Prague Day 1

Continued from Munich Day 4.

Damn you AB for booking 9 o’clock train tickets! This meant that we had to get up at 6, queue up the bathroom and head out the door at 7.

Then it’s the 15 minute walk to the train station, 15 minute wait and 20 minute ride.

Tru dat yo.

You have to pay to use the restrooms in the train stations. At least they are kept pretty clean. But, I’d imagine you’d have a lot of people who go just to use #2 since most people who may need to use #1 might choose to wait instead of pay.

Love it. Too bad it was too early to order.

Our train heading to Prague arrives. It’s an old dinky looking train. Meh.

The whole train had only rooms that had seats of 6.

At least we all got to sit together in one room and be loud without annoying other passengers.

Lunch bought at the Munich Train station. It’s about a 6 hour ride to Prague.

This fog came out of no where. It was literally perfectly clear 10 seconds ago.

Then out of no where, it starts to clear up again.

Bad picture of the little hobby gardens that the Germans love.

Yes please.


No need to wonder when we crossed over the boarder. We are now deep behind the Iron Curtain. Buildings are a lot more gray and run down over here. Everything just looks more disorganized in general.

Juxtaposition of old locomotive(It looks like a bug from the front) next to new Bright building.

Circle with line over it means no. Circle with no line must mean yes. Yes to throwing bottles(massive bottles the size of the window) outside and yes to jumping out of the window. Got it.

Sunflowers fields.

Even in Czech Republic, the hard manual workers are immigrants.

Crossing the Vltava River in Prague.

Pulling into Prague Main Station.

First item on the list is to find an ATM and get some Czech crown. It’s about an 1 to 18 USD to crown conversion rate.

You can haggle with the taxi drivers here. Or you can pay the exorbitant price that they ask that you pay. For instance, it was almost 40 Euros per taxi to go from the train station to our hotel, which is less than 3 miles. We talked to the tourist info desk who called us a taxi and got it all done for 11 Euros. If you go to Prague, don’t just pay what the taxi drivers ask you to pay. Tell them to go fuck themselves.

Our reasonably priced taxi arrives.

Three cell phones and a billion air fresheners.

The Dancing House. I know it’s a terrible angle, but I was in a moving car.

St. Nicholas Church. Our taxi driver dropped us off right across from it because apparently our hotel looks right onto it. Neat.

Cobblestones, why do you hate my luggage so much.

Well, our taxi driver gave us bad directions to our hotel. We literally got dropped off 20 feet from the entrance, but instead walked around the whole block looking for the entrance.

Found it!

Ohhhh, Ahhhh.

Pure opulence Eastern European style baby!

Oh yeah, jacuzzi in the bedroom.

We got two apartments next to one another with a foyer that connects the both of them. I am estimating that we have somewhere between 2000 to 2500 sqft of living space for the 6 of us. All of this for roughly twice the cost of a closet sized hotel for 1 in Rome!! Living large baby.

View out from hotel. That’s the Prague Castle on the upper right.

Dinner at the restaurant right next to our hotel.

Of course, Pilsner Urquell. The original Pilsner brewed here in Czech. It was also the only single beer offered on the menu.

Really hungry, so let’s eat. Yup, ate that.

Beer soaked cheese. Very strong.

And this one.

And ate this one too. Half duck with dumplings and sweet red cabbage.

View of St. Nicolas church from apartment window.

Awesome lamp in our apartment.

We ate dinner and retreated back to our rooms to rest. I actually started getting sick today halfway through the train ride. My nose started running and my throat started to hurt. Not sure if I am catching a cold or if I am just having really bad allergies. Fuck me! Hopefully I can have a good night’s sleep and tomorrow I won’t wake up feeling like utter shit. Wish me luck.

To be continued at Prague Day 2 Part 1.

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