Rothenburg Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Rothenburg Day 2 Part 1.

Once we got to the perimeter of the old city, there are almost no tourists other than us.

JB, look, your alma mater donated money to help Rothenberg rebuild the wall after WWII. They were the only US university that I saw who donated to the cause.

Tourists arriving en masse from tour buses. But really, the crowds here are not bad at all, and the tourists are all very well mannered.

Harlequin VW? Nope, just mismatched panels from the junkyard.

The crane pulley on the top floor of many houses here to help hoist up furniture through the windows.

This place is so unreal.

A good number of Japanese also donated to help rebuild the wall damaged during WWII. Commiserate much?

Hungry, time for some lunch.

Decided to have Fanta instead of alcohol with lunch. We are probably the only ones not having some sort of alcohol with our meals.

Onion soup.

Yum, even better than dinner last night.

They’ve set up some sort of market in the main square.

Then, some Christmas shop shopping.

Santa candles. “Mom, can I set Santa on fire?” “Sure, let us burn him all the way down today on Christmas!”

There were a lot more, but they didn’t allow photos past this point. If you like Christmas, this is the place for you.

YES!!! After the Christmas store I got myself some green tea ice cream soft serve!!!! Heaven!! There are a lot of Japanese travelers here and this obviously caters to them.

And look, it’s a perfect color match to this Porsche 991!!! Hahaha. Think the person who owns this car is a big green tea ice cream fan?

Then the motorcycle gang rolls in all walking awkwardly in their riding boots and apparel.

After chilling in our room for much of the afternoon, it was time to head out and stroll through Rothenberg one last time before we leave tomorrow morning.

Random well in the middle of the sidewalk.

This was the most amazing thing I saw all day. With only inches to spare front and back, this guy manages to shimmy in this van into this position so that another car can park in the garage. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Sections of the city wall that we have yet to explore.

Outside the city walls, where there used to be marauders, there’s now apple trees and parking lot.


Very nice.


Time for dinner.

We first sat outside, but felt a few drops of rain. I guess we better move inside.

The mood is quite nice in here too.

I think this is the best food we’ve had in Rothenburg. We shared a table with an older couple from Australia and had quite an enjoyable time chatting with them. They were on a 2 months long trip through Europe.

After dinner, when we left the restaurant, we saw that it had rained. Seems like we made the right choice to take our dining indoors.

We also found out that we are the hottest girl at the dance. During breakfast this morning, the couple at the table next to us started chatting with us. Then an American guy traveling by himself came by and said that he’s from Fort Worth since he overheard that we are from Austin. Then a Canadian started talking to us as well. At the end of the night, as we were entering our pension, another American couple had overheard that we were from Austin during breakfast and started talking to us. Everyone wanted a piece of us.

Tomorrow, we leave for Ingolstadt and we’ll be meeting up with our friend JB from Austin.

To be continued at Ingolstadt Day 1.

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  1. That VW with the different panels reminded me of a show DS watches. Dunno if you saw it, but they did a “Budget Street Cred” episode. Let me know if you might be interested in watching. It’s pretty funny.

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