Westport Day 1 Part 1

Continued from Donegal Part 2.

B&B means breakfast!! JB is hungover this morning. Apparently while RL and I packed in for the night, JB went out to a bar, witness a bar fight, heard live Irish music, had too many drinks on the house, and toasted with the whole bar!!!

Another traditional Irish breakfast. How did all the Irish decide that traditional Irish breakfast contains all these items?

Then of course it was time to get into the car and drive all day on the wrong side again.

I am finally starting getting used to checking the center mirror by turning my head to the left. Reverse is still difficult though.

It’s a beautiful day, no clouds. We lucked out.

Heading towards Slieve League, the tallest sea cliff in Europe. It was suggested by the owner of our B&B, except he had such a strong Irish accent that only RL could really understand him. I just smiled and nodded…

Reached the coast again.

One of the many many turning circles encountered.

Then the road narrows.

It’s even more beautiful in person. The blue sky makes all the colors pop just that much more.

We took the coastal route instead of the bigger main road. Another one of the many one laner roads that we’ve driven on.

So narrow, but the whole drive, we do not encounter another car coming the other way on this narrow road.

Don’t mind if we head to the beach.

Pristine untouched beach!!

I am #1…on this beach today.

Lindy hop on the beach with JB.

RL and I badly reenacting one of our wedding photograph.

Interesting patterns on the sand here.

Seriously, we are not only the first ones on the beach today, we are the only ones out here right now. It’s incredible to be the only people out on a secluded beach.

It’s pretty cold in the 50s so we didn’t take off our shoes to dip our feet in the water.

No idea what these things were. They were squishy like hard jello.

OK, that was amazing but it’s time to leave. We’ve still got a whole cliff to climb after this.

There’s another beach close to the beach we visited that has some really giant surfs.

This trip reminds me so much of our road trip on the California coast. We’d stop all over the place on the coast and just take these amazing photos.

Seriously, it’s not a 50mph zone. Single lane roads with unmarked 90 degree blind corners are NOT 50mph roads!!

Reached the first gate for Slieve League. A few more km down the road, there’s another parking lot closer to the top that’s sometimes full…let’s give it a try. We didn’t see to many people driving on the road this way so hopefully there won’t be too many others right now.

Stuck going slowly behind a bus. I’d hate to drive a giant wide bus on these really narrow twisty roads.

Parking lot right ahead, there’s plenty of room! Score!

Slieve League, the tallest sea cliff in Europe.

OK, time to go on a hike. Against my better judgement…we didn’t bring any food or water.

OK, this seems simple enough.

Looking back towards the parking lot.

My little mountain goat.

They had started work on making the trail more of a groomed trail. These big bags of sand must have been hauled up here by helicopters.

Our goal is to reach the peaks to the left of the clouds…well, that’s RL’s goal. I started getting hot and thirsty not 15 minutes into the hike…

That’s as close as I was willing to get to the cliff.

Soon, the semi groomed trail ends and it’s just a goat path, the going gets much much more difficult.

These little shrubs that cover this whole area look like little forests. Here’s a macro shot of one.

Reached the first crest, and someone had built two stools out of rocks here!!

OK, onwards again. Parts of the trail had rock for you to walk on, then all of a sudden everything would disappear and you’d have to find your own way, then farther down there’d be rocks again. Odd.

To be continued at Westport Day 1 Part 2.

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