Fussen Part 1

Continued from Munich Day 3 Part 2.

Travel day, leaving the partying of Munich and going to somewhere more calm and serene. Thank God!

Just like Japan, they too also sell beer in vending machines inside hotels here in Germany.

Waiting for the S bahn, and of course, it’s running late. But this time, in our favor since we get to catch the earlier scheduled train that’s also running late.

VW and Audis getting shipped off. Makes me want to buy a new car.

Someone keeps bees right next to the station.

OK, train’s here, let’s go.

It’s Saturday at around 11, and there is a constant stream of people dressed and walking towards Oktoberfest fairgrounds.

Munich main station.


Did anyone say sushi?

Seeing everyone heading to Oktoberfest today makes me kinda wanna go there too…

Yorma’s for train station lunch, again.

People show up for Oktoberfest already prepartied.

The girls love putting sausages in their mouths.

And I love putting donuts in my mouth.

Oh, it surprised me by squirting cream all inside my mouth.

My schnitzel sandwich.

Then my long sausage.

Train arrives, it’s a shabby regional train. This one train will take us all the way to Fussen with no transfers in about 2 hours.

I finish blogging on my computer and I looked down at my backpack that’s sitting on the ground next to me and…shit!!! There’s a river of coffee running under our feet!! WTF!!

The two Asian girls sitting in the seats behind us knocked over their coffee, and saw it flowing our way and didn’t bother saying anything to us or to clean it up. WTF!! The only thing we could do was to use our lunch paper bag to try to spread the coffee around so it would dry. I guess that’ll just have to do.

All along the way, our school age children kept on getting on and off of our train. Lunch hour?


And there she is, the famed Neuschwanstein Castle sitting at the foot of those mountains.

Fussen, all the tourists got off here in unison.

It’s going to be a little bit of a walk to our hotel, but it seems like it’ll be a nice walk.

Uphill with our full packs…

The world’s smallest in ground circular swimming pool.

Love the style of houses over here close to the Alps.

Reached our hotel!! JB’s hotel is to the right of our hotel in the background. This will make things easy to be close by.

This is what $ 144 a night gets you in Fussen, about 15 minutes walk from the station.

The room is big, the bathroom is about average size, but the shower is still TINY. Seriously, the Germans have the smallest showers ever!

Outside our window.

JB’s hotel. We checked in quickly and we are going to meet up to see Neuschwanstein Castle. Despite the grey skies, it’s only about 2:30pm.

The even more scenic route into town.

Originally, we thought that Fussen was just going to be some overblown tourist town, but it’s actually quite nice.

Look at the turquoise colored water! Like that lake we saw in Tibet.

There’s also a palace inside Fussen.

Enter old town Fussen.

They had gears, and a motor assist…but still they walked their bikes up this short hill. Really? Americans?

A fountain where the blocks of stones on top rotate. Neat.

Back at the main train station where we were just at to catch a train to the castle.

Supposedly, either one will get us there.

There she is!!

The buses do not take us all the way up the mountain. In order to get up the mountain, we need to either walk uphill for 30 minutes, pay for a horse carriage ride, or buy another bus ticket that’ll get us closer to the castle. We’ve elected to walk since the weather is cool and nice.

I hate iPad vacation photo takers!!!

To be continued at Fussen Part 2.

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