Prague Day 3 Part 1

Continued from Prague Day 2 Part 2.

Today is starting out to be a lazy day. I slept in, others slept in. The only hard plan is to visit the Prague Castle together as a group mid afternoon.

EF and I decided to head out on our own to check out the National Museum.

First stop is to buy some tickets for public transportation. In Prague, you can buy a ticket that works for subway, tram, bus, etc. It’s awesome. Buy a ticket for the time that you need such as 30min or 24hrs and then you just validate it when you first use it. No check points at all. I’d imagine a lot of people fare dodge in this country.

Our tram stop.

There she comes, let’s go.

The tram would drove by some of the wider vehicles inches away from their side mirrors.

National Museum.

It’s a glorious building.


Well, that was a dud. I guess we’ll instead go to Vyšehrad, a fortress located inside Prague.

The subway is located right across the street from the museum. At least we had that going for us.

The subway system doesn’t have too many lines, so it’s very easy to navigate.

I’ll mention this fact now before I forget. Today, we rode public transportation and went around the streets that are filled with the locals and not tourists. Yeah, hot girls do exist in Prague. Now, whether they are up to the level of Italians, the jury is still out on that one.

Got out of our subway station. Most of central Prague can be seen from here.

Up on the fortress walls.

And apparently the moats around the walls make good clay tennis courts.

Part of what I would assume to be the old city walls. Newer Prague on the left and older Prague on the right.

A wedding was taking place up on the wall that we walked on. Bride was beautiful.

The city served as their backdrop.

This is the same view as above, but taken from behind the alter.

Their getaway car to hotel room. Heh.

Church of Church of St. Peter and Paul behind me.

Yet another wedding. This one is by the church.

Church of St. Peter and Paul

They don’t like visitors to visit inside of churches in Prague. We’ve been rejected from going into a church multiple times over here.

Vyšehrad Cemetery. Apparently a lot of famous writers, sculptors, composers, etc. It was a very serene cemetery. I felt so at ease walking through it, so peaceful.


Yeah, this tomb was by far the biggest and overshadowed everything else.

Amphitheater in the fortress.

Time to leave to head back to our hotel now.

Our next tram ride will go along the river.

When we came into Prague on the train from Munich, we crossed this bridge to get into the city.

Tram stop.

The tram took us by the Dancing House.

I think this may be the best photo that I’ll get of this building on this trip. Not great, but you get the idea.

Charles Bridge.

Some sort of auto music instrument. The man turned this wheel by hand and all sorts of mechanical parts would play a tune. I wanted to pay him to spin it really fast so the music could be played at double time.

I had skipped breakfast earlier, so this will be lunch. I forgot to take pictures of the pizza, but it wasn’t anything special so that’s ok.

A lot of spiders here in Prague. This little guy had made himself a web on my laptop in the 2 hours that we were gone. I had a spider crawl on my hand the other day too. I hate spiders!

One of the best thing about our apartment is that we get our own washer and dryer combo. This machine both washes and dries.

To be continued at Prague Day 3 Part 2.

2 thoughts on “Prague Day 3 Part 1

  1. You’ve made me re-examine my hate of Prague and I’m now willing to give it another chance. I agree that the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen were in Spain and Italy! So are you in Vienna now? I want an update to entertain me at work. I love the new nickname, “The Eater”=awesome!

    • Yup, in Vienna now. Sitting at a Viennese coffeehouse blogging on my laptop. For me, this is heavenly.

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