Home, Sweet Home

Continued from Nola Day 3.

Short vacation, it’s time to head back to Austin. Not looking forward to the long drive home.

That’s one sad looking Miata.

Holy crap!!! Yet another Murano convertible! Two unicorn sightings in a row. I think this speaks volumes about either the residents of Nola or the type of people who visit Nola. Speaking of the people who visit Nola, we visited during the week this time so most of the other tourists were older tourists. I’d imagine the trashier younger tourists will be coming in for the weekend to party on Bourbon street. Ugh, I am too old for that shit now…maybe…

Must try to get a Muffuletta sandwich before leaving town. Central Grocery opens at 10am, and it is now just a little bit past 10am. Hopefully they’ll be selling Muffulettas so that we can get one to eat in the car.

I waited in the car while RL runs in for a quick sandwich run.

Damnit, early bird does not get the worm. It’s too early in the morning and they don’t have the bread ready yet so no sandwiches. RL picked up the next best thing, a can of Italian olive salad that goes into the muffuletta sandwiches. We’ll just have to go home and make our own then I guess.

Time to blow this joint and get back to home. Short trip, but RL and I are both happy to be heading home.

Can you spot the Superdome?

We couldn’t resist. During the drive, we kept on talking about Muffuletta sandwich and how much we wanted some. Then it occurred to us that Central Grocery isn’t the only place that sells it. A quick search on our phone yielded Jason’s Deli in Baton Rouge.

Not quite the same look as Central Grocery. The Jason’s Deli sandwich is much messier with the ingredients falling all over the place while the Central Grocery one was very neat and tidy.

Taste test!

Mmmmm, not the original, but still pretty delicious! Hit the spot!!

Now, for more Adult themed billboards again.

We kept on seeing signs for this Lion’s Den place during the drive. When we passed it, it was much much smaller and more depressing than all the big signs would have suggested.

I made a joke and laughed at my own joke.

RL is not impressed with said joke.

What a sad looking run down water park.

What a sad looking run down outlet mall.

Back in Texas!!!

What I’d like to say to our loud sex neighbors.

Pit stop.

That’s one giant dipped cone.

Switch drivers. I also had to help RL eat a part of her dipped cone since she couldn’t finish it all. This is how sympathy weight happens!

I think it would be funny to see those big nuts on a Smart car.

Houston, and the mid Friday afternoon traffic begins.

HOV lane….we enjoyed maybe 3 minutes of it before the lane ended. Seriously, these HOV lanes are 95% useless. The entrances are always no where to be found when we need them, and the lanes are always underused so that overall traffic is worse than it needs to be.

Can’t parallel park next to curb.

Of course, starts to rain as we get closer to Austin.

Yup, it’s pouring down now. At least we are getting close to home.

Broke tradition and forgot to take a photo of the door as we reached back home, so the previous photo will conclude the trip.

We went to New Orleans with the idea that we would eat everything in sight with little bits of music and alcohol mixed in, and we did exactly that. Great short trip! Next vacation will probably be almost an year away due to the new arrival to our family in about 5 months!!

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