Westport Day 2

Continued from Westport Day 1 Part 2.

The last few places we stayed at were one nighters, so we never got the chance to have a lazy start. From now until the end of the trip, we are staying at least 2 nights in every place, so that’ll be nice.

I spent much of the morning blogging while RL and JB went out browsing the shops.

The internet doesn’t work in the room, so I did all the blogging in the hotel lobby. RL and JB comes back with their purchases.

Love having a lazy day. Got in the car to drive to the nearby coast for some late lunch.

Here. The first restaurant we had tried was only open for dinner.

The tide is out.

Doh!!! Not open either!!

Our third choice is just a little bit down the road, so no big deal.

Third time is a charm.

Heh…brown sauce. It tasted sweet and smokey.

Yes! The Westport oysters are pretty briny and parts of it tasted sweet as well.

Seafood platter!!! Don’t mind if I do!

A stroll around the coast by the restaurant after lunch.

Low tide, not much to look at right now except for a mud pit.

RL and JB wanted to take a stroll back to our hotel from here. So I happily drove the car back while they took a walk back to the hotel.

Photos from their stroll.

Then, we spent the afternoon doing nothing again!! Took a nap, sat around and just lounged. It was glorious!! Our bodied are tired from traveling in the car and hiking yesterday. Plus, tonight we’ve decided to go out and drink until we close down the bars so trying to save up our energy for that.

Dinner at our hotel restaurant. 60 Euro for 3 courses for two including a bottle of wine. Sold!

Loving the free water still!!!

View from our table.

Steak for me! And yes, that is a huge slab of butter on top.

Duck for RL!

Lamb shank for JB!

Everything was very delicious, but the service was a little lacking though. I think a giant group came in on a tour bus and all sat down in the restaurant midway through our meal.

We all picked the Bailey’s Irish cream cheese cake!!! Yeah!!

Then, it’s time to go out and exercise our livers.

This is The Place to be in Westport. Matt Molloy’s pub.  Molloy is the flutist of the band Chieftains and he is currently in town (he played here last night).

Yup, this is the spot. It’s already crowded and the music has yet to start.

We lucked out and were able to grab three stools on the bar, one room over from the music room. In retrospect, this ended up being one of the best spots to be at for the night.

The backroom where the musicians are setting up. This is the biggest ensemble we’ve seen. Matt Molloy’s comes out sometimes to play with them, but I don’t think he’s here tonight.

Where we are sitting and where the music backroom is at.

JB has moved on to whiskey.

That’s a lot of police badges.

The ensemble starts, the back room is filled with people sitting and listening to music. We got the best seats in the house, next to the bar so drinks are easy to order, right by the back room so we can hear the music but still talk loudly and not disturb anyone. Sweet!

Look, it’s the accordion player from last night!

KL, RL, and the biggest photo bomber in this bar. He ended up in so many of our photos…He had a 6th sense and would quickly turn his head around whenever we were taking a photo.

We met this group of three friends, from left D, K and S. They started buying us rounds and it increased the speed that we all consumed.

Look! The Chieftain’s Grammy!

I am surprised it just sits here and they let people touch it and hold it.

The crowded backroom. It’s now a 10 piece ensemble.

Look, an Asian man playing the Irish drum!! We would later meet him when we left the bar to head to our hotel. He’s from Japan and has been playing Irish music for over 10 years and 3 times a year he would come to BD Riley’s on 6th street in Austin to play.

The party continues. Pretty drunk by this point.

After getting a few rounds bought for us, we were finally able to get our cash out quickly to call dibs on buying the next round.

Drunkenly took these outside of the restrooms.

Now I kinda want a concertina.

That’s a lot of drinks.

Last call was at 11:30pm, pretty early. We closed the bar down!! The three amigos wanted us to join them at their cottage and keep on partying, but we knew that would mean trouble for us as we are already very drunk.

Heading back to our hotel after a long and hard night of drinking. The Irish are really the nicest and friendliest people around.

We came back to our hotel, and the hotel bar is still open…By open it means we can literally walk behind the bar…hmmm.

Finally the bartender shows up and there’s a group of Americans from Connecticut. I guess we’ll have another drink here…

Did I mention that it’s now RL’s birthday!?! The clock turned past midnight and now RL is one year older. Time to celebrate some more!! We all sang the birthday song for her in the bar.

What is going on here??

LOL!!! I have no idea what started this, but it ended up with us taking a photo of us all touching each others noses, the bartender as well!

Drinking is a marathon, and we are winning!

Closed down this bar as well. What a fun night of partying with the friendliest people ever!! It’s close to 2am and tomorrow will be rough.

To be continued at Galway Day 1.

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