Nola Day 3

Continued from Nola Day 2 Part 2.

Slept much better last night than our first night here. The forecast is for rain, lots of rain today. That was also the forecast for yesterday, but we managed to dodge it, so hopefully our luck will hold today as well.

By the time we made it out of the door at around 10am, it’s started to rain a little.

With our hotel parking, we get in/out privilege so we’ll be driving this morning instead walking. We are heading to the other side of downtown Nola to the WWII museum. Debated about walking there, but with the looming rain, driving seems like the way to go.

Museum just up ahead. Scored a sweet metered parking spot for 2 hours($3) right in front of the museum. Glad we drove, it would have been a far walk.

Talking to my mom…

Surprised there’s a long line to the tickets.

Let’s do this! Visual representation of the relative troop sizes.

I love propaganda poster art.

Zipper tires. Considering the length of the ticket line, there are actually not too many people in the exhibits.

Mock pillbox.

2700lb shell. That’s a big one.

I like the way they represented the weapons from both sides.

Cool, an Enigma machine.

Did not know they had these things.

Band of Brothers!

We are on our Babymoon vacation…How is it that whenever we are on some nice vacation, we always end up at these museums with gruesome photos.

Cologne during WWII.

Ah, racist US propaganda posters. I wonder if all the other Caucasian tourists standing around me felt uncomfortable during this exhibit.

So many lies and fabrications, I don’t even know where to start…

This is my favorite, it was displayed in MoMA NYC back during the war. Asian male, check. Glasses, check. Facial hair, check. White wife, check. I am the enemy. I am Yellow Peril. And yes, I always carry my wife around sprawling upside down on my back.

Not to be outdone, the Japanese also have their own propaganda art; though, much less racist.



Higgins boat. They spend all this money on this museum, and they have pieces of scrap wood holding up the ramp from over extension?

Moving onto a different building in the museum complex.

This part of the museum is like 5 times more crowded than the previous building we were just at. What’s the deal? It was so crowded we breezed through the exhibits just to get away from all the people.

Old school ski boots.

RL pointed out the pinup girls for me to take a photo.

One last building for us.

OK, that’s that for us. There’s another building showing a short film, but we didn’t pay the extra to see it so our tour ends here. Overall a pretty good museum. If you are a war buff, you’ll enjoy this.

On the way back, we drove by the hotel that we stayed at 2 years ago.

Forgot what I was so excited about…probably the prospect of lunch. We parked the car, and are now heading out to Acme oyster on foot. The forecast for rain never did result in anything more than a small sprinkle. Dodged the bad weather yet again!

Decided to stroll through Bourbon St on our way to lunch. This is the Eastern part of Bourbon with a high concentration of gay bars.

I think this is pretty indicative of the type of tourists who visit Bourbon Street. Not exactly your classy types.

Bottomless Topless.

Lots of novelty T shirts for nurses here at all the stores. No other professions have novelty T shirts here but nurses, why? Are nurses known as the biggest offender of buying crappy novelty tshirts?

Got to Acme Oyster House and now we wait in a 20min line….or so they say.

The pregnant belly didn’t get us any priorities in the line…dang it!

As promised, it took about 20 minutes. We are next in line!

Sat at the bar and watched them shuck oysters.

I think RL is excited to eat.

Raw oysters for me. Yum!!! RL can’t have any because she’s pregnant.

Seriously though, oysters do not look appetizing.

Charbroiled oysters for RL.


And just for kicks, we also got a pound of boiled crawfish.

After lunch, RL really really really wanted to go get some snow cones. In fact, she even called the place to see if they are open today, since they were closed yesterday when we dropped by.

Seems shady. Love the big windows though.

Well, they are open today alright(the phone call also confirmed that). Who calls a snow cone food stand anyway?!?!

Artificial grape is the best flavor!

Pregnant girl is happy.

Oh look, moss!!

Can’t believe we’ve lucked out with the weather. What was expected to be nonstop raining has turned out to be dry for us.

Back to Cafe Du Monde for some coffee.

You take a photo of me, I take a photo of you.

Think he’s packing heat?

Coffee makes me sleepy, time to head back to the hotel for a nap.

Walked by this toy store on the way back to hotel. Fight fight fight!

Sex sex sex! RL thought it was funny that I had the same exact facial expression in both photos.

More live bands busking in the streets.

Odd statue to have…

Ewww!!! Murano convertible. I can’t believe someone actually bought one. The car sold so poorly(only a few thousand are sold a year) that it’s actually very rare to see one. I think Lamborghini probably sold just as many cars over the years that the Murano convertible was available.

Madam LaLaurie Mansion. She was known for torturing and killing her slaves back in the 1880s. A fire at the mansion made her torture of her slaves become known to public, which resulted in her home being sacked. Her ultimate punishment for her deeds, you ask? She escaped to France with her family unharmed. Sigh.

Oh, a labradoodle. I miss my mutt.

Pregnant girl is pregnant. Halfway there!

Moss!!! Don’t forget, I am the enemy!

Got back to our room, and we took a nap. Right when we got up to head out to dinner, we noticed banging noises coming from our loud neighbor’s room. Oh, it’s their headboard banging against our wall…oh they are having sex. I guess they don’t care if we hear them…sigh. I almost wanted to yell back encouragements at them just to mess with them…

Back on Frenchmen St for dinner and some live jazz.

This will be the spot.

Got here early and snatched a good table just far enough from the band to be a little quieter.

Fried pickles.

Shrimp po’boy and pulled pork sandwich.

Pretty awesome jazz band. Too bad RL can’t really dance with her belly, or else this music would be perfect for swing dancing!

Time to call it a night. Tomorrow, we’ve got a long day of driving ahead of us.

Right when we left Bamboula’s to head back to our hotel, it started to rain just a little bit. Didn’t bother us since we were back in our hotel in under a minute from the restaurant. The rain picked up soon after and before long it was a massive thunderstorm that lasted late into the night. I love how we have had the best weather timing during our time here in Nola. On another note, no more sex was heard from our obnoxious next door neighbors tonight…

To be continued at Home, Sweet Home.

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