Seoul Day 4 Part 1

Continued from Seoul Day 3.

By the way, now that we are out of China, I have uploaded the blogs for Tibet. You can find them under China Part 1.

Another bright sunny day in Seoul. Apparently, they get much of their air pollution from China. It wasn’t too tough getting up today…

There’s this store right by our hotel that sells…everything, apparently.

I even picked up a headphone jack splitter here!

Well, that was fun. Something for everyone, every girl for sure.

Taking a short walk to Bukchon, this is the area between the two palaces that we passed by on our second day here. We didn’t spend enough time there to check out the traditional Korean houses there.

Giant ice cream cones!

This will be lunch for me, pastry filled with red beans. We stayed out late last night, so we slept in today and it’s noon right now.

MT, will you eat this? It’s a fish with eyes.

Ohhh, live small octopuses. I want one for a pet.

Last time we saw these BBQ Chicken chains, if I remember correctly, was in Vietnam.

Starting to see some hanoks, the traditional houses.

You wanna take a stab at what country these tourist are from? Yup, they are Chinese tourists, the worst of all tourists. They all have umbrellas, and they are loud and rude. When we left our hotel today, RL guessed that a group of tourists were Chinese because all the men stared rudely(unblinking, non-stop stare) at her.  Sure enough when we past them they were speaking mandarin. China, get your act together.

Many of the houses are still residents, but some have been converted into boutiques. As far as being an attraction goes…this is just ok. It’s a nice area to walk around in though.

Someone craned an entire airstream onto the roof. This area sits on top of a hill, so we get this excellent view.

You can see the pagoda over there with the folk museum.

Blue tarp keeps the world waterproof.

We need something to eat and drink. It’s hot and we are thirsty.

Ended up in a Paris Baguette.

Hot in the sun, but perfect to sit in the shade.

This was really good, beyond my expectations. White grape smoothie. I love grape flavoring.

Heading back to our hotel via this pedestrian walk way. We had made tentative plans to perhaps meet up with the Ts for chimek this afternoon if their schedule allows. So we need to head back to our hotel to see if they’ve left us a message.

Two white guys dressed up in who knows what(monk outfit) passing out stuff…I don’t trust them.

Look at those giant ice cream cones!!!

RL is starving and grumpy, so we order some skewers at this street stall.

Happier now.

Then we found this super small alley way that leads to our hotel.

They are all lined with Korean restaurants with all of their giant cooking pots placed outside in the alley.

Seems like a safety, health, and fire hazard. Don’t think I’ll eat at any of these.

When we reached our hotel, the Ts had called us. We couldn’t reached them by phone but we did finally get in contact by email. We decided that we would meet up for chimek for dinner. You have no idea how excited RL and I are about eating chimek. We’ve been talking about it for days now. Having chimek with friends is just that much better!!!

We stayed in our hotel to chill for the rest of the afternoon, then it’s to the subway again.

We decided to visit Namdaemun Market before we have dinner with the Ts.

This is supposed to be a happening market.

Maybe this market would have excited us more if this was our first street market in Asia. But seeing that we’ve numerous markets such as this one already, we were kind of underwhelmed with it.

Namdaemun Gate, the namesake of the market next to it.

Did his entire bike get ripped off?

Pork knuckles. I don’t know why, but the way they are displayed looks very creepy to me.

Well, we walked through the market quickly, and now it’s time to make the long trek to meet up with Ts. We think it’ll take a bit more than a hour by subway to go to the suburb that they live in.

I am trying to figure out when the last subway train runs tonight…damn it, I can’t read Korean!!

Our second transfer put us on this nice new express driverless subway train.

The train even tells you how fast it’s going.

Shit…I had forgotten what exit I was supposed to meet the Ts at. I’ll need to find a place with wifi so that I can check my email.

To be continued at Seoul Day 4 Part 2.

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