Cologne Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Cologne Day 2 Part 1.

International sex symbol…I think my wife agrees…I think…

Time to visit the museum.

View of the cathedral from the museum.

Yeahhhhhh….get some.

Reminds me of my dog. I miss him.

The man who the museum is named after.

Paul Klee, I love his work.

You know, just important and expensive art work, sitting around in the middle of the museum in boxes.

Picasso. There are supposedly over 600 works of Picasso owned by the museum, however, only a few are on display.

No big deal, just genitals drawn by Picasso himself. It’d be a lewd painting by me, but a masterpiece by him.

Out of his league?

Joan Miro (sp?)


I love the floor, the butt ends of lumber.

Up another level. This museum is actually a little bit smaller than we had expected.

Oh nice, we can go out onto the third floor of the museum to take a photo of the cathedral. The weather is beautiful today, a little chilly in the morning, but now that it’s midday, very nice.

They don’t build them like they used to.

Oh, modern art on the third floor, this is always a hit or miss.


Seriously, airport photos? I’ve got photos like this, lots of them!!!

Performance art.

The description for the above performance piece. She doesn’t speak German but memorized a whole speech in German including the gestures.

Here she is doing another piece…completely naked. OK….


A man with an erection…but it’s ok, it’s in a museum so kids can look at it.

The outdoor area that the museum cafe looks out onto. It’s a very nice day and everyone’s out and about.

What’s this?

Apparently, it’s a man playing a piano while the man standing is smashing the piano apart with a hammer….Again, I don’t get it.

The modern day Frida Kahlo?

At the museum giftshop. LOL!!!

Well, that’s that with Museum Ludwig. Time to walk around and see what else Cologne has to offer.

Oh, we hear jazz music from this place and it sounds live.

Awesome, a live jazz band, and they were kicking it! Too bad there’s no room to swing dance in here. A shame.

Gonna visit this church after this bar.

Found a little nook to enjoy listening to the band. Everyone in the bar was old, probably had 30 years over us on average.

We left the previous bar when the band took a break, and there’s another band outside also playing music.

Ice cream!!!


Not bad at all.

Street performers setting up.

The girls wanted to look at this church and I wanted to watch the street performers. So I sat on the stairs and watched the street performers while they looked at the church.

The church photos from the girls.

The girls took this sneak photo of me. As I sat on the stairs watching the street performers, a lady walked up behind me and started watching them too. Then she disappeared for a split second and came back with a beer in her hands and offered it to me. Errrr, what? OK. Apparently, their tour agency right next to where I sat is having a 25 year anniversary celebration. People in Cologne are definitely much nicer than people in Bavaria.

Then the girls come back and we all joined the small party. At first I was skeptical whether these people were just nice, or if they are trying to lure me into booking a tour. As it turns out, the tours are only given in German and there are no tours for the rest of the week, so they were just being nice. I feel bad for not being more trusting of nice people.

We drank and they kept on offering us more alcohol. We mainly talked to this lady in blue who was a hippie-ish woman who used to work as a tour guide for the company.

While we chatted, all these cars kept on pulling into this road only to find that it’s blocked off by construction and then they would need to reverse out.

Funny sign in the restroom at the tour office. I took this as I did the thing on the left side on the sticker.

Their mini keg that they kept on pushing on us. By the time we left, hours and a half and a liter later, we’ve decided that Cologne is probably our favorite city in Germany. People aren’t complete cold faced assholes like they are in the other parts, especially Munich.

Roman sewers.

We are looking for a place to eat, but it’s Sunday night so many places are closed, again.

There are so many Jack Wolfskin jackets here in Germany. They have a near monopoly of the outdoor jacket here.

One of the call bikes, you can drop it off anywhere you feel like. Cool.

I am hangry, tired, and grumpy. Must eat something quick.

Chicken box, the greatest thing at McDonald’s since the invention of the McNugget.

Inspired by the jazz band earlier, RL wanted to find a place to go swing dance tonight if possible. JB’s hotel was close so we dropped by here to use the wifi! I just want to go back to the hotel and lay down. I am spent.

Here, I am trying to fix the GPS on the phone JB’s using. Damnit!!!!(A software update solved it)

JB trying to find a place to dance. The best we found was a jazz bar…maybe. I am skeptical on whether it exists, and even more so that it’s not gonna be open on Sunday night even if it does exist. Anyhow, it’s our only lead, so now we’ve got to walk around some more to go there. I am getting more grumpy.

Went down a street that turned out to be a little bit sketchy and most the people around were not Germans. Cologne seems to have more of a diverse population than Munich. Cologne is also, told by our tour office friends, much more liberal and open. We agree, this place feels similar to Austin in many ways.

I think this may be an old Roman gate??

The beers are delivered at night with trailers pulled by regular sedans. Only in America do you need GIANT trucks to pull trailers.

Oh, what do we have here? A Mexican restaurant. The girls were ecstatic over it!! I guess I’ll eat some.

Smells right in here, smells like fried corn chips.

Still no free water. We ended up paying over $10 for water here. I am fucking dehydrated, and it’s putting me in a bad mood.

Their version of queso, hot cheese.

I will say, our enchiladas tasted pretty good.

Damn you Germany for making us pay big bucks for water!!!

JB and I getting our hair did at the same time. RL said that we were twinkies today.

After dinner, time to look for the jazz bar. I am so tired, but RL somehow is on her second wind.

The bar does not exist, the address led us to a residential area. Good, we can go home now.

This is a pretty neat residential area though. I’d live here.

It’s been a really really long day for me. I need some time to chillax tomorrow.

To be continued at Cologne Day 3.

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