Amsterdam Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Amsterdam Day 1 Part 2.

Right outside our hotel. Not sure why it’s there, but it’s there.

It’s almost lunch time when we got out the door. The plan for today is to see museums and more museums and get them all out of the way so that tomorrow, we can just lounge around with no time constraint attractions to see.

A Tahoe. I actually saw a few other American cars here in Amsterdam.

Starving, looking for some lunch…but it was not meant to be. The only really possible candidate was an “Irish Pub”…which felt wrong because we are heading to Ireland in a couple of days.

Our first museum, Rijksmuseum.

Looking for the museum cafe, found.

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a Portrait Series.

To our surprised, the menu at the museum cafe has no warm, filling dishes. They are more like appetizers and also expensive. Well, we are here, gotta bite the bullet.

Dutch cheese and meat plate. It actually was pretty good, and it photographed so beautifully!

OK, lots to see today. No lingers here at the cafe, let’s go!

The line to the tickets, but it was swift moving.

This is a giant museum with confusing layout. We spent a lot of time looking at our floor map trying to figure out where we are at.

RL told me that it was the fashion in these days for women to have high hairlines and that many women would actually pluck or shave their forehead.  RL also really likes the 1300-1500s paintings the best.

Holy shit. It took me a while to realize that he was stabbing her in the neck…and that she was being burned.  At first it just looks like a serine praying lady(with a very big forehead).

Is that dog gnawing on a human bone? I miss my dog.

Same biblical scene, different artists.

I love food photos, and it’s no different when I am at a museum.

The Baby Jesus says, “Give me five!”

Ship models!!!!


I loved the painstaking details on these things. It’s incredible how sailors were able to actually work all those different ropes. How the hell do they know how everything works and what rope works in conjunction with what?

Not sure what’s going on here…ok she’s touching herself.

This one is even more strange.

Ceiling in one of the rooms.

Odd shaped cabinet. I kind of like it though, too bad the photo came out blurry.

RL calls me monkey.

Cool, mechanical solar system.

All the gears underneath.

Since the layout of this museum is confusing, we had to come back to the atrium and go through the ticket check again and again. At our last go around, the ticket check lady even remembered us from earlier.

Hey, a Van Gogh.

Look at that loyal dog…unlike mine.

This thing was huge.

Reached the top floor of the museum. Overwhelmed by all the pieces in here.

Oh no, came out blurry.

Father and his fat son.

This was really awesome.

That’s not a carving, but a painting made to look like a carving. Incredible.

Probably the most famous painting in this museum, Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. It’s a lot bigger than I had imagined.

Herod orders baby boys to be killed…but why are all the soldiers depicted as being completely naked? Let’s go kill some babies…but let’s get naked and weird first.

Lot being seduced by his daughters…

I like this.

Lobster!!! I want some!!!

To be continued at Amsterdam Day 2 Part 2.

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