Amsterdam Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Amsterdam Day 2 Part 1.

I miss my dog.

Couldn’t resist taking photos of food.

That was a giant museum. Afterward, I realized that we had missed Vermeer’s Milkmaid. Oh well, won’t lose sleep over it.

Our legs were tired before we started the museum, and now they are even more tired after the museum. We had spent around 2 hours in the museum, and that was us flying through a lot of exhibits. Days really should be devoted to a museum of this size.

Hydrate and also some damn good apple pie at an outdoor food stand.

Now, onwards to Van Gogh museum, which is just around the corner from Rijksmuseum.

Who steals cell phones nowadays in a modern country?

I walk up to the ticket booth, located outside the Van Gogh Museum, and snap a photo of the short lines. A second lady, a museum personnel lady came up and told me not to take photos of it for security reasons and asked me to delete my photo. Are you fucking kidding me? I am fucking outside the museum! I get it if you don’t want me to take photos inside, but I am standing outside the front door and anyone one the street could take the same photo!….Bastards.

Anyhow, no photos inside but the Van Gogh museum is just ok. It also costs 15 Euros just the same as Rijksmuseum, which is like 10 times the size of the Van Gogh museum. Also, here’s a photo of the front of the museum taken from the street just out of spite after I had left.

Taking a tram to get closer to our final museum.

OH look, the front of the Van Gogh museum taken from the tram. I took this photo out of spite again. Oh wow, I am breaking all sorts of security protocols here. Seriously?? Why don’t I just came back here at night and take a billion photos of the front entrance? Ugh, I am pissed. Seriously Van Gogh museum, get over yourself.

The flower shops, now open.

Took the tram all the way back to the central station. There are so many bikes here in Amsterdam.

And more bikes.

Now we take a stroll and check out the scene.

RL noticed this store window display and pointed it out to me. She finds them, and I photograph them.

Herring is supposed to be a very Dutch thing to eat…did not try. Maybe I’ll give it a try later…maybe.

Dutch antique store.

look at how narrow that building is!!

Legs so tired…we’ve walked around so much today.

Many of the buildings in Amsterdam is similar to this building, tilting just a bit.

Oh, houseboats on the canals.

Pretty awesome to have a house boat with a deck on top.

Oh, a Lancia.

That’s a difficult door to enter.

Citroen DS!!! Cool!!! When I walked by, the owner was trying to start the car…but it was having difficulties. Sigh.

Love these.

That looks like a shitty hangover.

Oh, the rain clouds are moving in. Hopefully things will stay dry.

An original Mini Cooper parked inside there. I want.

Finally reached the Anne Frank House Museum.

The line is long and slow.

Look!!! The Dutch give water away for free in public, unlike the Germans!!!

The facade of the Anne Frank House Museum. Obviously, it didn’t always look like this.

After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, we finally made it in. No photos are allowed inside, but I can kind of understand why. With so many people visiting, if they allowed photos, the lines would move even slower.

Obviously, a very depressing museum, but I thought that it was pretty well done. You get to see the secret apartment where she lived and even the rotating bookshelf hiding the secret doorway is original. The secret apartment is actually a decent sized place with multiple rooms and seems to be decently comfortable.

One thing that did surprised me was how tall Anne Frank was. I’ve always imagined her as being really short, but there’s a spot on the wall where they had height marks for the growing girls inside the secret apartment, and she’s probably about RL’s height.

The museum takes up the original building and several buildings next door as well. 3 museums in one day, we are all museumed out in Amsterdam.

Some fries, Dutch style, inside a small paper bag.

That mustard on top looks like unhappy poop.

A giant Cubebot. RL can’t be bothered to look up while eating her fries.

Not nearly as cool as a Citroen DS. In fact, I think this may be one of the very first Prius that I’ve seen so far in Europe.

Tilting buildings.

Do they don’t have to be mutually exclusive?

That’s a shitload of key blanks.

I like that house boat across the canal.

Look at those crooked windows!

Time to go for dinner. Here I am modeling RL’s hood for her that she removed from her rain jacket.

These micro cars just drive up and park on the sidewalks around here. I guess they are almost more 4 wheel scooters than cars.

Japanese dinner for us tonight. RL’s been craving sushi like nobody’s business.

One of the first ones here tonight. The restaurant would fill up by the time we finished with dinner.

Yakitori for me!!!

The food was actually very authentic and delicious. Twice in Europe we’ve tried Asian food, and twice it’s been really good.

So tired from walking all day today, heading straight back to hotel after dinner.

We didn’t see a single German runner while we were in Germany, but not so the case in Amsterdam. We’ve seen runners here everyday, singles and groups. I guess they’ve got no where to run by inside the city and dodge people and traffic. Still kind of cool.

When we got back to our hotel, there was a ukelele ensemble going on in the dining area. For the next few hours, we’d hear music streaming up softly into our hotel room. Cool.

I’ll tell you what’s not cool though. At 5:30am in the morning, RL and I were both woken up by someone violently trying to open our door! We could tell that there were several people outside and it was an older lady who was trying to work our door knob and push the door open. She was talking loudly in some other language and sounded drunk and was also probably high on something. We could tell that the other people with her were trying to stop her, but she went on trying to open our door, then went on to try to open other doors down the hall as well. Someone from one of the rooms she was trying to get in opened their door and told her it wasn’t her room. After several more tries (she went to another floor but then came back to ours and tried our door again), I guess she managed to find her own room or maybe the front desk person finally got her back in her own room.

To be continued at Amsterdam Day 3.

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