Donegal Part 2

Continued from Donegal Part 1.

Reached the entrance for Glenveagh National Park. The Glenveagh castle is located inside here.

We walked to the visitors center, and it turns out that you need to take a pretty long hike, or take a bus to get there. That’s fine, but then after that you need to go on a guided tour, which we weren’t a fan of…so I guess we’ll skip this castle and go see other ones instead. That’s the thing with Ireland, there’s never a shortage of castles.

Two way street, only wide enough for one car…

Reached Raphoe, the Raphoe castle is located here.

Found the castle.

But it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to get to it. There are fences all around it…

Then RL found a small trail through the dense vegetation that led up to the castle. Obviously just a trail created by kids or other tourists who really wanted to see it so they made their own way.

Made it. Should have put on my hiking boots, that would have helped climbing up the slippery parts of the trail.

KL points. I can see why they don’t allow visitors here. This whole structure is crumbling away before our eyes. All those stones next to where we are standing are all relatively recent pieces that have crumbled away.

Oops. RL steps on a piece of rock to avoid stepping on the cow poop littered all over the place. Well, that rock was actually cow poop and she left a clear foot print in it. Hahaha….

The trail that led us up to the castle. Lots of trash and empty bottles. I guess maybe kids come over and get drunk over here.

Down the hill from the castle, there’s this mural showing the other attractions in the area. Oh, there’s a stone circle around here that we didn’t know about. Maybe we’ll check that out too.

The stone circle is not far from the castle.

The trail that leads up to the circle on top of a hill.

Moss!!! Moss everywhere in Ireland!!

Another open gate.

There’s the stone circle! This field is so green and nice…except for all the sheep shit everywhere. We spent the whole time looking down while walking.


OK, back down now. That was fun, discovered something we didn’t even know about.

Oh my god, look at this super wide road!!

The scenery changes here on a dime. One moment, you’d have the greenest of the green hills, then all of a sudden, you’d get mountains that are brown and red in color.

We’ve seen all the sights for today I think, time to head to our B&B in Donegal.


We checked into our B&B and asked where we could do our laundry. We were pointed to this place a little bit out of town that does same day service.

14 Euros for a load and it’ll be done in less than 2 hours! All three of us were able to share the cost of a single load. Sign us up! I am so happy now that I am going to have another week of clean clothes!!

Back at our B&B, time to switch our money from Stirling back to Euros. We have room Poop.

The mermaid in the entry way of our B&B has a shapely ass…as noted by JB.

Walked by Donegal Castle on the way to get some really early dinner. The castles was closed for the day.

Found our dinner spot ahead.

Oh yeah, this will do just fine.

A nice beer after another long day.

RL and JB both get Irish stew. RL has been looking forward to eating this dish ever since we arrived in Ireland. It was as great as she had expected.

Seafood chowder, fish and chips, and some Donegal bay oysters!!! All amazing, especially the fish and chips actually. It’s probably the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.

Their vinegar comes in a ketchup type packet here.

It’s not even quite 5pm yet and we’ve already had dinner. We figured that we may be hungry again later, so might as well shop for some things to munch on in the B&B later tonight.

Arrived back at our room, then shortly went back out to get our laundry. As promised, it was finished in less than two hours!!! Sweet!! The laundromat lady was probably the nicest laundromat lady I’ve ever met before.

This is what $95 a night gets you in Donegal, walking distance to everything in town.

It comes with a very pink bathroom.

View of the Donegal Castle from our room window.

Tired, and behind on blogging. Think we’ll stay in for the night. JB knocked on our door later in the night to see if we were up for joining her to go check out some live music at the local bar. We passed, perhaps she’ll come back with good stories for us tomorrow during breakfast.

To be continued at Westport Day 1 Part 1.

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