Shanghai Day 1 Part 1

Continued from Nanjing Day 2.

Heading to Shanghai today!! Despite all the fun we’ve been having from traveling, it’s also been difficult and stressful. We’ve been counting the days left in China so that we can have working internet again. Shanghai will be our last city in China, so we are very excited about that!

Down the stairs with our pack to check out.

In the lobby of our hotel for the World Cup this summer. I’ve got a big head…

My pack is so giant!

Picked the spot in the subway at where two train cars meet. There’s usually more space here for our big packs.

Reached Nanjing Station.

Monks with travel backpacks….doesn’t quite seem right.

Waiting area for our train. We were a little concerned whether this is the right station for us. Most of the high speed trains depart from the newer and bigger Nanjing South station, so we were surprised when our train tickets indicated the older Nanjing Station. But, it is the right station, so everything is cool.


Our train arrives right on time, so we board.

Crap. Our train car is #1, which means we need to walk all the way to the other end.

Halfway there.

Almost there!!

Not only are we in train 1, we are also in row 1. We walked farther than anyone else on this train to get to our seats.

On the dot, the train leaves Nanjing for Shanghai. This will be a relatively short ride. Only an hour and 40 minutes. This is such a nicer train ride than our previous one. People on this train are civil and quiet.

The copy and paste developments of China.

Look at that terrible air quality. How are we all still alive over here.

Visited the restaurant car to get some lunch.

The scenery from this train ride sucks.

My microwaved bento box that I got from the restaurant train. It’s a vacuum sealed unrefrigerated bento box that can keep at room temperature for 90 days…Scary, but kinda cool too.

Halfway through the trip, we get a new seatmate. He has his headphones turned up so loud that it’s actually loud for RL and I as well. Stop listening to the same annoying techno song on repeat!!! RL said that this guy thought he was so cool with his purse, there is no getting around that that is a purse.

You are nothing but a number here.

At the outskirts of Shanghai. I miss seeing blue sky.

Arrived right on time.

Gonna go grab a taxi.

They have these barriers to prevent the driver from getting robbed…They are basically useless as there are big gaps on the top and side. Not to mention, it’s very flimsy.

Think this is our hotel.


It opened in 1846!

No elevator for our wing of the hotel.

Easily the biggest room that we’ve stayed in. It’s HUGE!

For…Shit, Gmail doesn’t work so I can’t access my hotel confirmation. I don’t know how much we paid for this a night…This section will just have to be updated later. Anyhow, we also have a solarium as part of our room! (Update: $67 a night.)

The view leaves much to be desired though.

Alright, time to head out and walk around.

This is view is literally 30 feet right outside the doorsteps of our hotel! We are staying at the North side of The Bund, and looking across at Pudong.

Of course, wedding photos.

Monument to the People’s Heros. According to the German guy in Beijing, that would be me.

More wedding photos. Now we are walking along The Bund.

25 years ago, nothing but farmland existed over there. Think about that…

An Asian guy asked us to take a photo of us with his cell phone…hmmm, ok. Well, might as well ask him to take a photo of us with our camera as well.

Look, lots and lots of Westerners, all wearing red.

We’ve already seen more Westerners here on The Bund than we probably have in the past month in China.

The European architecture of The Bund.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel.

Now on East Nanjing Road, looking back towards the river front.

KL points. We’ve reached all the malls on E Nanjing Road. RL says this photo looks like I’m hitting that guy on the head.

RL takes spy photos of Chinese fashion(we’ve seen some pretty horrendous outfit combinations here in China. Shanghai is not as bad as the other cities we’ve been)…She noticed that girls in Shanghai wear mostly flats and not tall heels like the rest of China.

Apple Store.

RL takes more spy photos.

RL has been craving rotating sushi again, so we are inside the mall trying to find one.

No luck on rotating sushi today…

Yes, because you know everyone who shops at H&M looks just like this. And you know he’s a hippie from America who has traveled to Nepal. At least that’s what G from Australia said about the many Westerners who traveled to Nepal, they walk around barefoot for no reason.

RL spies some more.

Since there’s no sushi here, we are going to move to another area and get some dim sum.

To be continued at Shanghai Day 2 Part 2.

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