Munich Day 1

Continued from Ingolstadt Day 2.

Travel day today, heading into Munich in preparation for Oktoberfest!! So excited, but also so apprehensive about the day after Oktoberfest…

On another note, the wifi speed in Germany has been more than disappointing. In all 3 places that we’ve stayed at, the wifi has at times been abysmal. I kind of get it when I am staying at a B&B, but there’s no reason for that at the business hotel that we are staying at in Ingolstadt!

RL got up first and picked up some breakfast from the train station. German pastries for breakfast, similar to French pastries, but twice as big.

All packed, let’s go. All three of us wore puffy jackets with our Osprey backpacks, then I realized that we all matched. I’ve got a black backpack, JB has a black jacket. RL has a red backpack, I’ve got a red jacket. JB has a blue backpack , RL has a blue jacket…

Buying our tickets for the train, and realized that since the three of us have the same travel schedule today, we can get the group day ticket and all save money!! Woohoo!! We probably save something like 15 Euros a person today.

Got to the station early enough that we made an earlier train than originally planned.

Our small bottle of wine from Rothenburg(with the squat bottle that’s unique to that region) that we brought along to drink on the train.

The wine was actually pretty damn good!

Wires for growing hops. There are some grown hops in the background of this photo.

Made it to Munich in about an hour with no transfers! Not too bad.

Now, we connect to S bahn.

Down we go.

Doh, just missed our train by 2 minutes. The next train doesn’t arrive for another 18 minutes.

Finally. I am feeling really tired today, been in sort of a daze all day.

LOL!! RL had pointed out this funny ad while we were at a train stop.

In less than 15 minutes we’ve arrived at the stop for our hotel. You can see the hotel on the right side in the back(grey building). Sweet, another hotel right across from a train station.

Love the blue.

The lobby of our hotel has a live display for train schedules! Awesome!

Check in is usually at 3, but the nice lady at the front changed our rooms so that we could check in early at 1. Seems like an easy to thing to do, but no one usually does this favor for us to allow early check in.

This is what $200 a night gets you in Munich a little bit out of city center during Oktoberfest. They really do jack up the prices during Oktoberfest!!

First thing on our list is to do some laundry and eat some lunch.

There’s a coin laundry two stops away by tram as told by our front desk. Awesome on having a coin laundry close by, and awesome on the front desk knowing where to find one.


Then we’ll start a whole string of dealing with rude Germans in Munich. I asked the lady working behind the counter to help me out a little with the washing machines since everything was in German. At first, she was an absolute cold fish. Finally, she warmed up a little after she asked me what temperature I wanted, and I didn’t know how to say cold so I did a little shiver, and she laughed. Then after that she was nice.

Perfect, there’s a kebab place right next door. Lunch!

So exciting!

It’s giant and it’s only 6 Euros!

Oh so good!!

I’ve converted both RL and JB into big kebab fans. It’s the best!

And apparently this kebab store was involved in some sort of controversy and made it on TV. No idea what happened, but it did say Happy End though.

Time for the dryer. We’ll try 30 minutes first and see how dry it gets. While it’s drying, we’ll walk down to a beer garden nearby and grab a drink.

First taste of this year’s Oktoberfest bier. Tomorrow, we’ll have liters and liters of this stuff.

To my surprise, 30 minutes of drying in the machine was enough. It’s always been my experience that it’ll takes about an hour to dry at a coin laundry. This is more like it.

OK, laundry done, now into the city center to walk around a bit.

Many of the people on our train were fully dressed up to head to Oktoberfest.

Ugh, stairs.


New city hall. The old city hall actually looks newer than the new city hall.

The two statue street performers chatting with each other.

The weather is hot in the sunlight and really cold in the shade.

This is the old city hall.

Everybody loves boobies.

RL had somehow misplaced her ribbons for her dirndl, and we finally found some to replace her lost ones.  The guy at first store we went in wouldn’t sell any to us even though there was a basket full of them.  There were several times stuff like this happened.  When we sat down on the train and started speaking English, this older guy across from us made a sound of disgust and got up and moved.  They don’t like Americans here in Munich.

This is the shop next door that refused to sell us the ribbons!! Another rude Munich German encountered.

Hofbrauhaus!  Business end.

The front side.

Inside Hofbrauhaus. We won’t be eating quite yet, we are going to wait a bit to see if we can meet up with our friend RF, who is driving into Munich later tonight.

Then…we sat in a Starbucks because we needed wifi to contact our friends. There, the employee was once again rude to us. Seriously, the Germans in Munich either really hate Americans or really hate tourists. I was getting pretty pissed at them by this point.

We’ve got some time to kill so might as well walk around some more.


Then JB and RL both wanted to check out this sewing store.

I like the colors.

Walked by the new city hall again.

Dirndls and lederhosen everywhere!

They played renditions of Metallica and Adele. They were actually really good.

That’s awkward…


Back at the Hofbrauhaus. Let’s see if RF got our email message and will meet with us here tonight for dinner.

Went to the very top floor to the large beer hall.

Ah, that’s the stuff. Taking it easy tonight as tomorrow will be a marathon.

Eating a white sausage. Hah.

Of course, what no beer hall would be complete without a band and a couple dancers. The girl kept on twirling around and around. Wonder how she didn’t get dizzy.

Then this guy came out with whips and snapped the whip to the beat of the music. Holy shit it was loud.

RF never showed up tonight, so I guess we are not meeting up with him today. Oh well, we’ll see him at Oktoberfest tomorrow.

Calling it an early night in preparation for tomorrow.

Went down to take our S bahn, except our S1 train was malfunctioning and got taken out of service. Crap, I guess we’ll take the subway back instead.

Much better, the subway shows up immediately and it’ll take us straight back to the hotel, just with more stops. Seriously, I am disappointed that German trains aren’t more reliable.

Every subway station in this stretch has a different design.

Made it to our stop. That’s not too bad.

Let’s hope we’ll be able to fall asleep early and get ready for the craziness tomorrow!!

To be continued at Munich Day 2 Part 1.

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