Cali Coast Day 7 Part 2

Continued from Cali Coast Day 7 Part 1.

Down into the aquarium level.

Penguin and starfish in the same enclosure again. Maybe penguins and starfish have always mixed, but I had never paid attention to it.

Lung fish.

Not as awesome as Monterey Aquarium, but surprisingly a pretty solid aquarium.

I am a child, let me in.

Adults, leave, so I can get in!

RH was really excited to see this miniature starfish.

That’s what she said!!!! You stick it in, and it blows you….I am dead serious…with a puff of air…on your hand.

You put your camera up to the glass, and usually it’s concave or flat. I wonder how many lens have been damaged over this convex glass. It doesn’t look convex when you walk right up to it from the front.

Upside down jelly.


This little skinny snake was angry. It kept on swimming on the water trying to break through the glass.

At the midway gift shop. I believe this same penguin toy has been around forever. I remember seeing these when I was a kid. Brings back memories.

Amazon fishes.

Electric eel.

My anaconda don’t want none
Unless you’ve got buns, hun
You can do side bends or sit-ups,
But please don’t lose that butt

My camera was much happier with the lighting here. The white balance came out much better here.

They had an exhibit on the America’s Cup sailboats here!!!!!

I started geeking out over this. In fact, I read all this for so long that RH went to other exhibits while I stayed here for a bit.

Carbon Fiber!!! Yummy.

Getting into the rainforest sphere. You go through a semi airlock in order to get in. Probably so the butterflies won’t get out. I’ve never been to a rainforest exhibit that I’ve been wowed by, so no high hopes for this one either.

I would be happy if they actually had one of these world’s biggest flowers here. But, they don’t, and supposedly, they smell like rotting flesh. Still would like to see one one day.

The bottom of the sphere is the amazon river part of the aquarium.

Walking along the edge of the glass rainforest sphere.

Yeah, we are tired, and rainforest exhibits just aren’t that awesome. They haven’t perfected it like they have for aquariums.

Back to the lobby. I had missed this earlier. Above the exhibit for the sailboat, they had a whole sailboat hanging on the ceiling.

Onto the living roof top. This living roof top has made many magazine covers.

An engineer’s nightmare. The problem with a living rooftop is that they are tough to weather seal. And any leaks are hard to fix.

OK, that’s that. Believe it or not, it’s already been 5 hours since we left our hotel, and we’ve been on our feet for probably 4 of those hours. We just can’t sit still and chill.

A room full of MOSS?????!!!!! WHERE????

Oh, this is it. I feel so cheated. RH thought the same thing when she saw the sign. A shame.

Time to head back to hotel for some rest. Tired from walking around all day.

Hahaha, I wish I had the shock camera.

Waiting at the bus stop. I think out of all the neighborhoods we’ve visited so far in SF, this one is probably the one that I can see myself living in the most.

Metro, please don’t break down on us this time.

Photos can’t do this justice, it looks so peaceful and wonderful out there in that park. This is where people come to heal after riding the BART.

Hah. There’s a photo floating around on the internet of a guy who brought in a portable turntable to listen to a stack of vinyls at a coffee shop. Buy this if you want to be a d-bag.

So, on the metro ride back, we decided that we would have sushi for dinner. It’s late afternoon now, sushi places don’t open until early evening, so we’ll need a snack before then. There’s this place, Cafe Bellini, that we’ve walked by a few times around our hotel. They’ve got this beautiful display, and we’ve wanted to eat here. Now is our chance.

Everything looks beautiful and perfect here. No prices listed, so must be expensive. We are set on eating this!!! Everything looks so beautiful, what if it doesn’t taste as good as it looks? That’s like having sex with a supermodel, only to have it be bad sex. That would suck…

The haul. Well, it was very pricy, but it was also so very good. Everything was super delicious!!!! I guess supermodels are high maintenance, but good at sex.

Our event for the night. We’ll be going to SF Lindy Exchange tonight. What a cool coincidence. Picked up this flyer the other night at Savanna Jazz.

A little nap before a night of dancing. Again, the soft bagpipe music streaming in from the open window sang a lullaby to me.

Up and awake, it’s time to rock and roll. Corner of Union Square, the lullaby source.

We picked a sushi place within walking distance from our hotel.


Very cool cozy spot in the basement. We got there soon after the door opened. Before our food even shows up, the whole place was packed. We beat the crowd once again.

RH cringes at the catastrophic date going on next to us.

This is a big date spot. The tables are really close by, and the couple next to us were on their first date. Anyhow, it was a HORRIBLE DATE!!!! The guy talks about Audi RS4 wagon(I’ve yet to meet a woman who cares). Then they talked about dancing with the stars. Then long silences. Then the woman keeps on drinking her sake because she was so uncomfortable. Neither of them laugh or smile. I see the guy take out his phone, and on the background there’s a photo of another girl(ex girlfriend?). I think if I ever went to a date this terrible, I’d just pay halfway and leave. It did bring us some entertainment scoring how badly they did on their date though.

I really wanted to like this place, because it was such a cool spot, but the food was just ok. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I think if I came to this place in Austin, I wouldn’t come back again for the food.

It’s a little chilly and windy out now.

My mind is always in the gutter.

But really, they made this one too easy for me.

Got back to hotel after dinner, changed into our dance clothes, then boarded the 38 bus just a couple of blocks from our hotel. This will take us all the way to the Russian Center, where the 9:20 Special swing dance happens. This is the first night for SF Lindy Exchange, so we are expecting lots of good dancers tonight.

We got dropped off here after 20 minutes or so on the bus. That was easy, just one bus with no transfers.

I am pretty sure we’ve found it.


Nice big ballroom. Classes were still going on when we arrived.

But not for long. The live band comes on, and social dancing starts! How awesome is this! We are attending SF Lindy Exchange and also swing dancing in SF. Badass!

Oh!!!! RH spots her evil twin! They both have the same dress, but in different colors.

RH and her evil twin. Yours truly in the mirror. If you look carefully, you’ll see how my shirt is soaking wet with sweat…I’ve been dancing a lot already tonight. Tons of dancers, tons of good dancers. It’s awesome, but also really hot!

It gets crowded.

Beautiful ballroom.

I don’t have many dancing photos of myself, since I am always behind the camera. Here with the evil twin.

I had also danced with this really tall older Asian lady….she had short hair and looked uncomfortably like….my dad. This being SF, I wonder if she’s a transgender, since she was so tall(taller than me) and had such big hands(as big as mine). It felt weird, because I felt like I was dancing with my dad the whole time.

Barrel Roll!

After a couple of hours, it was time to call it a night. Great way to spend our last night of vacation!!

Bus stop.

Arrives quickly.

Back at around our hotel. After dance snack, yes please!

RH goes to the restaurant next door to order some fries. After I get my pizza, I walk over and see that someone had ordered some sort of healthy juice with kale in it. That’s healthy and all, but who the fuck orders a healthy drink at midnight?!?!

“RH, who the fuck orders a healthy juice this late at night?!?!”,
“I did!”
Oh wait, my girlfriend was the one who ordered that drink…

Time to enjoy a slice of pizza, some fries…and a cup of healthy green juice with stuff floating in it(the juice was actually pretty good).

To be continued at Home, Sweet Home.

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