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Please refrain from using my name in your comments as I’d like to remain semi-anonymous from those readers who do not know me personally.

This travel diary began innocently, like so many others, by me just posting photos of my travels to share with friends. I couldn’t leave the photos alone, so the photos had short blurbs to describe them. Then the next thing I know, I am writing down everything else in between the photos as well. The original innocent effort has now turned into an obsession. I think I travel in order to travel blog…The side effect of my vanity and narcissism is that I’ve got these great memories preserved in photo travel diaries that allows me to relive my travels.

If you are looking for a travel diary with Pulitzer caliber writing and polished photos, this is not it. I prefer to update often if possible, and often means daily. Since I am updating the site on the fly during the trip, I only have enough time to get one go at writing down each day. Besides, let’s face it, even if I had the time to write and rewrite my posts, it would still be mediocre writing at best. What I promise and will deliver is detailed play by play photos and journaling seldom seen anywhere else.

Lastly, this is MY travel diary, which means I am regularly obscene, constantly politically incorrect and habitually full of foul languages. Ear muffs and pirate eye patches for your kids…I am fucking serious.

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  1. So happy for you both since you couldn’t pack the Wound care center in your luggage I will follow here to update on the journey much love to you both

  2. Interesting how you’re getting a lot of traffic in spite of just winging it and not intentionally trying to promote yourself. A lot of travel bloggers are trying to do that and using everything in the book. Well, you’re doing something right – even if it’s narcissistic, what you’re writing must resonate with readers somehow somewhere. It’d be interesting to do more careful connecting with your audience. That’s what television studios have been doing for years, and what cable plus now “new media” is doing. Could be a nice way to pay for your travels!

  3. I just wonder how come you have dual citizenship if Taiwan wants one to renounce one’s original citizenship before obtaining a Taiwanese one. I’m really interested in your case.

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