Kyoto Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Kyoto Day 2 Part 1.

The pagoda we were just at.

So vibrant red!!!

OK, that’s that. There were maybe 10 other tourists here, nice. Crazy how there are all these beautiful temples and shrines in Kyoto that do not get many visitors and yet are still meticulously maintained.

Onwards to our next destination. It’s hot, but I am glad that I am not having to run in this weather like those guys. They look like soccer players.

Nanzenji temple. Actually, I think this is just the gate in the front.

Crazy looking moss.

Love moss.

Alright, time to find a bus stop…sometimes this is difficult.

What a nice neighborhood!


OK, we are along the main street now, hopefully this is our bus stop.

Nope!!! This one across the street is the correct one. As we were walking towards it, the bus came and left before we could cross the street!!! Nooo!!

Didn’t take too long for the next bus to show up though.

Our unlimited bus ride day pass. The ticket machine on the bus prints the dates on them when you use them for the first time in the day. I love how the printed date is aligned PERFECTLY!! The ocd part of me really appreciates that.

As we near our next destination, we start seeing lots of girls in kimonos. They must be burning up in there.

OK, we are tired. This is our last item to see today, Kiyomizudera. There’s a walk up a long hill to reach it.

It didn’t take us long to run into swarms of people. This is one of the most famous sights here in Kyoto.

Oh no. A bit up the hill, we walked by a tour bus parking lot that was filled with buses.

Yup, tons and tons of people here. Lots of rude Chinese tourists with their umbrellas open pushing others out of the way.

There seems to be quite a bit of these chopsticks shops here in Kyoto.

RL gets sucked into the shop.

Studio Ghibli merchandise.

Of course, parts of it is under renovation!!! Ugh.

We are hating it here already. So many tourists here. More than anywhere else we’ve been to in Japan.

Lots of girls wearing kimonos here getting their photos taken.

At this point, we are both very grumpy. We haven’t had lunch, it’s hot, and there are rude tourists from China here. Our plan is to walk quickly through, take a few photos and get the hell out.

Sigh, renovation work.

Let’s go let’s go, we want to leave.

The giant stilts that the main hall sits on top of.

This is the long line that you need to wait in to wash your hands with that water. Seriously, we don’t get why this place is so much more popular than the other places in Kyoto. There are so many other sights equally as good in Kyoto with no visitors.

LOL!!! White girls and their sunblocks.

That is one very green pond. Looks like a green tea pond!

Thankful to be finished with that madhouse. Now, we need to fight the crowd to get back down. I say madhouse, but it’s really not too bad compared to the Grand Palace crowd in Bangkok. I hate to complain about Chinese tourists, but they really have been the worst for us. They are all so fucking rude!!! They just come in a huge crowd and push their way through everyone else and take up an entire sidewalk so there is no place for anyone else to walk.


We went down the hill, and caught a bus that took us back to our hotel. It’s been a long day of walking and being in the sun.

Really happy to be back by our hotel. Despite the weather forecast, it did not rain a single drop today.

Really late lunch. Sushi and, not one, but TWO fried chicken drumsticks. So good!

Some of you may know that we plan on heading to Oktoberfest later this year. Since the beginning of our trip to Asia, RL has been OBSESSED with buying a dirndl for the occasion. Almost daily, she’ll ask me about my opinions on which dirndl she should buy…NO MORE!!!!

We zoned out to recover in our hotel until dinner time.

There’s this mall with 3 floors of electronics right next to our hotel. On the top floor, there is a food court. We shall give that a try.



This food display even has floating chopsticks.

There is also a giant bookstore up here.

OK, what to eat, what to eat. I think that looks like raw chicken…

This place will do.

The food turned out to be pretty amazing!

Lots of delicious grilled chicken hiding under those green onions. The Japanese love finely chopping green onions.

RL ordered this side order…not sure what it is. More green onions?

No, just no.

Hobby shop!!!!

So many models of cars, airplanes, ships.

A 911 porsche!!! Love.

So much going on here.

Then there’s the most scandalous section. Of course Japan, of course.

On another floor, the entire floor is devoted to audio. This whole aisle is devoted to headphones!!

I take that back, this entire SECTION of aisles is devoted to headphones!!!!

I’ve never seen so many models of headphones displayed in one place before. Mind blown.

Whatever kind of headphone you want, they’ve got it.

KL finally finds the section for cameras….

RX100 III, the newest iteration of my current camera. Want!!!!

After that long day, we need a drink. Alcohol vending machine at the hotel will do the job.

There’s also a TV Card vending machine on every floor that you can put into your cable box in your hotel room. You can purchase these to discreetly watch the adult channels in your room, so that you don’t have to settle the bill in front of everyone in the lobby the next day.

No adult channel for us, so we settled for second best. Old school samurai movie!! Yeah!!!

To be continued at Kyoto Day 3.

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