Cali Coast Day 6 Part 2

Continued from Cali Coast Day 6 Part 1.

Bike share gets no love. We talked to someone who said that the bike shares don’t have stations at many of the tourist spots. Probably political, I’d imagine.

The sun is now out, and it’s hot.

Fisherman’s Wharf, the tourist hotspot.

Our CityPass included tickets to a bay cruise. Not something I would have normally elected to do, but sure, why not.

This was funny. After I got my tickets, the ticket lady held up this sign and said to wait in line for the boat here at the green wall. Hahaha.

There’s the green wall, got it.

We had an hour before we had to board the boat, so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat in Fisherman’s Wharf.

The seals at Pier 39. They are very territorial, always fighting and pushing others off platforms.

What’s up with California and sock stores?

OK, I get it now. Frida!!! I love you!!

Quick lunch here.

Overall, mediocre. I came here to eat at Boudin years ago, and I remembered having a decent experience. I wish I could say the same this time. My chicken salad sandwich was the weakest sandwich I’ve had in years, as in they only gave me a tea spoonful of chicken. Clam chowder was good though.

Waiting in line to get on the boat.

The green wall is used as the backdrop for photos so that they can superimpose you over another image. I took a photo of the photographer taking a photo of us in front of the green wall.

They had super cheesy epic movie type music playing. I felt embarrassed for everyone aboard. We were so tired from walking around, we just kind of fell into a lump inside and stayed inside for most of the time while everyone else was out on the decks.

Palace of Fine Arts. We thought about visiting it…but I think we’ll be too tired later to pay it a visit.

Someone had graffitied Peace and Freedom Welcome. Home of the Free Indian Land. OK, whatever that means.

We sat on the inside, only popping out to take a few photos here and there. There were tons of really aggressive flies inside the cabin. They were really annoying!!

Back on shore, and I see this little archway by the shore. What’s this? A small pitiful version of Gateway to India?

This cable car will take us back in front of our hotel. Unfortunately, the lines were long. It looks like a 30 minute wait. As fun as these are to ride, they are not very efficient. They don’t move many people per hour.

Since they don’t fill up the cars from the end stop, we figured we can just walk a few blocks away, to the next cable car stop and get picked up there instead. Sort of like cheating, but also not. I guess it’s debatable.

About 3 blocks up from the previous stop.

While waiting forever for the next cable car, I saw this. This guy was wearing a fake diamond studded championship belt that says “Trillion Dollar Conga Playa”. I wish I had that belt to wear around town.

The cable car comes by, and there was plenty of room for us.

That wait was worth it as we went up and down several big hills. We had been on our feet walking around for 5 hours, pretty beat. We rested in the hotel until dinner time. I took a nap to the faint sounds of bagpipe that came through the open window. That was quite nice.

Bike shares get no love. Back out on the street, on the way to dinner. We are headed to Mission District.

Going down under.

Unfortunately, the best way to get to Mission is by taking that dreadful BART, Piece of shit. The ticket machines were the FUCKING WORST!!! So, while the ticket machines at the airport take credit cards, these for some reason will only take debit or cash, despite saying that it takes credit cards! And some of the machine had broken ass cash machine so that they didn’t even take cash. BART stands for Bitch Asshole Rape Train, because everything about it rapes you.

I was finally able to get one machine to work, and it rewarded me with change in tons of useless heavy quarters.

DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!! Again, I was amongst AN OCEAN OF PISSED OFF PEOPLE, hating on these shitty ticketing machines. DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder people in SF are so fucking rude. If I had to deal with the BART on a regular basis, I’d hate the world too and be rude all the time. This machine gives you STDs, the kinds with no cure.

At the BART station. I feel so violated by everything here.

Out of the BART station. I survived!!!

The cornerstone of the Mission District, a Micky D’s.

Feels like East Austin. Lots of Hispanic influence here. It’s also a bit gritty, I like it. Even though it’s only dinner time, most of the places here have already closed for the day.

My friend HH from Austin suggested that I eat here. She’s always pointed me the right way with food.

1. I suck at taking nonblurry photos. 2. Apparently, this is the best thing since sliced bread, because in the top right corner of this photo, you can see all the awards and what not for this place.

Food was relatively cheap, and good, but not the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously, it’s like a mom and pop Chipotle…except now it’s so famous that it’s no longer a mom and pop, but an institution. You can get a Negra Modelo for the same price as a Tecate here. I found that interesting.

I do love their tables and chairs here. The chairs tuck away perfectly under the tables. Love it!!

We had beat the crowd here. It was packed by the time we left. It was packed almost exclusively by whites(I am, obviously, not white).

The restaurant literally right next door, occupied exclusively by Hispanics. Like I said, La Taqueria is like a Chipotle, typical Hispanics don’t eat there.

On the sidewalk.

The reason why we came into Mission District, other than to check it out and eat, is swing dancing. Live swing band here tonight.

We showed up pretty early, they are still teaching a dance class here.

Time for a few drinks.

Nice disguise job.

After waiting around for an hour, the band comes on and the social dancing starts. Cool, swing dancing in SF. WE met some other dancers here who asked if we were in town for SF Lindy Exchange. Wait….what?? That’s going on this weekend? What a coincidence, we had no idea. Apparently, SFLE starts, Tomorrow!! I know what we’ll be doing tomorrow night.

RH dancing away.

We ended up not staying here for too long. The band was good, but the floor was small and crowded. We were also really tired from being out all day. It’s time to go back to the hotel and sleep.

Homeless carts?

Many storefronts had metal security gates.

UGH!!!!!!! I hate BART!

This must be what it feels like walking down the gallows…into the BART.

Bike were left here in the BART station, not because they are used for commuting, but for protesting of how much the BART sucks!!!! We had painstakingly bought round trip tickets earlier, so hopefully we won’t have to deal with the stupid ticket machines again.

Inside the BART station, my first sighting of Google Glass. Did they give one to her to console her for having to ride the BART?

Our last moments before the BART arrives and takes away all happiness in life.

The train arrives…

Back at Union Square!!!!! I am going to take a 3 hour long shower with hydrogen peroxide and bleach to rid myself of all the filth from the BART.

H&M Man.

H&M Woman, which is about 5 times bigger than H&M Man.

RH and I both dislike that skirt. I think it would make me look fat.

To be continued at Cali Coast Day 7 Part 1.


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