Seattle Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Seattle Day 1.

We woke up at around 10ish this morning. Before heading out, OC had some work to do, and I had blogging to do. It wasn’t until 12 until we made it out the door.

I had opened the blinds after getting up and, HOLY SHIT, blue skies and sunny. The forecast from last night had called for rain and more rain. This is a pleasant surprise. We must take advantage of this and try to do as much outdoor stuff as we can.

It’s dry!

It’s about 6 blocks from our hotel to the water.

First place we visited was the ticket booth for ferry tickets. We got tickets for our ferry to Victoria.

Walking along the waterfront.

No, that’s not a starfish.

This crane was pulling out all the wooden piles from a pier.

I love aquariums, but OC is not a fan. She feels bad for the intelligent animals caged up. This is a pretty small aquarium, so I don’t think there are any smart animals like dolphins or whales. I doubt a starfish really cares if its in a tank or in the wild.

I tried my best to hold off on getting food until later, but a man can only fight off his deepest primal urges for so long…

Fried salmon and clam chowder. I’ve never had friend salmon before, and it was excellent. Would eat again.

Of course, coffee time. Does being in Seattle make Starbucks “local”?

Found our pier.

It’s $7.70 for the crossing to Bainbridge Island.

I can’t believe we are having such great weather today.

Our ferry also carries cars.

It’s a massive ferry, and it didn’t get anywhere close to filling up.

Not too shabby for an iphone panoramic!

Leaving Seattle across Puget Sound.

On the forward facing decks, the wind was so crazy strong that you could lean forward without falling over.

Seemingly defying physics. The winds were so strong that OC’s starbucks coffee cup, with coffee still in it, flew out from the outer cup sleeve!

After a quick 30 minutes or so ride, we were closing in on Bainbridge Island. It looks beautiful.

I’ve never seen leaves so red!

There is one small main town center strip in Bainbridge Island, so that’s where we headed to. We’ve only had the fried salmon from earlier today, so we were looking for some lunch. It’s almost mid afternoon.

Here’s the main strip of restaurants and shops. A short 5 minutes walk from the ferry.

Came recommended from my friend HH, whose parents live here on Bainbridge Island.

Apple Mezzaluna. I love the word Mezzaluna.

I don’t know what kind of pastry these two ladies ordered, I think something with spinach, but with it heated up, it stunk up the whole place.

Perfectly behaved dogs patiently waiting for their master to come back out from bakery. No leash tie ups necessary.

Yeah, get some!

The two restaurants that HH recommended, well, both were closed. One closes on Mondays and the other does not stay open in the middle of the afternoon. After my delicious apple mezzaluna, I’ve decided to just power through and not eat until dinner time.

There’s a solar panel on top.

We thought about renting some bikes to ride around the island. Unfortunately, OC had some more work to do, and I’ve got very important blogging waiting for me as well. It was decided that we’ll just go walk to a park along the shore and chill until the next ferry comes around.

A Delorean! I wonder what year in the future it came from.

Beautiful scene from the park. The weather is just about perfect!

School girls on their row boats. Must be great to kill your legs in heaven.

That just doesn’t seem like the best idea.

We took a stroll through the small park and found some wild marrionberries.

Found a small footbridge, no idea where it leads to. It doesn’t matter. When there is a scenic footbridge like this, it needs to be crossed.

Quack quack quack. Makes me hungry.

Found more wild berries. I ate some, still alive a day later. They weren’t very flavorful nor were they very sweet. Genetically engineered food grown with lots of artificial fertilizer is obviously better.

How is it so red?!

Our stroll through the park led us back towards the ferry terminal. Perfect.

No charge heading back towards Seattle.

Seattle, what rain?

Love the dramatic clouds.

Float plane!

Since when did they paint the top of the Space Needle orange? Is it sponsored by Orange Cab now?

To be continued at Seattle Day 2 Part 2.

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