces at her, and she innocently(at least I hope) waved back at him thinking that the train is passing him. Well, coincidence would have it, our train right then slowed down for a station. RL, embarrassed, slid down below the window so her admirer wouldn’t catch another glimpse of her again. When he caught up on his motorcycle, I saw him looking over repeatedly at the train. Sorry Romeo, she’s taken.

They even serve beer and wine coolers on the train!! Singha please! Loving this train ride in our own private compartment.

Lots of banana tree farms in the country side.

The food is here!

The soup was the best part. Delicious broth.

A train attendant making up our bed for the night. It’s really early like 8pm, but we are both exhausted. The heat here in Thailand just takes it out of you. We thought about taking a shower in our guesthouse before boarding the train, but didn’t because it would have been nice for about 10 minutes. The moment we stepped outside, we would have been drenched in sweat.

Excited to go to bed. RL’s on top.

I call power bottom!


We spent the day pampering ourselves. Started the day with fine breakfast at a riverside restaurant. Followed by 2 hours of romantic couples massage. Had coffee at an internationally renown coffee shop. Then we capped it off on first class train tickets with multiple course dinner delivered right into our private cabin. Hah, all true!!

To be continued at Bangkok Day 1.

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