London Day 5

Continued from London Day 4 Part 2.

Last night after eating our delicious late dinner, RL mentioned that her tummy wasn’t feeling the greatest. We just both assumed that it’s due to both of us eating whatever and drinking more than usual. Soon after we fell asleep, RL ran to the bathroom and proceeded to expel the contents of her stomach into the toilet. This happened repeatedly throughout the night maybe 6-7 times. Poor RL had gotten food poisoning eating fancy food here in London while avoided any stomach issues eating street food all throughout our previous Southeast Asia travels.

We couldn’t figure out how she got sick as we ate and shared everything all throughout the day. The only thing that we could think of is maybe she ate an oyster that’s gone bad…Either way, by this morning she’s feeling terrible so today will be a stay in and recover day for her.

In other news, our hotel has decent walls. But despite the decent walls, we could still hear our neighbor next door during their late night activity…I wonder if they also heard RL puke her guts out all night last night…

Mid morning, I went out in search of gatorade and something for her to snack on.

Why isn’t Lays call Lays here? I wanted to prawn cocktail flavor.

Poor wife.

I got some coffee for myself and a sandwich to for lunch while RL slept.

Time to get blogging. Despite this being a fancy hotel in london, our internet has been kind of lacking. The speed isn’t very fast and the wifi randomly disconnects. I’ve had better wifi in much worse hotels. Our phones have been slow too, but that may be because we are on travel data plan.

The view out the other end of the hotel by a elevator vestibule window. Now headed out in search of lunch for RL. She mentioned that she is feeling slightly better, some soup would be good.

She found this Chinese restaurant really close by on her phone and I came down here to order food. I walked in and they immediately spoke Mandarin to me, ok sure that works I guess. They were a little rude like most mainland Chinese, but was told food would be ready in about 10min. I guess I’ll walk around the corner and get a drink at a pub.

Got 10min to down this, I can do it!

Oh look, a Ferrari.

Got the food back to the hotel, tastes pretty good.

RL took about 5 bites then went right back to sleep. I guess I’ll finish off the food then. Yum.

We lazed around in our room most of the afternoon then by late afternoon RL felt well enough to try to go out for dinner.

When we saw this sign for wet paint, our first thoughts were that our kids would immediately pick it up and touch the wall.

Our oldest daughter would absolutely love this.

Covent Garden, it’s just a couple blocks from our hotel, thought we’d come check it out. This place feels like the biggest tourist trap of all the places we’ve visited so far.

That ain’t no tourist trap though, we made reservations to eat here tomorrow. Oh yeah!

Gotta pay to use the loo here, odd.

Do people actually buy this shit?

We made one loop through Covent Garden and decided we didn’t want to stick around there too long.

On the way back towards hotel we saw this tiny alley with a sign. I bet it’s a pub, wonder if it’s any good.

Think this is worth an investigation.

Seems like just a bunch of people who just got off work on Friday and this is their drinking spot.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Fuller’s London Pride. Fitting that I should order one here in London. RL still isn’t feeling too hot, a couple sips of her cider was all that she could manage.

Our dinner spot for the night, a curry restaurant chain from Japan. It’ll sort of be like comfort food for us.

The other times we’ve eaten at this chain, we’ve been in Japan where we can’t understand the menu and just kind of guess. Odd to be able to understand the entire menu…

Yup, hit the spot and just as good as we remembered it (though RL was only able to eat a little bit of her food).

Good we decided to eat early too, because when we got out, a line had formed outside the restaurant.

Got back to the hotel and I worked on signing up for getting covid tested in preparation for our flight back to Austin in a couple of days. This is what the ethnicity drop down menu looks like…How do I just pick, “Asian”? I ended up picking Other.

It’s Friday night and the streets below our hotel is bumpin’ with noise of people out partying. In Austin, this would keep ramping up until 2:30am. I bet it’ll shut down here by around midnight here in London, nice. We must be getting old.

To be continued at London Day 6.