Galway Day 2

Continued from Galway Day 1.

I wanted to sleep in, but breakfast awaits. I guess if it’s included already, it makes it a little tougher to skip.


Oatmeal porridge for RL.

We kicked around the idea of getting back in the car today to drive around the countrysides around Galway, but decided that it would be good for us to have a slower day of not driving.

We took it easy and didn’t make it out of the B&B until a bit after noon.

First order of business is laundry…yup again. By our calculation, we could last 3 more days, but then it would put us down on a Sunday to do laundry. Seeing how so many places close down on Sundays over here, we didn’t want to take that chance so decided to do laundry early. Lucky us, there’s a laundry place on the walk into Galway city center. A load for 10 Euros and they do it for us in under 2 hours. Not too bad!

Laundry dropped off, now into Galway city center.

Since yesterday, we’ve been finding brown stains on our jackets that we had sitting in the back seat of the car. JB sat in the back seat of the car. JB also ate some chocolate in the back of the car. The brown stains smells oddly similar to chocolate….JB!!!!!!

High street. This is Galway’s main drag.

RL got herself a penny whistle here.

The guy at the music shop suggested this place next door for lunch.

The Irish don’t really have a big variety in beers. But! Look at that Bulmers tap with a LED screen on it!

Out of all the European places we’ve visited, only the Irish caught the gluten free fad…they are also by far the least fit of all the the three European countries that we visited this time…

Got a nice table inside but still got to people watch. I wanted a Dr Pepper, but they didn’t have it so Diet Coke will do. They started having Dr Pepper here in Ireland a few years ago and now it’s available at most stores.

Giant portions, so we shared. That’s a hearty beef stew!!

Look, there’s an Asian guy busking on a banjo playing Irish music!! Galway is slightly more diverse than the smaller Irish towns that we’ve been in…and by slightly, I really do mean very slightly.

High Street is also a very touristy area. Many tourists stay here so that they can visit the Cliffs of Moher that’s close by.

They serve Irish fare, right?

Eyre Square. And…that’s about it for Galway, it’s not too big, only 70k people or so.

Oscar Wilde!!! I had to ask one of the guy to move so that I could take a photo with it.

As I sat down on Oscar’s lap and RL was about to take my photo, the guy who was sitting next to me(he sounded Spanish or Italian) warned, with a embarrassed tone for me, that Oscar was gay and perhaps I didn’t know so I am sitting on his lap??….Haha. Yes, I know Oscar is gay, and that’s why I am sitting on his lap because it’s funny….

Then it started raining…light rain won’t kill anyone.

Time for coffee.

Look at the vegetation growing out of those chimneys.

Then it starts to rain again, this time a little harder. This is just fine, we’ll sit shaded and sip on our drinks and wait for it to stop. It feels so nice when there’s not much planned for the day. So relaxing.

As promised, our laundry was done in 2 hours. Now, we head back to our room and take a nap!

Me holding all of our laundry.

Got back to our room and I took a nap while RL watched a movie.

Then, it’s time for dinner. There’s a sea food place not too far from our B&B that’s very highly recommended in Lonely Planet.

Yup, back in this area again. This is the busy strip in West Galway, near where we are staying in. Not nearly as many tourists make it out to this area, which is kind of nice.


Cool ceiling decor in here.

Gotta try their oysters here! Briny and also a little sweet, much like in Westport.

Smoked salmon and avocado for RL’s appetizer.

I had monk fish while RB had bbq ribs. Both were very excellent choices.

It’s Friday night, and there’s a lot of activity and people out and about. There’s a lot of college students here, so we’ve seen more younger people than we have in the past week or so.

Let’s see if we can catch some Irish music here.

We heard music upstairs, so we walked up the stairs and found that the band was rehearsing. It turns out that they are just warming up and the music won’t start for another 30 minutes…

Upside down bottle labels for the dispensers. We ended up not staying here long enough to wait for the music to start. Tomorrow, we will leave Galway and will spend much of the day driving in the car. Galway seemed hectic when we showed up yesterday in the car, but walking around today, it was very calming and nice.

To be continued at Dingle Day 1.

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