London Day 4 Part 2

Continued from London Day 4 Part 1.

Neat little oval building between the train tracks that run overhead of Borough Market.

Alright, we’ve already walked more than we had expected today. It’s mid afternoon and I need to get back to the hotel room to make a work phone call.

RL takes a photo of…


Oh, I guess we are not going back to the hotel just yet. We got on the subway by Borough Market and I saw that it makes a stop at Westminster Abbey…This would be the most convenient way to get there since we are already on the way. We decided to get off at Westminster and keep sightseeing for just a bit longer. I’ll just need to make my work call somewhere while I’m walking around.

I want to say these were rain water drains. I’ve never seen braided stainless steel hoses that are so thick…that’s what she said.

I looked at the London Eye and saw how slowly it rotates, and asked RL if she thought anyone’s had massive diarrhea in it because they couldn’t hold it until after it comes all the way back down.

This is the bridge that goes by the British Parliament. If you search online, you’ll see photos where the sunlight hits in in a certain angle to create phallic symbols with the shadows. Too bad I wasn’t able to witness that miracle myself today.

There’s Big Ben, and also the ever-changing weather in London. It’s sunny one moment, and cloudy and slightly sprinkling the next, then sunny again.

Headed towards Westminster Abbey.

Before we got to the abbey, it was time for my work call so I found a seating spot and went about my call while RL walked around taking photos.

Apparently, oblivious to me, I was sitting right next to this statue, a famous British suffragist, and the whole time I was on my call, people kept on coming up to take photos of the statue with me sitting next to it on my phone. Oops.

Westminster Abbey. It’s so cool.

Moved to a different spot closer to the abbey, still working.

Finally, RL decided that she’s waited long enough so she went into the abbey first while I finished up my phone call outside.

It’s always amazing to me all the famous people buried who changed the world significantly.

Is that a penis? Is that a bird? Is that a fish? Is that a….?

They have so many marked stones everywhere here that they have to place chairs over them when setting up seating anywhere.

More than anyone else in here, the kings, queens blah blah blah, I’ve always found this particular burial to be the most world changing, Issac Newton.

Our son’s namesake.

Wonder if this is the most recent burial.

Seriously, how do you just invent calculus?

Poets’ Corner.

Because some of the burials are so old, a lot of people who you’ve never heard of have much better tombs than some kings of the past.

I wonder how old some of that vandalism is?

Mary and Elizabeth both share this tomb, but there is only one effigy?

Is that so?

That’s a big statement.

It’s ok, wouldn’t call it the house of houses.

So hot! So cold! Design fail.

Alright, done with Westminster Abbey. Impressive, like always.

Lots of nice cars here in London.

We thought about catching an Uber to get back to our hotel to give our legs a rest. But then we decided to just walk the mile or so to get back.

Oh, what’s happening up ahead.

There’s a gathering of Ukrainians in front of 10 Downing protesting the Russian invasion. They were all chanting together in protest. Damn Putin.

Back to our hotel. Kind of an ugly building, but we actually really enjoy our room. RL says this may be her favorite hotel room that we’ve stayed at, ever. It’s nice to have the giant windows, I’ll say.

RL went back to the hotel first, and I took another 3min stroll to locate the covid testing site that our hotel told us about earlier this morning. I’ll need to come back here in a couple days and get the actual testing done.

It’s about 4:30pm and Rachael found us a dinner reservation at 8:30pm tonight. Got 4 hours to kill, time to blog like a mad man.

Time for dinner, a tapas spot a short walk from our hotel. Our hotel is so convenient, there’s just everything close by.

It’s the happening spot…however, we tell the host our name and we are not on the reservation list. Upon closer inspection, RL had accidentally booked dinner for March 24th instead of Feb 24th. Doh. I had almost made this exact same mistake earlier with another dinner reservation.

Fortunate for us, the host were able to shift some seats and got us a table after waiting maybe 3min. Awesome.

All counter seating facing the kitchen.

Believe that was the yellowtail special, but had sold out by the time we got here.


Tortilla, but I guess in Spain it’s really a potato omelette.

Chicken thigh.

Pork cheeks.

Dinner was spectacular!

Milhojas to end the night. Everything was very tasty!

Would this just be the equivalent of an Escalade in America?

To be continued in London Day 5.