Nola Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Nola Day 2 Part 1.

After chilling at Cafe Du Monde for a while, it’s time to head back and take a nap at the hotel.

On the way back, we’ll be passing by Central Grocery, the market/deli that invented the original Muffuletta sandwich.

Here we go!

Cool historic place. Feels a little bit like stepping back in time. A small waiting line to the counter.

Lots of items not usually found in a typical grocery store.

Never seen preserved octopus before.

We are next. Almost everyone goes to the counter just to order a muffuletta sandwich, and we are no different.

I must say, kind of anticlimactic to go up to the counter, order a sandwich(we actually only ordered half of one), and have the cashier just hand you one out of the pile of premade sandwiches sitting behind them.

So much stuff I want to try!

Dogs with sunglasses.

Balconies in Nola always scare me. I see those shabby old looking wood structures with their thin metal supports, and then I think about the hundreds of people that they hold up during Mardi Gras. But, I guess they do meet building codes because I couldn’t find any news of them collapsing on Google.

Baby bump.

I like the buildings in Nola.

We arrived back to our hotel with the AC half fixed. It’s still leaking and making funny sounds, so we called maintenance again. Apparently the evaporator froze on our AC and the water is from the ice melting. Well, the ice melted, but they didn’t change out the filter so the filter was soaked with water and very little air was passing through. A filter change later, everything seems to be working well…for now.

Mufulettas are like bras.

I didn’t think much about this sandwich at first, but after eating it, I’ve been craving it. I don’t know what’s the deal about it, but somehow it’s hitting the spot for me. Must get more before leaving Nola!!

Now that we’ve got even more food in our stomachs, nap time!

When we woke up from our nap, it was pouring rain outside. That’s not fog, it’s rain so heavy that it looks like fog.

Then we got an warning on our phones about a possible tornado.

Just like that, in an hour, the terrible weather passed by while we stayed nice and dry inside. Not having a tornado is also a nice bonus(though, it’s always been on my bucket list to see one). Great weather timing for us today, the storm passed right before we had to leave in time for our dinner reservation in the French Quarter.

Someone’s casualty from the torrent a little ago.

I wonder what’s the best hidden courtyard garden around here?

I wish my dog was this obedient. I miss him.

Dinner spot.

Turtle soup. This is the thing with turtle soup, I never know what part of it is the turtle since it’s minced in there with all sorts of other ingredients. Or maybe turtle is so foul tasting that the whole point is the mask the flavor as much as possible.

Fried green tomatoes. I was expecting more of just slices of fried green tomatoes and not a fried green tomato shrimp salad. This exceeded my expectations.

Blackened ribeye. This meal was superb, would recommend!

Naturally, after dinner, it’s time for a drink.

RL washing off dirty water shoes with, what else, more dirty water. She had stepped on a loose paving stone on the sidewalk that splashed water all inside her shoe. Gross.

Sweet busking brass band!!

Our drinking hole for the night. I had no idea until RL told me about it, but apparently this is the place that invented the Hurricane cocktail. Cool.

Pretty big place with several bars within.

RL decided on the dueling piano bar.

Never been to a dueling piano bar before, this is pretty awesome. How do they know/learn so many songs?!?!

Beer stein all over the ceiling. Do the Irish even drink out of steins?

Our cocktail napkin.

Regular Hurricane for me and virgin one for RL. They overcharge by $3 each and you can keep the souvenir glass, or you can return the glass at the bar after and get your $3 back. Smart, I bet they sell a lot more glasses this way, not to mention the people who forget to get their glass deposit back.

Got a glimpse of the courtyard area as we headed out.

The night is just getting started, people waiting in line at a music venue.

Dropped by a small grocery in the heart of the French Quarter and got myself a gallon of “artesian water”. Still feeling under the weather, must hydrate.

The business end of St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square.

These Blue Dogs art pieces are all over the city.

Have no idea what kind of instrument that is…until I Googled it. It’s an African bass harp(kora), sounded really cool and the guy was a great musician too.

Real gas lamps here all over the French Quarter.

Carrying a gallon of water sucks, and especially bad when you really really need to pee.

Oh my god…I am about to piss my self…must hurry back to the hotel!!!

To be continued at Nola Day 3.

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