Vancouver Day 1

Continued from Victoria Day 2 Part 2.

Today is a travel day. I used to think of travel days purely as days wasted in traveling between cities. Now, I am starting to think otherwise. I think travel days deserve some merit on their own as adventures and sightseeing. Some of the travel days in India were some of my most adventurous days filled with amazing photos. Today, there is no adventure, but I do have some photos. Let’s get going.

Woke up to grey skies, but no rain. Any day without rain over here is a good day.

A giant skylight down below from outside our window. It’s unfortunate such a cool looking structure is hidden at a place where no one can see it easily.

While packing up to leave, we heard what sounded like cannons being fired. Wonder what’s happening?

More photos of the crazy looking trees. These are so bizarre. The trunk is on the left and the tree grows at an odd angle and all the branches droop downwards.

We found the reason for the cannon fires this morning. The new lieutenant governor is getting sworn in today. Marches and cannon fires mark the occasion.

We got to our bus stop 30 minutes before the bus leaves, and a line has already formed.

Wifi on the bus, sweet.

It does indeed work. However, it lost signal for part of the trip. Still better wifi than at our hotel in Seattle.

The same pumpkins we saw yesterday.

Reached the ferry terminal.

We bypassed that long line in the bus and went to the front of the line. Cars, suck it.

There she is.

Into the ferry we go. OC said she felt like she was the chicken in a turducken. Pretty clever thinking, I thought.

We are number one! Beat everyone else into the ferry.

Everyone must leave their vehicles and head up to the passenger decks.

Reminds me of Maine.

Cafeteria on the ferry! I love cafeteria style food. It’s a sickness that I have.

The food option in this cafeteria is actually pretty healthy.

Salmon, quinoa, clam chowder, apple pastry, and OJ. Not too bad for ferry food.

These small islands reminds me so much of Maine.


Bald Eagle in the middle of the photo. I ran out of zoom.

Another bald eagle in the middle of the photo.

Another ferry going the other direction. Our ferry never filled up.

We’ve reached the mainland. The ride took about an hour and a half.

15 minutes prior to docking, all the vehicle passengers were called down back to their vehicles.

First in, first out.

We were slow to get to the bus, so we ended up sitting in the very last row. I sat right in the middle. Leg room.

It’s about a 45 minutes drive to downtown Vancouver, where we’ll be staying.

45 minutes if there was no traffic jam. We were jammed here stopped like a parking lot for quite a while. Must have been a wreck. While waiting for the jam to clear up, I fell asleep in my seat.

When I came up, we were driving by downtown Vancouver. Great timing. The majority of those tall buildings are residential buildings.

Downtown Vancouver is very urban.

Art museum.

Found our hotel, a short walk from the bus stop.

What $170 a night gets you in a great location in downtown Vancouver.

It’s not raining…yet.

Unpacked our luggage, and now we are back walking the streets taking advantage of the dry weather. The forecast for the next few days is rain and more rain. No surprise there.

On Robson street. Big shopping street with the typical chain stores. We are going to keep on walking down Robson street until we find our dinner spot on the other side of Downtown.

Found! Supposed to have good sushi for reasonable prices.

Reasonable prices indeed!

There is only one single long table inside. The walls are decorated with loading pallets.

So colorful and delicious.

Let’s see if this works…

Yes, it does.

We ended up with so much food that we couldn’t finish everything we ordered. What a shame because it was so tasty.

We left the restaurant, and it has started raining. Sigh.

Walked by all these ramen places with lines out the door. Ramen is the new hip thing to eat, just like how sushi was the new hip thing to eat ten years ago.

Walked by this sign, and then I realized that our cafeteria food on the ferry was provided by this place. No wonder they had decent food for a ferry cafeteria. It was from an actual restaurant chain.

We walked a couple streets over from Robson on the way back, and there are no shops over here. It’s all offices and residential towers.

This could end badly…I am happy to announce that there were no injuries to report.

We couldn’t stand the boring street, so we cut back onto Robson and found this yogurt place for some dessert.

It gets us out of the rain. We were unprepared for the rain since it was dry earlier so we left our rain coats and umbrellas at home. There were probably 15 customers in this yogurt shop, and all were Asian. There’s over 50% Asians in Vancouver. I’ve never been in a place with so many Asians other than in…Asia.

Left the yogurt place, saw this two stores down, and now we are regretting yogurt. Soft serve green tea ice cream!

The Japanese Grocery store that the green tea soft serve place is attached to.


I couldn’t stop laughing. It took many tries from OC to get a semi imitation photo from me.

Our haul. Some snacks for the hotel room.

Soft serve ice cream and custard in a crepe.

One of those laughing fits again. I find myself incredibly funny. My own jokes are the best. I don’t remember what her joke was, but I do remember distinctly not laughing myself.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I need to come up for air and fan my face with my hands. What does that mean? Why fan yourself in the face with your hands?

Who knows why I fan my face, but I am ready for round two of uncontrolled laughter. Hahahahahhahaha….fan fan fan. Hahahahahahhaha. fan fan fan. Hahahahaha….oh my stomach hurts…Hahahaha…hah…hahhhaha…hah….hah..oohhh…..hahhh..ooohh…haaa…

Robson Street at night.

We ducked into many retail stores to hide from the rain. But, that’s a lie. We stormed into many retail stores so OC can shop. No damage was done tonight though. She’s a tough customer.

To be continued at Vancouver Day 2 Part 1.

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