Nola Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Nola Day 1.

After a restless night of sleep, we woke up this morning to the sounds of a water leak in our room. Not cool. I am no longer running a fever, but definitely not feeling 100%.

We head to the hotel office to discuss our water leak situation. Maintenance will take care of it while we leave our room and go out and about our day. I hope they are able to fix it.

It’s past 10 by the time we got out and look, no rain! Let’s hope that it’ll stay dry for a while.

Heading to the aquarium, which is way on the other side of the French Quarter. It’ll be a nice walk…as long as it doesn’t rain.

A lot of useless stuff here.

I am sure I can find a use for this though. Maybe I’ll hide them in my friends’ purses when they aren’t looking…hahaha!

The business end.

Gotta hit up Cafe Du Monde later today.

Jackson Square.

Gloomy day with a layer of fog over the Mississippi. Just happy that it’s not raining at the moment.

They were playing music by using the different pitched horns on this tourist steamboat.

Aquarium just ahead. Now that we are walking, I am actually feeling pretty terrible. I feel so weak, and the fever may be creeping back.

I love aquariums!!

But first, lunch at Drago’s, just right around the corner from the aquarium.

RL picked all the restaurants for this trip, and she really wanted to come here to eat their charbroiled oysters.

Crab salad and chicken/sausage gumbo. It’s hard for me to appreciate gumbo that’s not my own, since I think I make the best gumbo, ever!

The charbroiled oysters were pretty freaking good!! Worth the walk over here.

During lunch, I must have downed 5 glasses of water. I guess I was dehydrated. The water and the food breathed some life back into me.

What do you know, when we got done with lunch, the sun had come out. What had been predicted as a full day of rain is turning out to be a pretty nice day.

I’ve never seen so many Big Ass fans in a row. But is it really necessary to have so many fans on an outdoor corridor?

How do all these things always manage to get into my shoe!

Sun, so bright.

Yes yes, I am fixing my shoe yet again.

RL really wanted to try this sno-balls place right by the aquarium, but they are still closed. A shame, maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.

Time to visit the aquarium!

This place is overrun by rug rats. Fortunately, it seems like the school field trips are actually ending instead of starting for the day.


More yummy.



Get in my belly!

I like the captions. Touch me!!

Odd looking plant.

I think they should have piranha feeding shows at aquariums. I’d go watch them!


Just some sea horses chillin’ and relaxin’. They are such fascinating creatures, just putzing around with their tiny fast moving fins.

I like watching cuttlefishes. I want one as a pet.

What a terrible name.

I would like to eat you.

Odd that this aquarium has a display showing fake seafood…why have a fake display? Why not just have a living display of actual living edible seafood? I mean, it is an aquarium after all!

Jam out with your clam out!

White alligator.

Asian human, Caucasian human.

Silly crab, can’t catch the fish.

Smarter crab, not sure if tastier though.

Wait until you see it.

Look, it’s an owl! Didn’t think it was real until it moved. I want one as a pet.

So, that’s that for the aquarium visit. Can’t say it’s one of the better aquariums that I’ve visited, but I always appreciate visiting aquariums.

Still sunny, happy with this unexpected nice weather. Gonna take a lovely stroll to Cafe Du Monde for some coffee.

An monument to me, just like the monument to me in Shanghai. See Shanghai Day 1 Part 1 under From Asia with Love.

Oh, finally a convenience store. There aren’t too many of these around in Nola. I am still feeling not 100%, so in I go to get some Tylenol.

Wash down my fever reducer with some delicious beignets and cafe au lait.

How did they come to all the random prices for all their items?

Every time I visit Cafe Du Monde, I always notice that the great majority of the waitstaff are Asian(probably Vietnamese). It’s so strange that I see no other Asian waitstaff at any other service establishment anywhere else in the city. One of those mysteries of life….or I guess I could just ask…

To be continued at Nola day 2 Part 2.

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