Rome Day 1 Part 2

Continued from Rome Day 1 Part 1.

After resting for a bit in the hotel, I headed back out because I had made plans to have dinner with my new friend A. It’s always nice to have a dining companion.

Outdoor bookstore.

After about a 15 minute walk, I reached our meeting spot.
I was here first, and as I waited, I was a little worried that maybe I was at the wrong spot and I had no way of contacting her other than email. Life without cell phone is impossible. How did people live back then?

The choice.

Pretty quaint inside.

Do you think they meant “oven”?

I usually drink beer and not wine, but when in Rome…har har.

Ceiling is decorated with panels from wine boxes.

Now, for the food. Long time travel blog readers already know that I usually post tons of food pictures.

Grilled assorted vegetables as appetizer.

Steak. Oh it was so tender and good. The table next to us were travelers too and they asked me if the steak was any good. I gave it a raving review, so they ordered it too. They also gave it a raving review.

Assorted seafood.

Tiramisu. Holy crap, I am eating Tiramisu in Rome!

We got some complimentary dessert wine at the end. I was jetlagged and tired from walking around so towards the end of dinner, I was about to fall asleep. A shot of this woke me right back up. I can’t say that I liked it. It tasted like wine with a shot of Jager. Ugh.

Dinner was wonderful. It was well flavored, and yet light. Very similar to the food I had in France. The waiters were a hoot as they were all really flamboyant and would crack jokes every chance they get.

It also takes forever to eat over here in Italy as it took us 2 hours to finish. By the time we got back outside, it was completely dark, but many people were still dining.

Fiat 500 Abarth! Love the Abarth logo.

Cool, self service cigarette machine.

I very seldom smoke. Only do it when I am buzzed and having a good time.

Pushed the wrong button and instead of change, the cigarette machine gave back a receipt with credit on it.

Took a different route walking back to my hotel and came across the red light district.

Ahhh, back to the respectable parts of town.


Never seen these espresso makers in these cool colors.

Back to my temporary home. Hours of blogging awaits.

To be continued at Rome Day 2 Part 1.

1 thought on “Rome Day 1 Part 2

  1. Smoking’s fun! How many cigarettes do you have left?

    You know, I was bracing myself for the obligatory “When in Rome” joke, so thank you for that.

    This is actually really entertaining – keep up the awesome posts! It’s like a stop-motion of your entire trip, I can see you moving through Rome step by step.

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