Cali Coast Day 1 Part 2

Continued from Cali Coast Day 1 Part 1.

Hurrying back into the air conditioning. It’s quite hot out here. RH also doesn’t have any sunblock on, because we didn’t expect to be out in the sun so much today. I thought that I could have escaped the Texas heat out here in California, but I guess not. You can take me out of Texas, but you can take the Texas out of me.

What I think about California weather right now. Meh.

Found an outcrop of the building that leads into a cactus garden. City view at the end?

Found the city view, but we think there may be even better spots for the view.

We asked another tourist to take this photo for us. She had all sorts of camera gear and looked liked a serious photographer. Sure enough, this picture came out spectacular.

This is what happens when RH takes a photo of us. Please don’t ever ask RH to take a photo for you.

Back inside, out of the heat, out of the sun.

This is the famous Van Gogh’s Irises.

This one was my favorite by Monet.

This one is actually a Van Gogh. I would have never guessed.

Halfway through the galleries, we saw a door that led to the balcony on the upper floor.

Bam! The view we were looking for. I love vantage points.

Quickly, back inside out of the sun.

Again, you can thank RH for this close up. This is of a boob, and she took this all on her own volition with no encouragement from me.

The entire painting.

Back outside for another viewing of the cityscape. RH was really excited. Can you tell?

Ok, that’s enough art for the day. We need to get out of town fast to avoid all the horrible traffic. On the way out, we saw this Giacometti.

Tram back down to the parking garage at the base of the hill.

The outboard traffic is getting worse.

Sunset Blvd towards the coast. Go go go, beat traffic!

Reached the coast. Now we go along the coast and head NW towards Santa Barbara.

In Malibu. The Getty Museum also has a Getty Villa in Malibu that you can visit as well included in the $15 parking fee. We elected not to visit the Villa. Must, beat, traffic.

All these houses backs up to the ocean. Money.

Turning inland now towards California central valley.

We saw these big strawberry signs along the road, then eventually it led to this. Road side fruit vendor. If this was in Austin, I would have never stopped. But I am traveling, so it’s time to be spontaneous. OC also mentioned that produce tastes better here in Cali since so much of it is grown here.


Half a box of strawberries for $7 and a bag of dried mangos for $3. Score.

Ohhh, sooo good!!

Feed me.

Not too much traffic in this area.

Feed me the dry mangos now. Delicious!!! So glad we stopped by and got some fresh produce from a roadside stand. It was a great experience.

Made it over the mountains and now driving into central valley.

Canopy for some sort of produce. We couldn’t tell what they were though.


Back to driving along the coast. A kite from a kite surfer.

Stunning view. By the way, the Mazda 3 is such a joy to drive on these roads. I couldn’t stop raving about it. RH couldn’t stop raving about how delicious the strawberries and the dried mangos were.

Stopped by a gas station and saw these cherry passion tic tacs. I tried to find these in Austin, but couldn’t find any. Why is it that these are not sold in Austin??


This tree lined road reminds me of the country roads in India.

Reached wine country. Grapes.

Reached Solvang, a Danish town where our hotel is located in.

Solvang started out as a Danish settlement so the whole town has a very strong Danish influence. They have a very strict architecture code here in town.

Reached our hotel. Most of the wedding party are staying here as well.

Very nice.

It’s already past 6 when we got into Solvang. We are pretty tired from traveling all day. We decided that we’ll take a quick stroll down the main street, grab a bite to eat, and then call it a night.

This town came out of a fairytale.

Many of the stores are already closed. This place shuts down early.

Probably the coolest Subway storefront.

Believe it or not, this is a Chinese restaurant. Feels so out of place.

I believe there are 4 of these windmills in town.

Dinner spot.

Shit! I was so hungry I started eating the food before taking a photo. Anyhow, it was a tenderloin steak. Very tasty.

RH had a scallop salad, equally as delicious. I know, I tried some of her food. Washed dinner down with a couple glasses of wine. Perfect.

We started fading during dinner. It’s time to go back to the hotel and sleep. When we reached the hotel, we heard a loud group of people at the restaurant attached to our hotel. I could pick out one voice that pierced through all the others. Ah yes, that sounds like RS, the groom. Sure enough, when we walked over to check out the commotion. it was the wedding party doing a little partying. We joined them for a bit, but didn’t stay long since we couldn’t keep our eyes open and another long day awaits us tomorrow. It was time for sleep.

To be continued at Cali Coast Day 2 Part 1.

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