Osaka Day 2

Continued from Osaka Day 1.

Still drunk, and the sun is way up in the sky. Based on numerous experiences, unless I get some food and hydrate the crap out of myself immediately, the hangover will be horrendous right after I stop being drunk…the problem is, we are out of food and we are out of water. OK, deep breathe…get up, get ready, and walk out to the FamilyMart nearby.

It’s raining…Run!!

Nothing cures a heavy night of drinking like fried chicken!

Run back to the hotel to avoid the rain!!!

The Japanese really do think of everything!

No mess!

As expected, after my body was free of alcohol, my hangover got much worse. It’s not a matter of debate, today will be devoted to recovery.

Must eat more food and down tons and tons of liquids. No regrets about last night at all, it was awesome!!

By the time we made it out of the hotel again, it’s 6pm. We’ve got dinner reservations at Kani Doraku, and we wanted to walk around Shinsaibashi before dinner.

First, visit the ATM at 7 Eleven. It’s still the only place that has an ATM machine that will work with my ATM card. We hadn’t seen any 7s until last night, during our drunken taxi ride back to our hotel, when we spotted like 5 of them a couple of streets over from our hotel.

After getting some cash, we noticed that there’s this odd little building that serves okonomiyaki right by our hotel. We’ll put it on our food list for tomorrow.

Love all the interesting looking subway light fixtures around the world.

Back at Shinsaibashi.

Ohhhh!!! I miss my accordion.

Pachinko parlor! These Japanese pinball/gambling places are all over the place. We want to give it a try before we leave Japan.

Walked by this whole shop full of claw crane machines. RL mentioned Hello Kitty fans(she’s been buying fans at almost every country we’ve been to). I took a look at the machine, and it seems doable. On the third attempt, got it to knock out 3 fans!!! Yeah!!!!

Just as I was busy being a badass(just sayin’), this Japanese mother walked by with her young daughter, and the mother kept on yelling, “Sugoi! Sugoi! Sugoi!” while watching me win. Sugoi means “amazing” in Japanese. Anyhow, since we got three fans, we gave one to her daughter, hence RL only holding 2 fans.

Speaking of which, while we were at Miyajima, a group of Japanese girls asked me to take a group photo of them with the torii gate. When they saw the photo, they also responded enthusiastically with, “Sugoi!!”. To Japanese women, I am Sugoi. To Japanese men, I am KL san.

Which color looks good on me?

Gonna try Japanese McD before I leave.

Back at the intersection where Shinsaibashi meets Dotonbori.

For some reason, the Glico man is unlit tonight as well.

Dotonbori is just as busy tonight.

We are still early for our reservation, so we’ll walk around some more.

We kept on walking South on Shinsaibashi.

The stores are definitely the nicer North of Dotonbori. We’ve had enough walking around, we are going to wait outside of Kani Doraku until it’s time for us to eat.

While waiting, we noticed that there’s a huge billboard here displaying a “host club”, a gigolo club.

And we also noticed that there are a few girls in front of us lingering around here. They would approach guys, and always a single guy by himself, and try to chat him up. We suspect they are in some sort of sex industry, or maybe just straight up prostitutes, soliciting business. The strangest thing about them is that they all wore Crocs!! This was very different from the other girls who would stand around wearing the super high stripper heels.

We are hungry, and it’s almost time to eat crab!!

As we waited (we were waited in this area about 20 min before going to eat), we also saw a group of really metrosexually dressed men gather. They are obviously hosts(gigolos). They are not nearly as aggressive as the girls in the Crocs. The girl in the middle of the photo with the white cardigan was one of the girls with Crocs.  She was by far the most aggressive of the group.  She went up to soooo many single guys and would be girly and all smiles.  She was gone by the time we got done with dinner though quite a few of her co-workers were still there.

LOL!! Since the gigolos are just standing around, this oblivious girl traveler thought that they were the best targets to ask for directions! LOL!!!! They were actually pretty nice and pointed many helpful directions for her.

OK, it’s time for dinner!


You ugly delicious thing, I am going to eat you!!! Says the crab.

Our view from inside Kani Doraku. We can keep tabs on the gigolos and the girls in Crocs. While we were out there waiting, we didn’t actually see anyone succeed in picking up a client…odd, but we actually felt a little bad for this girl who was working really and approaching dozens of guys and getting shot down every time.

Their menu is on a tablet computer.

Crab shaped chopstick rest.

One of our winnings from tonight.

RL and I decided to just order one giant multi-course meal to share. Boiled snow and king crab here.

I think this picture shows it all.

So much crab!!

Crab sashimi. Not our favorite, it’s kind of slimy.

This was delicious, grilled crab.

Crab and vegetable tempura.

Crab sushi.

Just fruit. No crabs were harmed in the creation of this dish.

We both love crab, soooo good!!

As we left, we thought about buying a crab bento box and eating it back at our hotel…we decided against going for crab overload.

Cool, they finally lit up the Glico Man!!

We came back out from dinner, and some of the gigolos are still around, but there was a new set of girls in Crocs. Maybe they were finally successful in getting some customers.

We need some dessert.

You know it, green tea shaved ice. Yes!!!

Some restaurants in Japan requires that all patrons order an item, and this was one of those places. I guess I’ll order some pancakes. It came with this maple syrup packet, and it says to fold the package together to dispense.

Amazing!!! It’s designed to open in the middle when bent. No mess, no fuss!!! Love Japan. The pancakes were also amazing. Reminds me of the sponge cake pancakes that I had in Mumbai.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel to sleep off the rest of our hangover.

To be continued at Osaka Day 3 Part 1.

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  1. All the sea food is making my mouth water. When in Austin, Deb bought green tea ice cream. yum

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