Home, Sweet Home

Continued from Vancouver Day 3 Part 2.

Just as I finally feel like I’ve hit my writing stride, it’s time to head home. We both have flights in the early afternoon, which is convenient because we can head to the airport together.

Our nightstand lamps in our room is pretty cool.

Vancouver says fuck you. On the day we leave, it’s sunny with blue skies! Why couldn’t this have been yesterday!!!

Leftover Chinese food for breakfast. Lovely. If only I had a microwave. No, wait, if only I had packets of soy sauce!!!!!!!!!!

Coffee stirring sticks for makeshift chop sticks. Bare fingers are good for makeshift chop sticks as well, that’s my route.

All ready to go.

The train station to the airport is a short one block away from our hotel. I love the location of our hotel! You see that big white spot in the top left of the photo? Yeah, that’s the beautiful sun shinning down on us.

The weather couldn’t be better outside, and we are heading underground. Sigh.

We purchased 2 tickets, and 3 came out. I think whoever used the machine before us took the receipt, mistaking it for a ticket instead and left the real ticket. Oops. The gates were all open today, with the system operating on a honor system.

Lots of trains with good frequency.

In the burbs. Look at that beautiful sky!

Arrived at the airport after a short 25 min ride.

There are so many US travelers, there is an entire wing just for US bound flights.

Pink Nike fanny pack, only fit for aggressive hipsters and oblivious Asian travelers. Looks stupid on both.

It turns out that AA’s customer service was indeed correct. Immigration and customs are cleared on the Canadian side on US bound flights. I should make my connection in Dallas without a problem.

Some duty free shopping for mom.

The food selection isn’t great, so we decided to go for a authentic Canadian dining experience.

I wanted a sandwich, but I also wanted a doughnut…now, if only they had a combo for that…Oh, they do! Perfect!

Chicken salad sandwich was terrible. OC’s turkey sandwich was terrible too. The doughnut was very good though. Next time, I will know better. I am just going to get a dozen doughnuts and skip the sandwich.

All over Canada in the past few days, we’ve been seeing people walk around with the little poppy flower pin for Remembrance Day. No, I don’t think all Canadians are bears.

Ignore gates 90-99. Now, turn your head 90 degrees to the left. Keep in mind that we’ve cleared customs and immigration, so this is officially considered to be US territory. To the Canadian who played this joke; clever, very clever.

We said our goodbyes at OC’s gate. She said that it was a “mixed bag” traveling with me. I would agree. We definitely had our ups and down on this trip, but I think we definitely learned how to get along better as the days went on. OC then gave me a halfhearted hug. Maybe because she had 20 items strapped on her body, since she didn’t want to put anything else in her luggage. We would talk soon when we got back home to settle our financial accounts. We are cool, but our ceremonial goodbye was pretty weak.

I left to go to my gate, and headed for the restroom. It was under renovation, so I went back the other way, and I see OC walking around, also looking for the restroom. We had said our goodbye too early. Doh! Now we just awkwardly walked together for a ridiculously long way to the other set of restrooms in the terminal. Said goodbye again, this time even more curt than the first time. It’s like saying goodbye outside a restaurant, then you realize you are all walking the same way to your cars.

Went back to my gate, and not long after that, boarding started.

I love how AA use Boeing 737 now instead of their old fleet of Super 80. I also love the look of winglets.

How fitting.

This was pretty amazing. The photo is in focus(look at the wing). This sunset over the foggy looking clouds just looks unreal.

Made it to Dallas.

Landed in Terminal D, and now I need to walk to C36.

Long walk.

C2, 34 more gates to go…I could take the train, but felt like walking.

Need to eat some dinner.

That’s not too bad for not having my phone turned on for 6 days while I was in Canada.

Despite what it looks like, this chicken wrap was very good and hit the spot.

Made it to Austin, and waiting for the bus to get back downtown. It’s $25 to take the taxi, and $1 to take the bus. I’ll save myself $24.

I just missed it by 5 minutes, and the next one comes at 11.

Right on time. I looked in my wallet, I have exactly one dollar of cash left in it. Perfect.

Home, Sweet Home. Tired, but all I want to do is go grocery shopping and buy some fruits. I think I will do that.

I can’t say that this was one of my more epic trips. I didn’t expect it be either. The Pacific NW is just that, tall trees and rain. It was super easy to travel in without stress, but also no sense of adventure. Surprising my friend JM for his birthday was the cake, the rest of the trip was just the icing, a mild Vancouveresque icing.

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